• Basics Market Vol.11

    Basics Market Vol.11
    Maybe you've awarded your wardrobe with second hand finds from this bazaar before, but its topic is now pointing to your library and turntable - on February 23rd and 24th after 11:00 at Sputnik we shop old issues of magazines like Monocle, The New ...


  • Farmers' Bazaar

    Farmers' Bazaar
    It's now part of the cultural calendar of the Municipality which means - with the helping hand of the country - the bazaar for local fruit, veggies, honey, milk and load more will take place every month. You'll find it first on February 24th, ...




  • 8 Moments of Kaliya Kalacheva

    8 Moments of Kaliya Kalacheva
    She calls herself an architect by soul and a painter by profession "but since I became a mother, I don't remember what I am anymore". Although she misses the carelessness of her childhood, she also really likes the deadlines that she faces ...
  • A Rainbow of Stories