• 7 Moments of Nelson Atmos

    8 September 2016

    Or Nelson Inomvan, but if you are looking for him for art matters, better use the pseudonym above. He graduated animation at NBU, however he is a "self-taught" artist - and apparently he's done good job as Haemimont Games (BG studio which got famous internationally with Tzar in 2000) holds him in it's artist's army for more than a decade.
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  • 14 Moments of Eliza Ivanova

    1 September 2016

    You may have noticed her name in the films of Pixar! It is not a matter of magic to be there. Eliza draws pro since she was 12 years old, at 17 she has already gone to the western end of the world to master the rules of the movement - those that make the static characters move on the screen.
  • 7 Moments of Mariana Sarbova

    25 August 2016

    text Natalia Ivanova

    In the begining of August, she raised Sails for another exhibition in Burgas, which complements the collection of boats, waves and sea beasts, resurrected from her hands from illustration to mixed technics. We see why they call her Mars and her launch into the art space passes through diploma in Architecture from UACEG, design specialization in Stuttgart and winning projects for better urban environment.
  • 7 Moments of Erase

    18 August 2016

    Hearts, tentacles, crowns, sinking limbs, leaked and sliced images - we see them in hundred different configurations in his portfolio in the net. Offline they are on houses, offices, transformers and even a tram. Otherwise Erase is the graffiti alter ego of Georgi Dimitrov - illustrator and graphic designer from studio FourPlus, where we found him today, to give him a couple of blank pages.
  • 7 Moments of Nely Drumeva

    4 August 2016

    Her headphones usually emit rap, while she drinks gallons of coffee and dreams for control over time plus endless energy. Well, she would accept also a big table, "because I don’t have one and paint on the floor." Otherwise the twenty-four hours aren’t enough for her and she leaves one or another idea for later? In her sketchbook she has collected everything from painting, illustration and graphics to calligraphy. Outside it she leaves her print on walls and human bodies.
  • 7 Moments of Katina Nedeva

    28 July 2016

    She doesn't just draw from a kid - with parents artists the paint almost flows trough her veins and makes her move from Svilengrad to Plovdiv to study Graphics at the Art School. Later further west because of NAA.
  • 7 Moments of Zdravolina

    21 July 2016

    Her real name is Zdravka Budinova and she's been into art since a small child. Today she's a graphic designer and illustrator with a ton of exhibitions behind her back. The most recent one is still going - at The Egg Bar on 1 Lom str.
  • 7 Moments of Aneta Ivanova

    14 July 2016

    As a child she starts from the sketchbook and water based paint to reach the conceptual photography not much later. The long exposures gradually grew into 2-3 interlaced photographs, and today her experiments combine human profiles with everything from delicate petals to strict urban landscapes in which we see a reflection of our own emotions.
  • 8 Moments of Rozalina Burkova

    7 July 2016

    Six years ago she leaves the smell of linden trees and the thongs in Stara Zagora, and goes to London - "without a gram experience in drawing and 5% skills to do just that all day and often all night". Now everything is fine - the cats Sukie and Champa prevent boredom in the home studio, which brings cool illustrations, not for the first time printed on the pages of a magazine.
  • 8 Moments of Ina Boyadzhieva

    30 June 2016

    She likes fat animals, good beer and people who do not squander their life. Further on the list is her friend ("the weirdest cat-man"), Prodigy and David Doran. Since school she fills her notebooks with severed heads and eyes gouged out, but we better let her things speak for her.
  • 7 Moments of Deyan Yanev

    23 June 2016

    So far he has signed over twenty common and a dozen solo exhibitions and his things have traveled from Sofia to Varna and from Vienna to Paris (and not only). This was Z, let's rewind to A: Deyan is a second generation artist, so the degree from NAA hardly has raised any issue over family dinner.
  • Adam von Haffner: Design Will Save the World

    16 June 2016

    The Journalism graduate Adam von Haffner is part of the Danish non-profit organization INDEX: Design to Improve Life, in which he’s responsible for the global communication strategy. He is one of the lectors at this year's Design Forum (One Design Week) - June 18th, House Of Culture, Plovdiv, 12:00
  • 7 Moments of Plamen Motev-Mute

    16 June 2016

    "I'm a graphic designer who loves letters, calligraphy, typography, digital illustrations and collages", introduces to us with his instagram where collects all of the above (and often in a square). He makes it, hidden behind the tacit alterego Mute, "which creates its own worlds, bored of the reality."
  • Degrees of concrete

    9 June 2016

  • 13 Moments of Xavi Forné

    9 June 2016

    He started doing graphic design 17 years ago when a friend asked him to create a poster for a concert and to hang it around town - that's who we should tell "Gracias" to, that today the works of Xavi reach us, too.
  • 7 Moments of Denis Angelov

    2 June 2016

    "My dad is a painter, my aunt makes patchwork toys and my uncle is an art teacher" - with his second sentence the question how he discovered the magic of blank paper becomes unnecessary. Dennis is a freelance illustrator, he draws cards for iGreet, designs characters and writes scripts for graphic novels.
  • 9 Moments of Albena Limoni

    26 May 2016

    Although the acid nickname, she says she is peaceful and energetic person. She likes to put labels "I can do that" on more and more new things - that's how began her interest in letters and calligraphy, and the desire to create her own font (which is already happening). In working time she makes package design, but after that fills her personal sketchbook with faces and stories in a few words - come on, take a peek inside.
  • 7 Moments of Galina Vasileva

    19 May 2016

    Ten years ago she changed her native Varna to Sofia to study animation. She didn't graduated, but also didn't say "goodbye" to the digital arts: first became an illustrator, after that falls into the gaming industry, occasionally paints decors, advertising illustrations and book covers (as that of the Big Fish by Daniel Wallace).
  • 8 Moments of Yo Vo

    12 May 2016

    Or Yovcho Gorchev, but it is hard to see that name outside his passport. His degrees in architecture and film arts from Royal College of Art in London, "are aimlessly hanging in frames on the wall like in American film, but the wallpaper behind is Bulgarian."
  • 7 Moments of Rafaila Raikova

    5 May 2016

    At the age of 23 she already has a number of exhibitions and competitions behind her back and a shelf with awards at home. She studied illustration and recently staggered to comics, but before you say that it is the same, she underlines: in the graphic novel you are writer and director, not just an artist.