• The things of life: Alexandrina Pendatchanska

    29 March 2018

    When she first appeared on stage to sing Violetta's aria from Verdi's Traviata, she did not even know how to bow. Only a year later she was already Lucia di Lammermoor in Bilbao, and for the next 30 years her voice was heard in the largest operas from Vienna, Berlin, Turin and Monte Carlo to Moscow, New York, Washington, Tel Aviv and Paris (where she lives with her daughters most of the time).
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  • On common ground

    22 March 2018

    text Natalia Ivanova

    If your guitar can move anyone without even saying a word, then you speak all languages. This is what we think when listening to Vlatko Stefanovski's music - the Macedonian has 35 albums (14 of them - with Leb and Sol) and his last one Mother tongue gathers musical acoustic versions of Macedonian folk songs that "fly across borders and become a common culture" Shortly before they land at Sofia Live Club on 30th of March, we wait for Vlako to pick up the phone in Skopje to find a common language with us for a few questions: from the first guitar to the most important advice he has ever received (and, as we think, applies to everyone).
  • The Playlist of Yavor Zahariev

    8 February 2018

    text Emanuela Ivanova photo Aneliya Todorova

    There is something, I feel it in the air… we're singing Away by Gravity Co. and inhaling the snowballs that the band's frontman has brought for us as an excuse for his coming late to our meeting. But it is really OK - we can wait a few minutes more, when after a few long years Yavor Zahariev, Iva Chalakov, Peter Samnaliev and Stefan Popov are about to restart their history with two live concerts at Terminal 1.
  • The Playlist of 2017

    21 December 2017

    Shouting or whispering, every year fills our memories with echos with its stories.
  • Playlist by the Fans: WhoMadeWho

    16 November 2017

    Before the experimental trio takes us off with a sound from Copenhagen at City Stage on November 23rd, four people from the audience play their own setlist and explain to us who makes them listen to WhoMadeWho.
  • She, the Muse

    9 November 2017

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    They often call her "David Lynch's muse". With good reason. Christa Bell would steal anyone's heart even if he hadn't directed the Lost Highway and Mulholland Dr., but her creative relationship with Lynch is something special. We had listened to her voice long before it came out in the new episodes of Twin Peaks, but her debut album, We Dissolve, finally took over us. Its exciting that we will hear it live at Sofia Live Club on November 17th, and even more so - that before that, Christa manages to answer some important questions about music, cinema, funerals and, of course, David, as she calls him.
  • Along the wire with Alexander Benev

    2 November 2017

    text Emanuela Ivanova photo Aneliya Todorova

    His favourite Bulgarian writer is Elin Pelin but we put him in Yordan Yovkov's title because it sounds more like him.
  • Playlist by Ramsey Hercules

    12 October 2017

    text and photos Natalia Ivanova

    We meet meters away from his Boogie Exchange vinyl shop and immediately set up our conversation around them. Of course we do - Yordan (a.k.a. The Beer, but above all as Ramsey Hercules) is a DJ with a quater-century experience from here to Amsterdam, the guy behind the online boogie.fm radio, freelance saxophonist and encyclopedia for music questions (just try him). There are many reasons to talk to him, but today we are here for a specific one - the beginning of the season in Yalta club, which prepares a series of big disco parties with Ramsey and Discopigg Yoshida behind the plaque. The first one is on Oct. 14, and if the superpower of their sets haven't reached you, just play these songs.
  • Balkan syndrome

    28 September 2017

    text Nikola Yanev

    A month before their concert in Arena Armeec on October 27, Bosnian dub/hip-hop/ska masters Dubioza Kolektiv came to Sofia for an unexpected club event and even an unexpected performance in the middle of Vitoshka street. We also managed to catch them and on the same day we meet with DJ Brano Jakubovic and the bassist Vedran Mujagic for a quick glass of rakia, a conversation about their new (still nameless) album and a few vicious curses in the direction of Donald Trump and Slobodan Milosevic.
  • Playlist by Ivo Dimtchev

    21 September 2017

    text Natalia Ivanova

    He managed to play some music for us from Vienna just before coming to Plovdiv for One Dance Week with his new group performance Sculptures. The basis for it is his first studio album with the same name, which he rouses with  choreography to escape from the microphone stand. Not that he had stood for a long time in front of her. In fact, he hasn't stood anywhere - he has more than 30 performances in contemporary art spaces from Barcelona and Berlin to New York and Sao Paulo. We are happy, however, that we can see and hear them often here in Sofia. But now listen to something else - how Ivo Dimchev plays his own stuff in this playlist.
  • Playlist by Rushi

    17 August 2017

    text Anika Tomova photo Lora Musheva

    Since we heard him live again last fall (getting lucky to have a ticket at all), we think of what he's listening to when he's not on stage. We now ask him personally just a week before his concert in Apollonia festival (in the same musical combo with Ivo Chalakov, Vassil Voutev, Petar Slamaliev and the passionate vocalists Elena Sirakova and Katia Krasteva).
  • Playlist by Nikolai and Ruslan from Wrong Fest

    22 June 2017

    text Nikola Shahpazov photos Anelia Todorova

    It's inevitable. Every time we talk to Nikolai and Ruslan, we talk about music, but most often it's about the songs played in their Wrong Bar, the bands they've invited for a concert in Mixtape 5 or what they're preparing for the next Wrong Fest. Shortly before his first episode this year in the Maimunarnika (following the outback at the Voynegovtsi in September), our conversation with them is a bit different - we walk with them back and forth in time to find out what they are crying for, who makes them drink rakia and who tells them "good night."
  • Things from life: Patricia Kaas

    15 June 2017

    text Natalia Ivanova

    When she picks up the handset on the other side, Patricia Kaas is in a Czech hotel and she is going to have a concert tonight. Her voice is dense and low, the same as when she sings, and we unwittingly imagine everything on her side black and white, with a few chords getting out of the piano in the room.
  • The Playlist of Kitodar Todorov

    13 April 2017

    text Emanuela Ivanova photo Aneliya Todorova

    A few weeks ago we rushed in Friday at 5 sharp to get ourselves some quick humour with the two season of the YouTube show. That's when we came across Address to the nation - a video which redirected us to an Indiegogo campaign that is raising money for season 3. 
  • Playlist by The Fans: Oddisee

    30 March 2017

    We are learning how to pronounce his name so that we could shout it out loud on April 7 when the rapper/producer is coming to Sofia Live Club with his Beneath The Surface Tour and now - straight out of the concert's fan zone - we're bringing forth four guys to explain to us why Oddisee is top. Here's the songs that they convinced us with that the rapper doesn't need his music to be banging from the speakers at every other club to be awesome.
  • In Scott Bradlee's Jukebox

    23 March 2017

    text Emanuela Ivanova

    His music-playing machine is on YouTube since 2009 but its fans are piling up since 2012 when he uploaded A Motown Tribute to Nickelback - a mix of the band's rock hits, transformed into 60's r'n'b.
  • To Hear The heart of Mozart

    16 March 2017

    text Emanuela Ivanova photo Dobrin Kashavelov

    Everyone is talking about the asteroid that is named after him and is travelling around the sun 250 million kilometres from here. His path in the music universe, however, is way more interesting. The principal conductor of Heidelberg - with reserved stand in front of top orchestras from Berlin to Tokyo - is now raising his baton for Mystery of immortality, pointing deep in the heart of Mozart.
  • Stories From the Top of the Bow

    23 February 2017

    text Emanuela Ivanova

    If you could conduct the emotions of millions with the bow of your violin, you could rule the world. But why would you, if the whole planet already feels like home? That's what's going through our heads after a conversation with Ara Malikian - the Lebanese virtuoso with a Spanish passport that is coming to Sofia on February 28.
  • Gena: A portrait of the beat as young

    23 February 2017

    text Natalia Ivanova photo Teodor Fichev

    Three years ago Evgeni Enchev and the rest of So Called Crew are taking this basement at Borovo (where they once met) and start to lay a concrete pad for their first studio. Making hip-hop together is almost the same: 
    one puts the base, other aligns it and third is piecing up until someone like us comes in and says " it looks great."
  • Partying with a Parisian

    16 February 2017

    text Violeta Ivanova photos Manuel Obadia-Willis

    He starts our Skype conversation with "Sorry, I'm a bit sick, so my voice might be a bit hoarse". In the next 50 minutes he yawns a couple of times as well be we're not at all offended because we know where he must have been just a few hours ago - on the resident DJ post at the Parisian club Concrete which lays on the banks of the Seine river and almost never sleeps.