• Controversial City

    Controversial City
    A photographic project, kind of a travelogue, gathers in one place Rome and Lyulin, a Sofia neighborhood, build during the socialism. We admit that the curious combination grabbed our attention, so we will at Dada Cultural Bar on 7 October at 19:00 ...


  • Africa

    Antonia Hubancheva will make a third appearance at the Traveller's Club to talk about her exploratory expedition in Africa. The presentation will take place in Cinema House on 8 October at 19:00. The tickets will be 6lv and you can buy them on site.



  • Why me?

    Why me?
    The young and ambitious prosecutor Christian is surprised to be assigned a sensitive case involving an older colleague who has been accused of corruption. A case that could have been a springboard for his career turns out to have the opposite effect.
  • The Walk


  • Playlist By Mila Mihova

    Playlist By Mila Mihova
    You have to meet her for 15 minutes and you will see: Mila is inspired by singers like natural disasters and it's obvious. Did you hear the voice that reverberate in the beginning of Quartet by Yavor Gardev ? Well, it's hers. Besides she sings ...
  • Anatol