• 5th birthday party

    With a reggae, guitars and hip-hop we raise up our glasses for Terminal 1's 5th birthday.

    Terminal 1  
  • Antimatter

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    Photo: Alessandra Tolc

    Mick Moss from Liverpool is the only official member of the band, which already has seven albums with dark rock with melodic vocals and a dose of electrosound and a trip-hop sound. He's gathering the followers of the progression guitars and drums for a night full of his demons.

  • Babies' concert

  • Bullet For My Valentine

    With clenched fists and serious eyes the are moving around in anticipation of sharpening our ears for pieces of all six of their albums.

    Zimen Dvoretz  
  • Destiny Quartet

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    Photo: Dimitar Georgiev

    The female quartet is coming forward with a new album with 11 hits.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • Hed Pe

    The band is known for its eclectic genre-crossing style, predominately in the fusion of gangsta rap and punk rock it has termed G-punk, but also for its reggae-fused music. Hed Pe are coming here with their agressive lyrics and themes to make us nod our heads all night long.

    Terminal 1  
  • Ic3peak

    The russian group is going on stage with their good music and strange appearance.

    Mixtape 5  
  • Innerglow & Vick

    Photo: Petya Mitreva

    Aftre their single Chained in Love, the boys are coming to us with their original songs after the voice of Vick.

    Mixtape 5  
  • Jaya the Cat

    Their reggae, ska and punk sound is coming here with the support of Plastic Bo. and Selector Lazy Face.

    Terminal 1  
  • Mila Robert

    Few days ago she dropped her new song and now she's coming towards us with visuals from Jawpains.

    Exe Club  
  • Pearl Jam Tribute

    The vocals of different bulgarian bands will sing with the heart of Eddie Vedder at this tribute of Peral Jam.

    Terminal 1  
  • POSTPONED Gravity Co.

    They're getting up on stage for a wild experience, but before them we are listening to Les Animaux Sauvages.

    Terminal 1  
  • Riche Ramone

    The famous drummer from Ramones band is coming with his own band to show us that drummers can sing too.

  • Sofi Tukker

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    Photo: Toma Kostygina

    Their brazilian rhythms over electro dance landscape already are floating to us for a live meeting at Sofia Live Club, before whom we are playing you four of our favorite songs.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • Yalta is 28-years-old

    On a saturday night under haus and techno beats hundrends of hands are trying to reach the ceiling of Yalta and its two rooms in which the mixes of Mark Knight and Radio Slave will keep us dancing all night long.

    Yalta Club  
  • Yva

    We've already heard the singles 20 years minus 1 and Colibry, with which Iva Yankulova - model, designer and singer  - raised the expectations for her new album Fish Tears. We are going to hear it live with the support of Dead Man's Hat and Gloria Petkova's playlist.

    Terminal 1