• Operville

    Extreme and colourful mixture of performance, dance, theater, music, photographies and drawings - this is a quick summary of Ivo Dimchev's portfolio. The premiere of his experimental opera Operaville is in Azaryan Theater on 26 November at 22:00.




  • Playlist By Vera Shandel

    Playlist By Vera Shandel
    She's a trird of the Sentimental Swingers trio but she's a whole body of music. From her favourite jazz through hard metal, The Beatles and Depeche Mode, to Eminem, Vera finds herself in every song. At the moment her life is intense but her ...
  • The things of life: Anna Simeonoff


  • Absolut Reinvent Party

    Absolut Reinvent Party
    Bulgarian scenography magician Nikola Toromanov and Venezuelan singer Aerea Negrot will be the stars of the first great party, hold by Absolut for their new project Reinvent. The unexpected location is Modern Theatre (12 Vrabnitza Str.), the big day ...
  • A Minute is a Lot