• Kamenitsa 3D Mapping Show

    11 November 2011

  • Cards Down

    26 November 2010

    We at Programata don't like standing at one place. So we prepared some convenient innovations for our site programata.bg that would make it much more effective and useful.
  • New Company

    11 November 2010

  • Friday at the Garage

    28 October 2010

    photos by Ivan Jegov

  • 2 in 1

    21 September 2010

  • All the colours of the rainbow

    24 June 2010

  • Inflated Bubble

    20 May 2010

  • The Big Reduction

    18 May 2010

  • Game Over

    5 May 2010

  • Lufthansa Game Winners

    30 April 2010

  • I've Got an Idea

    25 March 2010

    text Mia Yaneva

    To change something in our life, often we need just a good idea and someone’s help. Moto Phoe knows that and founds a donative program for protection the Bulgarian nature and culture. For 13th time Moto Phoe supports these kind of projects. ...
  • Theatre Shell

    25 February 2010

    text Irina Marinova

    After a few years of scattered events all around Sofia, New Bulgarian University's Naked Snail Theatre at last has its own space.
  • Young Guards

    4 February 2010

    The third edition of the Antistatic festival is coming in April - while waiting, you can propose your own artwork.
  • Kick Start

    23 December 2009

    text Irina Marinova

    Although the budget of state-financed theatres will be seriously reduced, the years starts well.
  • Learning to Fly

    23 December 2009

    text Mia Ianeva, photos by Atanas Kanchev

    In his biography Krikor Azaryan had over 100 plays and 30 years devoted to teaching the others not just in the mastery of being an actor, but also to fight for their own and the human relations as a whole. He taught all his children - all his ...
  • The New Clothes of the Princess

    17 December 2009

    Mia Yaneva

  • Drama for All

    19 November 2009

    text Irina Marinova

    After the success from the two previous seasons of the Pro Text project, the 36 Monkeys organization continues to supply quality dramaturgy and its presentation in non-traditional environment. After the quick start with 4 German plays in 2007 and two French in 2008, now they present us the most interesting Romanian plays.
  • Japanese Fete in Sofia

    6 November 2009

  • Wanted

    2 October 2009

  • Who's Afraid of the Goat

    1 October 2009

    Text Irina Marinova

    Edward Olby once said he will come to work in Bulgaria only if he is sure the director who will put his text on stage is good. Looks like the time has come – the great play-writer is coming to Sofia and looks like he will stay longer. First he ...