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12 September 2019 text Kristina Yordanova photo Boryana Pandova
She would camp ouside the venue to be at the front for a concert of Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Rolling Stones. She also loves music biographies where she reads about relationships between the people in a band. Helps her as a Paraplanner's frontlady, where she pulls the strings of the bass, and we know from the conversation that she is also very good on the piano.

Nothing strange about a person, who graduated from the Academy of Music. Meanwhile, Alex (a little reluctantly) is starting a modeling career before catching up with her dream of having a group - Paraplanner starts to fly in 2014 with the right people under its wing and a jazzy fusion boost with themes about bees causing apocalypse. Otherwise she wants to live by the seaside, surrounded by dogs, and ahead of time even considering where to open a dog hostel. The lack of a driver's license then stops her, but now Alex seamlessly drives us into her personal playlist and that way she is preparing us for Orbit - Paraplanner's new album in collaboration with hip-hop beatmaster Gena, who sneaks live through the columns at the Kino Cabana on September 19th.

The song, that you whish it was yours
Pearl Jam - Even Flow


The song, that blew you away live
Evanescence - Going Under


The song, that you wrote in a heartbeat
Paraplanner/Gena - Sedmoto Kafe


The song, that you listen on the road
Ivan Shopov - Yane


The last song, that made you dance
Jorja Smith - Be honest


The song, that made you cry
Depeche Mode - It's No Good 


The song, that makes your worst days better
Morcheeba - Rome Wasn't Built In a Day


The song, that brings you back on the catwalk
Die Antwoords - Baby's On Fire

The song, that shocked you
The Prodigy - Smach My Bitch Up

You can find the whole playlist in YouTube.


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