• High above

    16 June 2011

  • Find where is the festival

    18 May 2011

  • Cards Down

    26 November 2010

    We at Programata don't like standing at one place. So we prepared some convenient innovations for our site programata.bg that would make it much more effective and useful.
  • Hip-Hip Hooray

    21 October 2010

  • Scorpions Concert Postponed

    8 October 2010

  • A dream come true

    29 September 2010

  • The Return

    5 August 2010

    We`ve know Lora karadjova and GoodSlav since their early beginnings 9 years ago, when they were known as Ball Face. They have now come up with a cover of their massive hit Let it be summer, after having shanged the lyrics. They shot the video for ...
  • Hip Hop, Naturally

    24 June 2010

  • Hell Awaits!

    20 May 2010

  • Video Star

    20 May 2010

  • Lufthansa Game Winners

    30 April 2010

  • Part Two

    1 April 2010

  • A Park Warm-Up

    11 February 2010

  • Prognosis: Liveyear

    23 December 2009

    text Nikolai Vasilev

    We thought that 2009 was the peak of concerts life in Bulgaria, but 2010 seems even more promising.
  • Burgas Nights

    30 July 2009

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    There are scores of good music reasons to go to Burgas in the next few weeks - there you can hear Bulgarian agro-alco-porn-punk, modern house from the UK or funky tracks about the New York mob king John Gotty.
  • Jazz Open Air

    2 July 2009

    text Mia Ianeva

    In summer many people enjoy escaping in the coolness of the mountains and when there are occasions like the jazz fest in Smolyan, happiness is complete.
  • Music Idols in Park Mall

    25 June 2009

  • I, Fan

    25 June 2009

    text Mia Ianeva

    Concerts are always connected to a strange thrill which we want to share with as many people as possible. If you like to share such emotions, join the Germanos' G-reporter contest and win tickets for some of the most interesting summer concerts.
  • Almost Free

    7 May 2009

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    Lovech Party Fest is a rival to Spirit of Burgas and the rock concerts in Kavarna - but it is free and closer to Sofia. The festival started on 6 May, but the best days are still to come. Friday is devoted to pop music - Miro will present live his ...
  • Music: Legally

    12 February 2009

    text Diana Georgieva

    Music fans all over Bulgaria - unite! A new website for free and legal download of mp3s was launched - it is reasonably called 4fun.bg. The songs are divided into 9 genres, with a vast collection of evergreens, classic music and full discographies ...