• I like to feel the audience

    3 September 2008

  • 2:0 for Poland

    21 August 2008

    Andrzej Saramonowicz is known around the world as the author of the theater play Testosteron but he is actually the mainman behind some of the most popular Polish movies to come out lately – all of them humorous urban tales of war of the sexes, a struggle with ni actual winner. The cinema version of Testosteron and his latest hit Lejdis are already on their way to Varna for the Love is Folly festival. And although Andrzej won't come to present the movies himself, he was kind enough to explain all about machos, theatre and football in an exclusive interview for Programata.
  • Where are you, where am I

    20 August 2008

    Petya Zlatanova

    In the center of August begins The National Tour On The Gagmen under the logo It's easy to laugh. Hristo Gurbov is an one from the superb six with Lubomir Neykov, Krustyo Lazarov, Ruslan Muinov, Nencho Iliev and Petyo Petkov. Now he gives us answers on some questions, that are curious for supporters of the tv-show.
  • Known By His Voice

    10 July 2008

    text Elena Peneva, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio

    Dr. House is going to a rally. Take it easy, the freak from the famous tv series had not thrown away his walking stick and his caustic remarks on the speedway. It's only Daniel Tsochev who doubles him in Bulgarian language and who has found a more extreme way of expressing his actor's talent. He is the narrator in the new 3D movie NASCAR.
  • Love should be given away, it shouldn't be taken

    2 July 2008

    Petya Zlatanova

  • To Russia and Back

    26 June 2008

    text Elena Petrova, photos Apolonia

    After years of absence from Bulgarian stage Alexandar Morfov comes back to show two performances produced in Vera Komisarjevska Theatre in Saint Petersburg.
  • Cinnamon for Fans

    30 May 2008

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    This text is about theatre, poetry and the C section on Bulgarian Army stadium. The common element among these three topics is Elin Rahnev – a journalist, a passionate fan of the football team CSKA, capable of representing life in Bulgaria as a minibus or glorifying the football predilections of the Pope. We met Elin in a café, a hundred meters away from the Satirical Theatre and discussed his new book of poetry Canela (cinnamon) and some other things.
  • New Hope

    16 May 2008

    text Irina Marinova, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    Boian Ivanov is one of the young theatre directors who wins popularity by making provocative spectacles as Q4. He seldom comes to Sofia but now he has just surprised us with two spectacles in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts and the New Bulgarian University preformed by graduating students. He is also intending of making a third one – Servant of Two Masters in the Ivan Vazov National Theatre. The last one did not happen but anyhow we met Boian to talk about theatre as a mass kind of art and about the mischievous childhood.
  • Brave Heart

    21 March 2008

    text Irina Marinova, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    After the Dunav Most series everyone hurried to label Ioana Bukovska and point at her because of the scenes in which she is naked. But this doesn't prevent her from fighting and going on and recently she is very active in theatre as well as in cinema. That is why we decided to meet Ioana and have a sincere talk about the roles, the scandalous image and... these three things.
  • Video Box

    15 February 2008

    text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    We saw the new video of Nevena form Music Idol and we remembered we have only talked to the director Stoian Radev only about theatre until now. While he is behind some of the best videos in Bulgaria, he shoots a lot of adverts and dreams of a good modern Bulgarian film. Now we have questions.
  • Еlen In A Box

    1 February 2008

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos Iana Blajeva

    She doesn’t go out much, walks her dog in the garden of St. George’s church, and sits on benches and paint stones in the summer. She also goes to tae bo lessons. Her name is Elen Koleva. Recently she was awarded the film prize in Best Actress category for her role in Dressmakers. In fact the best is still to come, honest.
  • A Dangerous Player

    21 December 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Freestyle magazine

    Deian Donkov is one of the important faces of new Bulgarian theatre and cinema. You must have seen him at least as a nasty policeman in Parched, one-eyed skinhead in Children of Wax or a demonic Don Juan in the spectacle with the same name directed by Alexander Morfov. We see see him so often that we have almost got used to his bad boy image who gets in fights, looks bad or takes away other people’s wifes and brakes their lives. However recently Deian changes direction playing a confused and divided between life and death man in the new performance at the National Theatre and directed by Margarita Mladenova – Ivanov. Now let’s hear what is in the head of our hero Donkov.
  • One Survivor on the Stage

    7 December 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    During the last two months we have seen Vladimir Karamazov almost every evening on television. What made him become a reality host and to encourage tired robinsons somewhere on the Carribean Islands. Our main idea was to ask him what is the new spectacle he prepares in the National Theatre. We didn’t ask him the usual questions about women and cocoa nuts and we talked about more important things as the rehearsals in life, about his travelling around the world and his work with Krikor Azarian.
  • The Brave Dressmaker

    1 November 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    The first time that Alexandra Sarchadjieva popped right infront of our eyes was in Melotvmania show on Bulgarian National Television. Then she started her eduaction at NATFIZ (The National Academy of Theatre and Film Art), played a couple of leading roles and recently became a member of the theatrical group at the Bulgarian Army Theatre. In a very short time Alex managed to impress us with her talent, vitality and the fact that she is always natural and smiling. After seeing her at the new and very good Bulgarian film Dressmakers and while waiting for her new leading role at the spectacle Vampire of Salza and smiah theatre wedecided it is the right time to ask her some questions.
  • The Talented Mr. Valdobrev

    12 October 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    Stefan Valdobrev is a terribly busy man. As we know he is not only a singer and a film and theatre music composer but also an actor and finally recently he received a diploma for cinema director. We made the intreview with him right after he told somebody on the phone that he was busy and will be late. We used the opportunity to ask Stefan about everything that is happening around him and there are a lot of things.
  • The First Steps of Masha Ilieva

    15 June 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    When I met the prima ballerina Masha Ilieva, I am impressed by her calmness and her smile and at the same time she does not take rest for even a moment. In 10 minutes time she received phone calls for two more interviews, spoke with her assistant from the dance school about 20 children and wrote down what will they dance. Having scheduled her day in such way that she gets on time for each meeting, she also had time left to rehearse for the premiere of Zorba the Greek and to arrange the performance about her new book. Yes, she wrote one more book for children, about ballet and something more. Here it is.
  • He, Iulian

    25 May 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Todor Tsvetkov for Angel Kotsev Studio

    In the show She and He Iulian Vergov was far from the perfect male individual. While in the new spectacle of the National theatre we expect him to be one – he plays the part of the ideal man in Oscar Wilde’s play An Ideal Husband. You will see for yourself what the truth about ideals is on the stage and in the meantime Iulian tells us more about the spectacle, enjoying modestly its success and sharing his enthusiasm about the future – about beaches and shooting films…
  • A Know All Class

    18 May 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    Let’s start with the new performance, what is the main thing in it? The main idea in Crap is that is you subordinate your life to one idea that he strongly believes in and deprive himself from the variety around him that idea could burn him ...
  • Dances with Beginners

    6 April 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova are two young choreographers and dancers who amazed us the first time that we saw their authors project Imago at the hall of Sfumato. It seems we were not the only people who were impressed – their performance was the first dance spectacle to be awarded with Icarus award. We decided to meet them on that occasion but only Stanislav came for the interview because Violeta was already travelling somewhere in Spain. Though it was interesting talking to Stanislav – we talked about Linga, his future plans an about one Belgium dream.
  • A Puppeteer's Guiding Light

    16 March 2007

    text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin

    Until an year ago the only way to see some of the spectacles of Magdalena MitevaTup-tup, 6 000 000 000 copies or 1,67м – was to go to a night club late in the evening, order one big drink and wait until it gets completely dark with only some cigarettes blinking here and there. The other was to go to one of the many festivals abroad from where she always gets back with an award. Her spectacles are an unusual, emotional, associational and vivid experience, using as a background the genius music of Vlado Kovachev from Cigaretta. That is why we couldn't let Magi go whitout telling us what is new about her, before going to perform in Europe.