• 2 Cellos

    The croatian cellists come to Sofia in December to present their new album Score, with the London Symphony Orchestra.

    Armeetz Arena  
  • A Legend at 80

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    Director: Andrey Chertov Conductor: Konstantin Dobroikov With: Jazz Combo: Miroslav Turiiski [piano], Alexander Lekov [contrabass], Emil Pehlivanov [drums], Petar Momchev [sax]; musician from Plovdiv Opera

    Movie, poetry, symphonic and jazz music are featured in this eclectic project, dedicated to legendary musician Milcho Leviev.

    Concert Complex Bulgaria  
  • Body'n'Balls

    Or Trole and Vlada Russ - two top Serbian selectors who keep the dance floor crowded with everything from post disco to italo dance. Here they'll be supported by Funkusion.

    Tell Me …  
  • Funky Winter

    Beloslava and her live band will funk up the season with their new project.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • Grafa

    For his return on the stage of Terminal 1 Grafa has prepared a setlist full of his latest singles, including Nadezhda.

    Terminal 1  
  • Ivo Dimchev

  • Michael Malarky

  • Roger Waters

    Pink Floyd's ex-bass player is bringing his new gigantic show Us+Them to Sofia.

    Armeetz Arena  
  • Strauss Orchestra Vienna

  • The R&B Secrets

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    Radoslav Slavchev-Riverman [bass], Alexander Slavchev [guitar], Bogomil Enchev [drums], Stanislav Arabadzhiev [keyboards], Bojidar Vasilev-TromBobby [trombone], Todor Bakardzhiev [trumpet], Vocals: Lina Nikolova, Kristina, Zornitsa Slavova, Elena ...

  • Winter trip

    Christmas-New Year's Eve concert · Conductor: Yuli Damyanov · Directed by: Alexander Mutafchijski · Stage design: Georgi Zlatanov, Boris Stoynov · Costume designer: Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova · Choreographer: ...