• BG Vintage

    Concert-spectacle with Veleka Tsankova, Paolina Maleshkova, Itso Lyubenov (vocals), Momchil Kossev (vocal and guitar), Vladislav Michev (trombone), Ivan Jordanov (saxophone), Isak Benbasat (piano), Svetlin Staykov (bass) Victor Viktorov (drums) and ...

    BG VINTAGE is the contemporary, elegant face of Bulgarian pop and jazz music, sitting firmly on top the example of the greats of the past. In it’s core, BG VINTAGE’s goal is the rebirth of Bulgarian popular music from the 20s, and it’s development, adding a layer of new original, contemporary music to the mix.
    · In The Palace
    Festival and Congress Centre  
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  • DJ Mascota

    Mascota or Miroslav Petkov starts working as a professional DJ in 2001. Then he makes his first steps into club music, interested in tribal and tech house. Skillfully mixes progressive and tech sound with elements of deep.

    Moda Bar My Place  
  • House music

  • Jazz Boudoir

    Jazz Boudoir is an intimate touch, a marriage of love, charm and glamour that revisits the all-time greats of the french chanson, with an added pinch of jazz.
    · In The Palace
    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • La Migra Trio

    Stoyan Royanov YaYa [clarinet], Neyko Bodurov [trumpet], Valeri Tzenkov [drums], Venceslav Markov [bass], Stratsimir Pavlov [piano]

    LaMigra - the colourful trio from Varna will perform a new, jazz-ish rendition of the debut album Seven Sacred Spaces, which premiered in 2015, but hasn’t seen another live performance since, despite the growing interest.
    · In The Palace
    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Meszecsinka

    The concert of the Hungarian band Meszecsinka is a mix of psychedelic sound and European folklore. The band members come from Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary. They will present their new album, called Stand into the Deep.

    Rubik Art Center  
  • Ndoe

    The bulgarian rapper Ndoe will promote his newest album this friday.

  • Nikobo

    Nikobo is the debut studio album by Bulgarian trumpet player Neyko Bodurov (1982). Jazz, beats and electronica collide in a set of original compositions, which can easily be wrapped as Nu Jazz.
    · In The Palace
    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Opening Party

    · DJ Mati

  • Orlin Pavlov & JP3

    Within IN THE PALACE one of the most beloved Bulgarian performers Orlin Pavlov will take the stage of Hall 1 of FCC Varna, together with the JP3 formation.
    · In The Palace
    Festival and Congress Centre