• Aneta Yalamova

    Letters from yesterday is the first exhibition of Aneta Yalamova for the new season, known with her retro-naive painting.

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  • Cut-Ups: Yavor Boyanov in Gifted Sofia

    Yavor Boyanov's eighth solo exhibition is a homage to the work of the beat writer William Burroughs and the Dadaist movement.

  • Dinko Stoev with a gloomy palette in the Stubel Gallery

    He mastered painting with the help of Prof. Ivan Kirkov at the National Academy of Arts, and in the years that followed his own name weighed enough to enter private collections and galleries throughout Bulgaria and around the world.

    Stubel Art Gallery  
  • Dolores Dilova

    Dolores Dilova presents about 50 paintings that came out of her studio in the last 2-3 years and united in the exhibition Inevitable Hours.

    Shipka 6 Union of Bulgarian Artists  
  • Duvarmuseum: The Art of Meeting

    Hannah Rose

    Duvarkolektiv is a group for socially engaged art (led by anthropologist Nikola Venkov, English artist Hannah Rose and Yanka Simova – resident of Stolipinovo), which for 3+ years has been working with families from the Plovdiv neighborhood.

    Goethe Institut  
  • Exhibition by Joel Meyerowitz

  • Glow with glowing graffiti in Kvadrat 500

  • Iliya Yanakiev

    The Plovdiv artist exposes the exhibition Three Dimensions in LIK Gallery.

  • Institute for contemporary art: 25 years and 5 topics later

    Informally next year (and officially – in 1995) under the wing of Boyadzhiev and other artists and art critics was born the Institute for Contemporary Art – Sofia, which has been dealing with issues such as the democratization of the form and language of the visual arts, the improvement of education and the building of a strong connection between art and public space for 25 years.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Krista Kirova

    Krista Kirova is an artist who experiments with different techniques and materials such as oil paints, acrylic and pastel. In the present exhibition she presents painting in the three main directions - portrait, landscape and still life.

    Russian Cultural & Information Centre  
  • Lyubena Foks

    Despite being very young, Lyubena Foks is an internationally published and award-winning artist. He study at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence.

  • Made in Leshten Vol.2 in Little Bird Place gallery

    "A place of solitude for artists in the fields of painting, photography, light sculpture and installation with a focus on contemporary art dedicated to nature, the biological world and ecology " – this is the new Little Bird Artist Residency in the village of Leshten.

    Little Bird Place  
  • Museum Tours at Kvadrat 500

    The permanent exhibition of the National Gallery includes the most significant examples of Bulgarian art, works by European masters, as well as by authors from Asia, Africa and Latin America. In a series of 50-minute museum tours, you will learn the history of some of the over 1,600 works located in the 28 halls of Kvadrat 500.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Nikolai Nikolov - Zikov

    The official openiing of the exhibition is on the 6th of October at 18:00, at Sredets Gallery of the Ministry of Culture. It includes over 30 paintings by Nikolai Nikolov - Zikov, most of them created in the 70s and 80s of last century.

  • Ozone flags

    For about a month (from September 23 to October 29), the pylons of the National Palace of Culture will carry the messages of various artists in the form of flags.

    National Palace of Culture  
    National palace of culture  
  • Petar Arnaudov with photos from Wolrd war I

  • Portraits in the collection of Krassimir Dachev

    The exhibition presents very rare portraits of national importance of some of the most prominent Bulgarian artists: Boris Georgiev, Nenko Balkanski, David Peretz, Ivan Dimitrov, Georgi Danchov, Ivan Markvichka.

    Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall  
  • PURE /future/

  • Sofia Paper Art Fest

    This festival annually catches up with the development of paper art in the world and in our country through a long schedule of exhibitions.

    San Stefano Gallery  

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