• Music at the Gallery

    Music at the Gallery
    Series of concerts at Sofia City Art Gallery that accompany the exhibitions. The first one is called after the In The Shadow of The Orient exhibit and is on October 24 at 7p.m. with Teodosii Spasov, Miroslav Turiyski and Nacho Gospodinov. Tickets ...


  • Живите динозаври

    Живите динозаври
    Кой не харесва динозаври, кой не е мечтал да ги язди? Никой и всички, а добрата новина е, че за тази мечта вече не трябва машина на времето, ...


  • The Girl Of My Dreams

    The Girl Of My Dreams
    P. is a thirty-years-old guy, quite unsatisfied. Several situations have been badly influencing him, preventig him from living how he would like to: parents' death, the aseptic newsroom where he works; Mario, his roommate, such breezy as ...
  • No Man's Land


  • How long do you want to live?

    How long do you want to live?
    In 1921, Stanford University psychologist Lewis Terman asked several hundred teachers to choose the most gifted children in their classes for a study. No one was  aware of its scale - these 1500 (then 10-year-old) people will keep in touch with ...
  • Playlist by Ramsey Hercules