• We Need Tragedy

    12 December 2012

  • .
  • On The Road

    7 November 2012

    text Claudine Jendova, photos Vladimir Tomashevich

  • Just an ordinary town

    15 August 2012

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Iliyan Ruzhin

  • Yassen Atanassov

    17 May 2012

    by Anastas Punev photos Iliyan Ruzhin

  • Punctual

    10 May 2012

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Iliyan Rujin

  • Celebrating in a French Way

    8 March 2012

    Richard Lescure is a French professor, but he has a heart of a poet. He loves Bulgaria and this love made him write some poems. A Month of the Francophonie is coming and Mr. Lescure explained to us what we can expect.
  • Analyze this

    8 March 2012

    text Dima Chakarova, photos by Iliyan Ruzhin

  • Well mannered boys

    23 February 2012

    text Anastas Punev, photos Ivan Zhegov

  • Local Hero

    9 February 2012

    text Dima Chakurova, photos Iliyan Rujin

  • Animate Me With Love

    27 January 2012

  • Everything on the table

    19 January 2012

    by Teya Diya, photos Iliyan Ruzhin

  • Stilissima

    12 January 2012

    text Claudine Zhendova photos Iliyan Ruzhin

  • Symbol meeting

    22 December 2011

    text Doroteya Vasileva

  • For the letters

    15 December 2011

    text Nikola Shahpazov

  • Sesame Street

    8 December 2011

  • Somebody Loves Him

    3 November 2011

    Meeting Kalin Terziyski was like talking to a master of devination who only tells the truth. To modern writers Kayo is the personification of power, frankness and genious coordination between talent and popularity. Readers would either hate him or love him which means one thing - you cannot remain indifferent. Over a nice mug of tea he told us about his latest literature award and writing as a labour of the emotional intelligence.
  • Higher Level Simplicity

    22 September 2011

    text Dannie Nikolova

    The web designer Giles Colborne is the author of the very nice book Simple and UsableWeb Mobile and Interaction and he is coming for the Design Day`11 (28th of September, Sofia Live Club)
  • 20 Years Later

    9 June 2011

    by Denitsa Stefanova, photos Ilian Rujin

  • 100 Grammes Pure Science

    5 May 2011

    Nikola Shahpazov

    Professor Frank Burnet will be a presenter of British Council first Sofia Science Festival.  The name of his event is Science Pub. It sounds intriguing, moreover Programata will be the event partner. Here is an interview with Frank Burnet. He was extremely kind and answered about the famous Guinness bear, the Biochemistry, science festivals all over the world and what kind of knowledge we can gain, drinking in the pub. 
  • Knight's honest

    21 April 2011

    text Dima Chakurova, photos Angel Kotzev Studio

    Gergana Djenkova is a psychologist by education and a coach of leadership and Apostol Dyankov, an adviser of steady business and collaborator of Gorichka are the people behind the really interesting project The Green Knights - a courier business accomplished in urban conditions with electric bicycles. On 14th of May the two of them, along with the third member of the team - Dimitar Dimitrov, a master of financial magaement and activist for human rights will present at the organized by Gorichka Forum Business to tell us why the green scenario is possible in a city like Sofia too. They believe so hard in their idea that we believed them too.