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19 February 2020
The things that make our lives better.

It's official: in 3-4 months Harrison Ford will put the fedora on again for the fifth installment of Indiana Jones. Steven Spielberg will direct, and we will most likely be as ruthless as we are with any cult sequel. Let's see.

You've met the French thin and the American small - now get to know the Japanese soft. The souffle-pancake needs beaten egg whites in the recipe, and the result is a cloud of fluff.

"Music exists to make people happy" says Haruki Murakami, the novelist with a massive vinyl collection. We see - so that's why we're extremely happy that a Spotify playlist collects over 3000 of his personal favourites.

A study by University College London shows that as we see a live performance, our heartrate synchronizes with those around us. That's the real social network - log into it.

WhATA's 2019 Architectural Prizes are already on their website, but there is another thing we like - they promise to publish 400 pages in 2020 about the successes and failures in the genre.

This is a Escherichia coli, nice enough to cuddle and carry around. We're not joking. The children's science museum Muzeiko are selling toys from to help children make friends with the microorganisms living in us. 

By Stephen Hawking. My brief story is not a supernova, it came out in 2013, but it just exploded in Bulgarian. This "concise, witty and candid story" is interesting from his early childhood in London, when it starts.

Going to Vitosha to escape from the city - okay. But the snow
crunching underneath your shoes, the first birds singing, the sun behing your closed eyelids, and everyone along the trail greeting you with a "hello"? Now that is just excellent.

We don't know who's the good person with plenty of free time behind @
flybulgaria,  but in their Instagram we get to know more about new ways to travel from here to the world.

Не знаем кой добър човек с много свободно време стои зад инстаграма @flybulgaria, но тези дни оттам разбираме за нови, по-удобни или по-джобни линии от тук до света. Сега се чудим само към Загреб или към града на Лего Билунд да отлетим първо.

Having waited for the first early green salad, now it is most important for us not to throw away half of it because it has withered for a day. So we wrap it in aluminum foil before we put it in the fridge. Believe us - that adds more than a week to its life.


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