8 Moments of Mihaela Angelova

27 February 2020 text Violeta Ivanova
She says she's a pretty anxious and impatient person. That's probably why she loves spending time in the mountains, which is also probably the only place she doesn't bring her to-dolist with her. In fact, she has several separate notebooks, in which she records everything: her travel diaries, her dreams, her sad or happy everyday thoughts.

She grew up in Stamboliyski and then went off to study at a French language high school in Plovdiv. A teacher there took her class to visit a printing house and that's when the magic happened - Mihaela decided she wanted to study Book and Printed Graphics at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. As a part of Punkt studio, she's now a graphic designer, but she also takes time for analog drawing and loves to illustrate, for example, moments of her day.

Mihaela Angelova is on instagram.com/mishatamashata


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