• Playlist By Mila Mihova

    24 September 2015

    text amd photos Sevda Semer

    You have to meet her for 15 minutes and you will see: Mila is inspired by singers like natural disasters and it's obvious. Did you hear the voice that reverberate in the beginning of Quartet by Yavor Gardev ? Well, it's hers. Besides she sings opera, she is busy with her mother's foundation for young artists (her mother is opera prima Darina Takova) and she takes part in international competitions, she is DJ and she writes with a great sense of humour. We met her while she was rehearsing for her concert on Piano Extravaganza Festival on 26 September.
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  • Playlist By Maria Karakusheva

    17 September 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Momchil Hristov

  • Playlist By Georgi Georgiev

    27 August 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    First of all, we apologize to Joro from Ostava for having a car fine while he was telling us about how someone can steal your Golf 2 in Pernik. Bad luck, indeed but the conversation was worth it. We have listened his songs for more than 15 years but today music starts from the 70s and points the way he has passed through. On Friday we will hear where is he now in music - Ostava will play their brand new songs from the upcoming album in Maimunarnika. Sit down here and listen, before the meeting there.
  • Playlist By Daniel Nenchev

    20 August 2015

    Text Danislava Delcheva

    Our day often begins with him. One of the voices of BNT says he loves to "buy light" and found the option to do it in journalism, by always looking white examples (like us).
    But why do we talk with Daniel Nenchev for his personal music instead of asking him what he thinks about public playlist? Because we've overheard the music from his headphones, we've seen him at million concerts and know that he is full of stories. Today we begin the day with them.
  • Playlist By Pavel Naydenov

    13 August 2015

    text and photos Sevda Semer

  • Musical Tourist

    13 August 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva

    We don't know her quite well here the way we want to. Because Irina Jekova-IRe bought her ticket for abroad a long time ago. After a few years in Paris, today she lives in Brussels and these days her holiday is in Lisbon where she listens fado. She makes trip-folk music with her friend Charlie Dalen and she mixes the acoustic guitar with the sound of the Balkans, India, Africa and - just a moment, please - everyday objects from different cultures. Soon we will hear this mixture at Beglika Fest where she will play for the first time her new EP - There Goes My Heart.
  • Playlist By Iva Yankulova

    6 August 2015

    text Nikola Yanev photo Ivo Hristov - Kuker

  • Playlist By Nicky Fenix

    30 July 2015

    He takes the distance between Universiada Hall and the centre for 5 minutes with a retro bike which is his favourite one - ït's so Italian disco". But it's not the speed we are interested in. Nikolay Fenixov or just Nicky Fenix has a lot to do with places like Hide and Jules Verne that makes him easily a DJ. He is also part of the team Disco Comrades together with Emil Angelov - Emil Doesn't Drive and Martin Koevski - Clipper.
  • Playlist By Alexander Deyanov-Skiller

    23 July 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    We don't know how many people know Alexander but every child knows Skiller - beatbox world champion. From Ovcha Kupel. He mixes genres and engraves soundly in many bands (these days, in Balkan Khans and Shamani Trio) continuing solo performances around the country and abroad.
  • Playlist By Borislav Dimitrov-Bobo

    16 July 2015

    He is one of a kind. A rapper with a music degree and a talent not only in rhyming - Bobo writes lyrics and composes top songs for our playlist. He loves making featurings (with Grafa, Redman, Tony Zen) but he never neglects his band Bobo&TheGang (that will release its first album in fall) and his solo music (we've been waiting for his solo album for 10 years but it's still in progress). We caught him a moment before his summer tour with D2 - the band with which he releases the last single Together featuring Lora Karadjova. We said a lot of names but today we''re interesting in only one - Bobo and the songs which make him shivering, crying and burning.
  • Playlist By Yassen Kozev

    9 July 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva

    He has graduated clarinet and chamber music but he knows how to make pop for a stadium. We remember him from the electro ethno band Bulgaro before he finds his place in studio Module where he has composed songs for 12 years together with Krum Georgiev (now they released the new single of Orlin Pavlov). At the same time, Yassen Kozev is a chairman of Musicauthor and he hardly has a free minute. We met him between other two meetings of his to open his personal box with important music sheets, vinyls and songs and found out that he cannot remember names but he has never forgotten the feelings.
  • Playlist By Mila Robert

    2 July 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    She's almost 19 - spontaneous and surprising like a summer storm. She graduate Photography School and she is sallying out to National Academy For Theatre And Film Arts but she doesn't think to leave the guitar and singing. We know her in that role - Mila is playing at the streets and clubs.
  • Playlist By Bojidar Vassilev - TromBobby

    25 June 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    TromBobby loves jazz and plays the trombone in Southwick and Dayo. The first band is recording its second album at the moment - Elementary Theory and the second one will play before Roy Hargrove at A to JazZ Festival on 3 July. We finish the calendar of Bojidar with the party in Backyard where he will be behind the decks on Saturday. Because there is nothing more baring for a musician than the songs that he hears in his head since he remembered himself. Turn on Youtube, we start.
  • Jazz Do It

    18 June 2015

    Her name is Jazz, Jazz Mino. She is a busker - street performers are called that way in UK. They put some more artistry at London neighbourhoods Soho, Camden Town and Shoreditch. The news is that at the end of the month nine buskers will replace their working place in Sofia - from 29 June to 7 July being part of the initiative Sofia Welcomes the Streets of London by Beefeater.
  • The things of Life: Bora Dokle

    11 June 2015

    She has those piercing eyes that will win you over even before she starts singing. She comes in Bulgaria years ago to play the violin, but today we meet her on top of the bar she opens with Olya Mihailova and days before a live performance of Bora Dokle Project. The band of five will soon record their first album, and the bar will open officially - now you can be here only for plays, unplugged concerts and Monopoly in Sundays. In this whirpool of events, we find Bora very calm and ready to tell us all about the things in her life - but only after she appologizes five minutes for her being late by three. It's totally okay, now let's see what else is important, except for being on time.
  • The Dance Of The Stick

    11 June 2015

    We always talk about Ljubka Biagioni with respect. Because she is baroness Zu Guttenberg and because she is a conductor of a high European rank with a personal mission to popularize culture and our musical talent around the world.
  • How we will reach them, the Scots

    30 April 2015

    text Mihail Stefanov

    Everyone knows what an advantage is the pipe for the folklore music. But has anyone ever listened a song from Titanic played by this instrument?
  • The things of life: Victor Chuchkov

    26 March 2015

    He's half of Chuchkov Brothers - a production company, founded with his brother Borislav. But today we're not talking business - we met with Victor to discuss the things he loves and life in our city.
  • After 4

    26 March 2015

    New solo album, a tour, another new album with JP3, another tour. Because of this, Jivko Petrov cannot go out of his studio but we found another way to talk about him and his music - through four of his closest people. They are not four because this number is important for us but because it is for him. Listen...
  • The World Is For A Couple

    5 March 2015

    text Irina Dimova photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    They often fly on a different planes but have a common home. Sometimes their jobs separate them but love always bring them together. When we met Rachel Row and Strahil Velchev a.k.a. DJ KiNk, there was one song that sounded in our heads - her Goreshto studeno, dedicated to him.

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