Prostranstvo 108

Address: Sofia, 108 Rakovski str.
Mobile: 0883 360 430

108 Rakovski str. points to the building of the Federation of Scientific Unions, built in the '30s to collect all engineering and architectural minds under one roof. On the entrance today we meet Nikolai, who shows us the stairs leading to Hall 4 on the second floor. The architecture with Baroque elements, balcony and high ceiling immediately gives us a hundred ideas of how we should fill it with people. However, we are not the first ones. "We decided to organize alternative events here, together with the federation that  wants to give her new life with the help of younger minds," said Nikolai, adding that the important thing is to keep the balance between nocturnal events and various art forms.

The first turn in this direction is a screening of short films on cushions instead of chairs, which has no specific date in the calendar yet. However, the official opening is in March, followed by program that remains open to projects - we keep track of them.


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