• 5th birthday party

    With a reggae, guitars and hip-hop we raise up our glasses for Terminal 1's 5th birthday.

    Terminal 1  
  • Antimatter

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    Photo: Alessandra Tolc

    Mick Moss from Liverpool is the only official member of the band, which already has seven albums with dark rock with melodic vocals and a dose of electrosound and a trip-hop sound. He's gathering the followers of the progression guitars and drums for a night full of his demons.

  • Babies' concert

  • Bullet For My Valentine

    With clenched fists and serious eyes the are moving around in anticipation of sharpening our ears for pieces of all six of their albums.

    Zimen Dvoretz  
  • Casual Threesome

    Road 66  
  • Control

    We do not mean the old rock band, but the downpour of techno and house beats, controlled by the DJs Pacho & Pepo, Electriksoul and Yoz.

    Exe Club  
  • Dayo & Dorothy Takev

    Jazz, hip-hop and soul music are coming together under the name of the band Dayo, afret whom with R&B line Dorothy Takev and her band are taking over.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • Dead Man's Hat

    The band will go with an acoustic sound with original songs and covers.

    cosmos coworking camp  
  • Fingertone & Malik

    Their album Spiritual Funk to the Groove are meeting with the fans of hip-hop, new soul and jazz for a live performance.

  • Hellion Stone & Kora

    With their forst gig of the year the metal band Hellion Stone are going hit ten cities in March along with the metalcore band Kora.

    Mixtape 5  
  • Ivan Shopov

    Photo: Ivaylo Petrov

    He's carring four musical artists in himself and he's going to realese them all in one night. With the ambient of Ivan Shopov, the techno pulse of Ghost303, dubstep floklore of Balkansky and D&B drum of Cooh we are going to move all night long.

    Exe Club  
  • Jagannatha

    They are coming in to the sight of stoner and cosmic rock fan in 2016 with an album by their name. Their nuances are spreading across their newest EP Samasara as well and that's the occasion of going on tour and one of the destinations is Sofia.

  • Jaya the Cat

    Their reggae, ska and punk sound is coming here with the support of Plastic Bo. and Selector Lazy Face.

    Terminal 1  
  • Latin American music

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    C: Leonardo Sanchez (guitar), Matias Gonzalez (bandoneon), Ivan Penchev (violin), Svetlana Stancheva (violin), Tatiana Todorova (viola) and Dimitar Tencgev (cello) · Program: Astor Piazzolla

    The latin emotions in us are provoked by Quarto Quartet and their special guests.

    Concert Complex Bulgaria  
  • Moon Tides

    The electronic DJ Matthew Dekay is here for a party celebration with the creators of the festival Ritual Gatherings.

    Carrusel Club  
  • POSTPONED Gravity Co.

    They're getting up on stage for a wild experience, but before them we are listening to Les Animaux Sauvages.

    Terminal 1  
  • Riche Ramone

    The famous drummer from Ramones band is coming with his own band to show us that drummers can sing too.

  • Scc, Всеки Следващ Ден, Еxpectations

    Hardcore and rap is a combination to die for, when on the saturday evening the heavy strings of Vseki Sledvasht Den and Expectations are coming around with the salty talk from So Called Crew.

    Mixtape 5  
  • Ska-Punk & Reggae-Rock

    In the saturday night we are listening to a party playlist with names in it like The Clash, Madness, Manu Chao, NOFX, Ska-P, Jaya The Cat, Sublime, The Mighty Bostons, No Doubt, Police, Rancid, Real Big Fish, The Specials, Operation Ivy, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22.

  • Sofi Tukker

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    Photo: Toma Kostygina

    Their brazilian rhythms over electro dance landscape already are floating to us for a live meeting at Sofia Live Club, before whom we are playing you four of our favorite songs.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • SoulBmoll

    With s brand new song the funk band SoulBMoll are gettiong on stage to share with us some of their mood, the energy of which we carry until the end of the week at least.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • Tech N9ne

    His rap schemes are familiar to us from two decades now and he's coming here with his hip-hop partner Krizz Kaliko and with the support of Zhlych, Grigovor and Gena.

    Mixtape 5  
  • That Divine

    Their electronic parties are spinning aroud for a while and now Micro are bringin the Berlin's DJ youANDme.

  • Yalta is 28-years-old

    On a saturday night under haus and techno beats hundrends of hands are trying to reach the ceiling of Yalta and its two rooms in which the mixes of Mark Knight and Radio Slave will keep us dancing all night long.

    Yalta Club