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31 March 2011 text Elena Peneva, photos Angel Kotzev Studio
For the last two years Miroslav Yordanov and Valeri Milenkov tandem became one of the most innovative projects for contemporary dance in Bulgaria. Their new performance Ecorché is part of this year festival for contemporary dance Antistatic 2011

What` s the meaning of Ecorché
Miroslav: It`s a body model, without any skin - only muscles. It`s used in anatomy classes.

Why you decided to go to that direction?
Miroslav: This idea is really organic.That was also the idea of our last performance SLIT Mishima and Saint Sebastian. It was made by biography and texts by Yukio Mishima  - his story ends up with a ritual suicide.

Did you expect that kind of success?
Miroslav: Yes. It`s normal. We worked very hard and the result is expected.
Valeri: But we except all kind of critics. After the very first performance there were a lot of people telling us what`s wrong, what can be better and we listened to them. Maybe that`s the reason for our success.

How everything started?  How you found each other?
Miroslav: I met Valeri while I was working with Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev on their Arabesk project.
Valeri: I met Miro when I was 20 - it`s that kind of age when you think you`are able to do everything. You are bold and ready for new adventures, but honestly I has no idea how hard my work with Miro could be.

How you manage to realize all your ideas?
Valeri: We walk through every idea together. Miro comes up with an idea, we talk about it, he explains to me some new moves and then we start  to work on it.

What kind of people usually came to your performances?
Miroslav: If I may resume I would say: young, interested in contemporary dance and alternative art, journalists, interested in theatre, specialists.
Valeri: It`s a pity, but Bulgarian public likes traditional dance art.

Why you keep trying to realize your ideas then?
Miroslav: The answer is not money for sure. But at the other hand all that super-production at the National Opera or the Musical Theatre are`n made for money either. The difference is freedom. We are free to do much more things that they are.
Valeri: We have to add motivation, satisfaction from our work, appreciation from our public.

Ecorché is part of  Antistatic program, Red House, Red Hall, 3th of April, 20:30, 8/10lv


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