Scenes from a Marriage

Scenes from a Marriage

Theatre play
by Ingmar Bergman
Traslation: Vasa Gancheva
Director: Kris Sharkov
Scenography: Nikola Toromanov
Music: Asen Avramov
Costumes: Elis Veli
Photographer& Stefan N. Shterev
Cast: Vesela Babinova, Hristo Padev, Anastasia Lyutova, Penko Gospodinov, Katalin Stareyshinska, Stoyan Mladenov, Tanya Pashankova, Eli Koleva
As Georgi Markov once wrote, Bergman's 1973 film is "a careful study of a married life and of the process of breaking up a family relationship." The story includes lawyer Marianne and scientist Johan, who at first appear to be such an exemplary family that a reporter is on the lookout for the formula of happy love.

However, it soon becomes clear that not having problems is also a signal for a problem, but to put the movie out of focus - this story is now in the hands of Kris Sharkov, who tells it in the language of theater.



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