• Babies' concert

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  • Carmen

    by Georges Bizet · Conductor: George Dimitrov · Directed by: Plamen Kartalov · Stage design: Miodrag Tabachki · Costumes: Christiana Mihaleva-Zorbalieva · Conductor: Violeta Dimitrova · Choreography: ...

  • Carmina Burana

    music by Carl Orff · Choreography, direction, scenography and costumes: Freddie Franzuti · Conductor: Igor Bogdanov · Soloists: Stanislava Momekova, Alexander Krunev, Dimitar Arnaudov · Cast: Marta Petkova, Kristina ...

    Italian choreographer Freddie Franzuti has founded the troupe in his hometown of Lecce and worked with the Bolshoi Theater and the Roman Opera. Now in Sofia, he places an emphasis on Karl Orff's classical ballet on dramatic and visual reading, in which the theme of the transition between youth and maturity, between moral dogmas and hedonism, sounds as a comment on human's life today.

    National Opera and Ballet  
  • Giselle

    by Adolph Adam · Libretto: T. Gaultier, G. Saint-Georges · Choreography: J. Korali, G. Pero, M. Pettypa · Production and directing: Peter Lukanov · Conductor: Boris Spasov · Soloists: Boryana Petrova, Nikola ...

  • Les Misérables Les Misérables

    Musical by Allen Bubble and Claude-Michel Schoenberg · based on Victor Hugo's novel · Director: Plamen Kartalov · Conductor: Igor Bogdanov · Musical Preparation: Svetoslav Lazarov · Scenography: Hans Kudlich ...

    In the 1980s, the French Alain Bougill and Claude-Michel Schoenberg made a musical on the Hugo novel, sounding for the first time on our stage with Plamen Kartalov.

    National Opera and Ballet  
  • Norma Norma

    by Vincenzo Bellini · Libretto: Felice Romani · Conductor: George Dimitrov · Soloists: Martin Iliev, Petar Buchkov, Gabriela Georgieva, Gergana Rusekova, Ivanka Ninova, Krassimir Dinev

  • Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

  • The circus princess

    by Imre Kalman · Director: Yulia Marinova · Conductors: Ognyan Mitonov, Dorian Molhov · Scenography: Penyo Pirozov · Costumes: Yana Dvoretska · Choreography: Tatiana Yaneva · Cast: Vladimir Grudkov, Penyo ...

  • The Rhine Gold - for children

  • Winnie the Puh

    Music: Andrei Drenikov · Libretto: Julia Krasteva · Conducted by: Stefan Nedialkov · Directed by: Julia Kristeva · Design: Borjan Belchev · Costume: Christiana Mihaleva · Choreographer: Veronica Tsenkova

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