• A Movie Point

    10 December 2019 - 31 March 2020
    The festival brings together ten thematic films that take a critical look at global issues and reflect on social equality, nature conservation, arts and more. Admission is free for all screenings.
    Bulgarian National Radio, National Youth House
  • Global Migration Film Festival

    28 November 2019 - 18 December 2019
    3 documentaries, 1 short and 1 cartoon tell about Palestine, viewed from a refugee camp in Beirut; on the resettlement of Africans to the United States and England; they return to the powerful migration after World War II and show the current attitude of Europeans towards foreigners. And this is just one week of the festival, which shows us the different faces of migration from November 28 to December 18. No tickets are required.
    Euro Cinema, G-8 Cinema, New Bulgarian University, Project Lab, University of Sofia
  • Italian Films Panorama

    10 - 21 December 2019
    The Fifth Iatlian Films Panorama presented by the Italian Institute of Culture spins seven of the latest Italian films to be screened.
    Dom na Kinoto, Odeon
  • Lux Film Days

    29 November 2019 - 1 December 2019
    The fest shows us three of the best European movies from the last year. In three days in a row the entrance is free.
    Dom na Kinoto
  • 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

    8 - 10 November 2019
  • Days of Ukrainian Cinema

    8 - 10 November 2019
  • Cinemania 2019

    6 November 2019 - 5 December 2019
    Woody Allen's latest romance A Rainy Day in New York, a strong wink at France, for example, with the love dramas of Claude Lellouche, classics by Franco Zeffirelli and Mosfilm plus more of the Bulgarian, foreign, animated, feature, musical, old but gold and much anticipated movies are part of Cinemania this year. The festival puts a bow tie for the official launch on November 14th with Twisted World - Marius Kurkinsky's new movie based on Nikolay Haytov's story, but it starts warming us with screenings from November 6th.
    , Dom na Kinoto, Euro Cinema, G-8 Cinema, Lumiere Lidl, NDK, Odeon
  • Early Bird Student Film Festival

    1 - 5 November 2019
  • Brazilizan Cinema Week

    4 - 10 November 2019
    The selection collects in the seven festival days the best documentaries and biographies to tell about Brazil's musical heritage.
    Euro Cinema, G-8 Cinema
  • Korean Cinema Week

    3 - 9 November 2019
    Entrance is only  3/5lv and we watch four Korean films of different genres. According to the mood, we choose between sports or war drama, melancholy romance or an action thriller.
    Dom na Kinoto
  • Melba 2019

    7 - 30 November 2019
    Last year we grabbed our spoons for the first Melba Festival, which now serves us a second batch of good design. The definition of the word is broad and the program reflects it - it has everything from the rigorous industrial lines that inspired today's minimalist smartphones to the art of colored dots, pumpkins and mirrors. There is an exhibition between 7 and 17 of November at Port A with the best of Bulgarian design; an international symposium; and a film program.

  • DA Fest 2019

    22 - 26 October 2019
    Here's DA Fest again, gathering the strongest examples of digital art by over 60 artists. Curators Venelin Shurelov and Galina Dimitrova-Dimova have chosen works that play with the senses, bring us into space landscapes or provoke our taste. Between October 22 and 26, the program is so rich that there will definitely be something for your appetite.
  • Russian Cinema Week

    23 - 31 October 2019
    With a free entrance, this year's festival shows us seven of the latest titles in the Russian cinema. The start is always at 19:00.
    Russian Centre
  • Mini Children's Film Festival

    12 - 13 October 2019
  • European Art Cinema Day

    13 October 2019
    On October 13th, we watch five well-known European cinema titles all day at G-8 Cinema and Euro Cinema.
    Euro Cinema, G-8 Cinema
  • CineLibri 2019

    5 - 31 October 2019
    From writers who write screenplays to directors who divide their films into chapters, the flirtation between cinema and literature is long and happy. The CineLibri Festival captures it for the fifth time from October 5 to October 20, when book adaptations come together with meetings with writers.
    , Arena Deluxe Bulgaria Mall, Casa Libri, Cine Grand Park Center, City Mark Art Center, Dom na Kinoto, Euro Cinema, G-8 Cinema, Lumiere Lidl, NDK, Odeon, Vlaikova
  • Days of Turkish Cinema

    25 September 2019 - 6 October 2019
    Traditionally, the titles from Turkey are five and will return to the Cinema House. Admission is free for all screenings.
    Dom na Kinoto
  • Portuguese Cinema Festival

    24 - 29 September 2019
    In the sixth festival, we jump from romantic to military wave with the latest films from Portuguese cinema.
  • Sofia Biting Docs

    27 September 2019 - 6 October 2019
    With the theme Code: Dirty Blue, the festival looks at the pollution of the world's waters, but it also releases a handful of documentaries about travel, politics, spirituality and caring for the other.
    Dom na Kinoto, Euro Cinema, G-8 Cinema
  • Kinoteka - Polish Cinema Festival

    27 September 2019 - 10 October 2019

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