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Address: Plovdiv, 15 Otets Paisij Str.
Working time: Mon–Fri, Sun 09:00–23:00; Sat 09:00–17:00
Nr seats: 100+40
Mobile: 089 501 75 76
Mobile: 089 476 27 79

Cuisine: Armenian
Music style: jazz

The best recommendation for any “ethnic” restaurant is when the members of the respective community come to eat there. This is particularly true for Erevan restaurant, which is one of the oldest in the city. It is located in the center of the city,
which, in combination with delicious meals, makes it a favorite place for Plovdiv Bohemia. At noon, however here comes quite a diverse crowd, attracted by dishes of master Harutyun Tutyan. Sahtoratsa (eggplant boats stuffed with strained yogurt) havgite dolma (stuffed fried eggs) or Mantle (pastry with chicken) are just some of the traditional dishes that you can try. Every part of the menu – from the eight soups to desserts (traditional Anush abur) contains Armenian element. For your complete pleasure we recommend a glass of brandy, accompanied by coffee.


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