• 100 kg

    Undoubtedly, 100 kila is one of the most famous names in Bulgarian hip -hop. With endless series of hits he became the absolute favourite singer of the people. You can not mistake the hoarse voice of the performer whose nickname has nothing to do with his weight .

  • .
  • Affection

  • All Style Party

  • Boryana

    Boryana is among the fastest growing DJs of our and the international club scene. We recognize her unmistakably by her characteristic handwriting - a remarkable mix of micro channels and a razor-sharp, energy-filled techno sound.

    Incognito [Varna]  
  • DJ Mascota

    Mascota or Miroslav Petkov starts working as a professional DJ in 2001. Then he makes his first steps into club music, interested in tribal and tech house. Skillfully mixes progressive and tech sound with elements of deep.
    · MC P

    Moda Bar My Place  
  • Naval Forces Brass Band's Christmas Concert

    Conductors: Miroslav Trifonov and Georgi Zairanov

  • NDOE

    Hid album with honest lyrics and powerful sound will move into the bar in acoustic version.

  • Pascal Junior

    For the third time in Bulgaria with hit number 1 for summer 2017 is Pascal Junior with the song Holdin On, which we look forward to hear.

    Vogue Club  
  • Upsurt

    The hip-hop group is coming with their hits.