Every story is important

Every story is important

15 February 2021
Only ¼ of the people we hear and read about, or see in magazines and on television screens are women. That's why we need to focus on what they have to say.

This is behind AVON inspiration in creating the world's largest digital gallery. It is full of stories that put the ladies in the spotlight, making their voices more audible. Stories of strength, dedication, fighting spirit and overcoming barriers to things that they or someone else considered impossible.

And not only the great deeds, but also the small victories that are won every day! And to celebrate each shared story, Avon Foundation will donate $ 1 to charities supporting women in 2021, with the money distributed to individual countries according to their contribution to stories. Donate your story to www.watchmenow.avon.com and along with AVON help ensure a more meaningful and successful future for women around the world and in Bulgaria.


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