• The Untouchable

    2 October 2013

    by Mariya Bikova

    "I am only a composer who conducts his own music" shares with us modestly and unpretentiously the great Ennio Morricone. After a short conversation on the phone, we are absolutely sure that he is a confident, uncompromising and strong-minded person and creator. He is able to afford his self-confidence because of the genious film compositions, at least.
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  • Together Froever

    18 September 2013

    by Avgusta Manoleva, photos by Vladimir Tomashevich

    Marta Petkova and Nikola Hadjitanev are both children of famous, artistic parents but have not relied on that, instead concentrating on carreers of their own that have earned them local and international praise. Marta is prima ballerina and Nikola is premier soloist at Sofia's National Opera and Ballet, so evidently they have a lot to share about playing on the big stage, the difficulties before every ballet player. And lots more.
  • Portrait of a Painter

    10 September 2013

    text Dannie Nikolova

    If wasn't a musician Kutmah would definitely be a painter. He has done a couple album covers including his own 10" record" Warm Like The Sunshine filled with desert sounds and dirty beats. He proclaims music and painting as his great love and he loves to put in one place music from lots of unknown producers. We gonna hear its music on the 17th of September during ReelFeel Open Air . Keep your ears open for his DJ sets, cause he's known to play the dirtiest beats in town.
  • Wolf Hour

    9 September 2013

    text Dannie Nikolova

    When pushed to describe Wolf+Lamb in three words, Zev and Gadi - the two guys behind the music project, proclaimed that ‘the third word would definitely be weird’. Their name is also sounds weird, but the names of the artists in their roster looks like a who’s who of prominent electronic artists today, including Nicolas Jaar, Deniz Kurtel, Soul Clap, Seth Troxler, Miguel Campbell, Pillowtalk, Slow Hands. We gonna hear Wolf+Lamb selection on the 17th of September on ReelFeel Open Air. 
  • All is Quiet at the North Borders

    20 August 2013

    by Ivan Hadjevelikov, photos by Andrew de Francesco

    We are very much aware that Simon Green's Bonobo project is one of the very best when it comes to brooding, melancholic, progressive and intelligent electronic music. What's more, Simon never disappoints. After the 2010 stunner Black Sands, this year he presented us with the splendid The North Borders and we simply can't wait to her the new tracks live at ReelFeel Open Air (Despred at September 17th).
    Some weeks before the event, we cought up with simon for a short music chat.
  • Black Pearl

    16 August 2013

  • Songs in white

    15 August 2013

    text Stohrifor Lukomb

  • X@yapOP**$@HJjjGf

    17 July 2013

  • Crazy as Hell

    11 July 2013

  • Kaas Chante Piaf

    25 June 2013

  • Doors to freedom

    20 June 2013

    text Anastas Punev

  • (Latino) Cornucopia

    5 June 2013

    text Stohrifor Lukomb

  • The soul of Ayo

    30 May 2013

    text Ivan Hajivelikov

  • Mother Night

    22 May 2013

    text Dannie Nikolova

    Yozmit is your self-given name and it means something special. What’s the meaning of it? Bringing out the big 'I' within, creating myth about one's self What you’ve been up to lately? Traveling/touring for shows in Korea, London, Las ...
  • Captured Moments

    15 May 2013

    text Dannie Nikolova

    Tony Woolliscroft How and when did you get involved in photography? I know everything happened by chance with an old camera, a gift from your father. I fell into photography really. From the age of 13 and going to gigs I've always loved live ...
  • God Bless You, Mr. Jones

    13 May 2013

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Vladimir Tomashevich

  • Young Lion

    9 May 2013

    text Avgusta Manoleva

  • Back to the Future

    30 April 2013

  • Ninja Girl

    24 April 2013

    text Ivan Hadjivelikov

    Is it true actually anyone can sing, if motivated? Is false singing a laziness, shyness or something else? Yes I guess everyone can sing, some just sound nicer to listen to than others! Who told you you could sing? What is your musical ...
  • Rock = ♥

    18 April 2013