• Choor

    The heart of Inner Mongolia throbs with the voices of these seven people who call us for a journey through the traditions of the theater stage.

    Azaryan Theatre  
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  • Chrysta Bell

    With a new album and a new stage concept: Feels Like Love came out this spring (April 5) and she's coming here to present it live.

    Mixtape 5  
  • One Year of Isterika

    The party organizer have been singing episodes of electronic music for a year now, and when it comes time to celebrate, they call two Belgrade cherry names on their cake.

    Tell Me  
  • Onyx

    They start to scream in out ears with the album Bacdafucup in 1993 and since then the word hardcore is no stranger to the hip-hop style. They are coming here again with their newest album 100 Mad.

  • Ruth Koleva

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    photo Kiril Stanoev

    After the songs Thousands and Basil the singer is coming with a new clip and a concert, devoted to the LGBT + theme, luring us with the big bet for something unseen so far.

    Kino Cabana  
  • Summer Distortion

    40 Days Later, From The Ashes and 8m/s are the three bands, that will present their metalcore music.

  • Summer is Music

    This year will be for three musical adventures with latino jazz, bossa nova and funk around the pool of Top Secret.

    Top Secret  
  • The qaurtet

    The violins of the girls from The Quartet are going to take us through the compositions of Mozard, Vivaldi, Piazzolla, Petar Hristoskov, George Zlatev Cherkin and music from favourite movies.

    Boris' Garden Park - Rosarium  
  • Свилен Ноев & Jin Monic

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    photo Ru Mo

    The indie band is getting on stage with their original music and Svilen Noev is right behind them.

    Kino Cabana