• Akua Naru

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    photo Marianna Fornaro

    She only knows gospel music when she is younger, but her uncle takes her to hip-hop when she is 9, and she needs a little to grab the microphone and load rhythms.

    Sofia Live Club  
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  • Al Bano & Romina Power POSTPONED

    The two meet on the set of the movie Nel Sole and then the spark flares up. They have been together on stage and life for 40 years and their golden hits, such as Felicita, Liberta and Ci sara, the two will perform here as well.

    Armeetz Arena  
  • Beth Hart

    Beth sold out Hall 1 last year and now attacks Armeec with the new album War in My Mind and we're waiting for old blues hits like Caught Out In The Rain and Love Is a Lie.

    Armeetz Arena  
  • Deep Purple

    Rock'n'roll sounds live for the last on the tour The Long Goodbye, what they go through and through Bulgaria, heated by the Canadian rock band Monster Truck.

    Armeetz Arena  
  • Disco Stars

    We are going back in time with one of the most famous disco stars of all time.

    National Palace of Culture  
  • Five Finger Death Punch

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    photo Randy Edwards Photos

    With four platinum and six gold records, they surpass three billion online streaming and continue to break all records. The band has had 24 songs in the top 10 in recent years, and in 2018 they became the most-listened artist on U.S. Rock Radio and their latest album And Justice For None becomes the most-heard hard rock / heavy metal album online for 2018.

    Armeetz Arena  
  • Funky Miracle

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    photo KARE studio

    We heard how they throw jazz, funk, soul and fusion in the album Fly from 2017.

    Student House  
  • Kiasmos

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    photo barbartheos

    The Icelanders meet the classic with an electric beat and a minimal piano, and in their first album, named after the band, they collect a wealth of acoustic instruments, synths, drum machines and some other tricks.

    Prostranstvo 108  
  • Mindown

    For 12 years the Bulgarian rock band has transferred two albums through their hands and they're coming from Plovdiv to tune their guitars and keep you straight until the early hours.

  • Papa Roach & Hollywood Undead

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    photo Brian Berson

    Both bands are coming with a concert in Sofia, part of their European tour.

    Universiada Hall  
  • Retro Party

    Martin Mihailov is selecting music by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Queen and more.

    Terminal 1  
  • Sofia doesn't sleep

    photo Maria Cvetkova

    Atila and F-act come with their good rap and tons of great tracks for life, battles, sadness, good and bad days. DJ Akasha on the turntables will not stop until the sun begins to remind us of ourselves.

    Mixtape 5  
  • Solar

    10 DJs rotate theirs house, techno and drumbeat mixes whole night long on 3 scenes, and among them are Mark Knight, Chus & Ceballos, Nicole Modaber, Gaiser, Matador and Rudimental.

    Inter Expo Centre  
  • With the music of John Williams

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    Conductor: Nayden Todorov · Program: music by John Williams

    Just days before the Star Wars premiere - the latest episode of the legendary fantasy series, the Sofia Philharmonic and maestro Nayden Todorov invite you to a concert featuring the best of John Williams music.

    Concert Complex Bulgaria