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12 February 2020
The thing that make our lives better.

What would the The New Yorker magazine look like if it were in Paris last century?  Wes Anderson in his new The French Dispatch answers that question. For now, we're focusing on the trailer that will be bingo with his favorite actors and techniques - we are considered winners.

As we enter , we want to move to live there – because we can't move everything from there. However, at the moment, some 20-80% red plates tempt us to take at least this mirror (for only 16BGN instead of 60BGN).

Nicholas Jaar sees nothing contrary to the logic of inventing aliases by which he produces different character music. He has now released an album as Against All Logic, and Pitchfork nailed it: "techno ridden by deformities".

Nike Run Club is a tough running partner: there are guided sessions of varying difficulty, in which head coaches motivate you or meditation experts give you advice. They are also great for beginners – we don't specify, we just say.

With an hour or two for a good story, hope for the ceiling of Dax Shepard, where the actor is fast with people like Jimmy Kimmel, Monica Lewinsky or Emilia Clark. He knows how to ask and listen from the chair, so Armchair Expert is the correct name for his podcast.

Strahil and Joro are "birders": an observational breed of people who start Sofia Bird Walks to find themselves bird lovers. The places for the first walks took off, but on Facebook we are waiting for the next ones. And we read why there are glosses in Sofia.    

If you missed collecting soap through the soap, here's your spy on the treasures of others. The museum on instagram shows items with history, including a luxury 1964 Chaika and Avon strollers from the 70's.  

Bill Bryson is not a scientist, but a writer who loves science. She reads it with shelves and piles, processes it in strong prose and hers takes out in bestsellers. He has now set out to illuminate us from within and outside - see who lives in The Body, comes out at the end of months from Ciela.

Dear Therapist is the column of The Atlantic in which therapist Laurie Gottlieb answers readers' dilemmas. It's a pleasure to read, so get past the language barrier: her view of the issues is 360 degrees. As many tons of sympathy as she has.

Can a person be in two places at the same time? We know Stephen King, so something evil strolls into the darkly quiet atmosphere and the series on his book The Outsider. A boy was found dead and the mystery slowly dissolved like honey on HBO.


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