• The Art of Laught

    2 December 2010

    text Elena Peneva, photoes: Georgi Radulov

  • The Kings of the Sun

    18 November 2010

    text by Dima Chakyrova

  • A Little Red Star

    21 October 2010

    by Nikola Shahpazov

  • Charmingly Romantic

    23 September 2010

    text by Elena Peneva, photoes by Angel Kotsev Studio

  • Beauty Stolen

    15 July 2010

    by Dima Chakarova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio

  • Emergency

    24 June 2010

    text by Elena Peneva, photoes by Valentin Danevski

    Marii Rosen is well known as an actor, director and freelance artist. We saw him this spring at Mellow Music Festival. With Help Me Jones Marii Rosen  will play on Exit 2010
  • A Reason For Conversation

    15 April 2010

    Dima Chakarova

    Iana Borisova is well known play-writer. Her first play Small play for children room won Askeer two years ago. Her third play ScaryNice also promises a great succes.
  • The Minute Before

    21 January 2010

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

    We know everything about the end of the world as seen through the eyes of Hollywood, but Georgi Gospodinov's version is even more intriguing.
  • About the Goat

    8 October 2009

    text Irina Marinova

    The premiere of The Goat or Who is Silvya? is eagerly expected for at least two reasons - its author Edward Albee is famous for working with good directors only and Yavor Gardev does not work on bad texts.
  • Body Moving

    24 September 2009

    Text: Dima Chakarova Photographs: Maks Richter, Regina Brocke, Melanie Chartreux

    Pierre Rigal Pierre starts his professional dancing occupation on age of 29. Despite that late beginning, in our days they call him a reformer. Pierre investigates the human body possibilities – for example, locking it in a box in Press ...
  • HIgh Spirits

    20 August 2009

    text Dima Chakarova, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio

    We cast an eye on actress Gergana Pletniova since she played the baby in her favourite band Ostava' s video clip. Then we found out that in fact she plays on stage and even wins prizes - at the beginning of August 2009 she won the Bulgarian Cinema Award for support part in Military Correspondent.
  • Free Spirit

    21 May 2009

    text Dima Chakyrova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kocev Studio

    The face of the Bulgarian independent theatre Snejina Petrova continues to be nicely quiet in her personal life, but a true storm on the stage. These days she participates in several theatrical productions at the same time, teaches her students in the New Bulgarian University and tries to teach her 3 years old adopted son of practical things. She also conquers territories, unknown for her until now – she plays for the first time in a monospectacle – the play is Fuck You, Eu.ro.Pa!, which tells a personal version of the socialist past of East Europe. After the premiere of the performance in Bulgaria, Snejina will learn the text of the play on French and German – one of the occupations which are pleasant to her recently.
  • The Free Player

    7 May 2009

    text Dima Chakyrova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kocev Studio

    Asen Blatechki loves to play and he does it well. He’s especially satisfied because of his new monospectacle Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll in Modern Theatre, and the public likes it as well. The programme of the actor for May and June is overfilled with engagements, but it doesn’t bother him at all – he’s happy and he finds a little time to drive fast his car or to surf.
  • Bodies in motion

    26 March 2009

    text Dima Chakyrova, photos Elena Spasova

  • Stage fright

    25 March 2009

    Petya Zlatanova

  • Rising Stars

    12 March 2009

    text Irina Marinova, photos Valentin Danevski za Angel Kocev Studio, personal archives

  • Psychology of Tolerance

    9 March 2009

    text Galina Keremedchieva

    Modern technologies mislead us and make us think it’s permitted to interrupt the most intimate personal life. That’s why the problem with tolerance and curiosity nowadays is quite topical. The editor debut of Emil Yordanov is namely an appeal for tolerance. It’s the play Curious Fridrich, based on Erih Kestner’s story.
  • Everything is love

    11 February 2009

    Petya Zlatanova

    He and she are two halves of a whole. Seven years of flying. For this purpose, have something very important - wings of love. David brought it to them. 
    They are Yvette and Tigran. The interview with them, perhaps, my only chance to be their director. At least for a while. Cast: He is Tigran, Yvette is She.
    She is puppet actress. Previously, he was in Stara Zagora Puppet theater, from the 2009 - in Sofia Puppet Theater. He is an actor in the Geo Milev Drama Theater and Theater Bulgarian Army.
  • How not to love her?

    29 January 2009

    Petya Zlatanova

    Her eyes boring into you deep and lasting. After the end of the show we're wondering whether she's a woman from this world ... Moreover the talent, Gerry has something unique: Renaissance beauty. It's felt even in the way of moving scene. You want to close her in a gold box. Just for you.
  • Poet's Rebellion

    22 January 2009

    by Alexander Velichkov, photos Ilian Rujin