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12 May 2011 text Dany Nikolova

The show of the Hungarian dance group Presidance on May 15 in Hall 1 of NDK is postponed due to health issues of some of the members of the group, announced the organizers of Art BG and Programata. As soon as the dancers restore their health, there will be pointed another date for the show, which will be announced by the media.

The tickets for the show of Presidance, bought by the ticket center of NDK could be returned on May 14 at the same place. The tickets bought by the net of Eventim could be returned at the place they have been bought.

The tickets for the performance of Presidance will be valid for the concert of Omega on May 14 in Hall 1 of NDK and there will be a special sector for people with such a ticket.

12 talented dancers an ancient Hungarian legend, a special choreogrpahy, wide screens and colorfull pyroeffects - this is the recipe for the two-hours show of Presidance - the Hungarian dance group that comes in Sofia on May 15 as a part of the Hungarian week. Their art manager revealed a part of the secrets for a good dance performance. He did not reveal only one secret - what Presidance have prepared as a special surprise for their first visit in Bulgaria.

How was born the idea for Presidance?
It is hard for me to talk about the dance in words. It is something you have to see to understand. You need just to sit in the hall and watch – you’ll see two hours of visual pleasure.

Will we see a certain story told by the dancers at the stage?
Of course there is a story. That is why on the stage we are 12 people – in order the audience to discern the different characters, the conception to be clearer and the spectators to understand who is playing who. In the performance there are feelings involved, we talk about love and anger – it is not a dance show in its pure form, it is more like a dance theater performance. This is the reason all of our dancers have stage talent.

Besides the theatrical skills, what else have to have a dancer to become part of your group? I guess there are no accidental people in Presidance.
That’s true. All of the dancers have a college degree of dance arts. It is impossible to enter the group by accident without having a solid experience behind. The dancing education is a must because the show unites many different styles – not just the typical Hungarian folk dances but also step, hip hop, modern dance, etc. And our boys and girls don’t have time for long rehearsals, so they have to be the best, to recreate a certaine move when the’ve only seen it once. And such a thing requires appropriate education.

Co-ordinating 12 people and creating a choreography incorporating so many styles seems a hard task.
Honestly said, the main engagements around managing the group are done by a core of eight people. Without these people I doubt I could do my work with the dancers. About incorporating so many styles – the important thing is the dancers to maintain their good form. For this purpose we put workshops where the best performer of a certain style becomes something like a teacher for the others. This is done almost once a month.

Do you dance?
Oh, no, I am too old for dancing, hehe. Really, the best age for a dancer is between 20 and 28 years. To be on stage is a great physical impact that could be taken only by a young body.
And about creating this performance there is enough work. I am the leading choreographer. The different styles have their choreographers. We also work with a director, writer, the roles are well shared. Don’t imagine countless elements, chaotically thrown like in a salad. It is not like this, everything is well thought about; the separate components are precisely coordinated.

Where is the bigger thrill – to feel the energy of the crowd – while dancing on stage or to watch the people behind the curtains as the leading choreographer of the show?
The tention behind the stage is huge. It is common to the coach in the football. The bad thing is that when I am behind the curtains, I can see the reaction of the people, to analyze the way they take one or another part of the show. This really burdens me. When you are on stage, it is different. The dancers partially move away from the world around. Long story short, being a choreographer is far worse than being on stage.

They compare you to Lord of the Dance, so I have to ask you – do you feel tention having to prove that you are better, that your show is more spectacular?
It is good for us when they compare us to Lord of the Dance because they are a world famous group. I have seen their performance and I wouldn’t like to speak bad on Iris folk dances but there are only 16 steps there. In the Hungarian folk dances and the other styles we dance, there are countless of combinations. The common thing between the two groups is they both make a show and in the basis there is the step-dance. The trump of Lord of the Dance is that they control the steps of the Irish folk dance to perfection and it is really impressive when a hundred of people perform it together. The trump of Presidance is that we have various dancers, who perform brilliantly breakdance, hip hop and they are doing their best to make the audience a part of the performance.

This is your first time in Bulgaria. Have you prepared something special to make your first meeting with the Bulgarian audience unforgetable?
I am not coming for first time in Bulgaria but for the group this will be the first show in your country. About the Bulgarian audience we know that it loves the folk elements and that folklore is part of your everyday life. Of course we have prepared something special but I won’t reveal what it is. I will tell you only that I hope that we will surprise the people and make them happy.

After your show in NDK you pack your luggage and leave immediately. Where is your next show?
Austria and Germany. This is something new for us. The western countries have never shown such an interest in our group. I have a few explanations for this phenomenon and I enjoy it.


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