• Rising Stars

    12 March 2009

    text Irina Marinova, photos Valentin Danevski za Angel Kocev Studio, personal archives

  • Psychology of Tolerance

    9 March 2009

    text Galina Keremedchieva

    Modern technologies mislead us and make us think it’s permitted to interrupt the most intimate personal life. That’s why the problem with tolerance and curiosity nowadays is quite topical. The editor debut of Emil Yordanov is namely an appeal for tolerance. It’s the play Curious Fridrich, based on Erih Kestner’s story.
  • Everything is love

    11 February 2009

    Petya Zlatanova

    He and she are two halves of a whole. Seven years of flying. For this purpose, have something very important - wings of love. David brought it to them. 
    They are Yvette and Tigran. The interview with them, perhaps, my only chance to be their director. At least for a while. Cast: He is Tigran, Yvette is She.
    She is puppet actress. Previously, he was in Stara Zagora Puppet theater, from the 2009 - in Sofia Puppet Theater. He is an actor in the Geo Milev Drama Theater and Theater Bulgarian Army.
  • How not to love her?

    29 January 2009

    Petya Zlatanova

    Her eyes boring into you deep and lasting. After the end of the show we're wondering whether she's a woman from this world ... Moreover the talent, Gerry has something unique: Renaissance beauty. It's felt even in the way of moving scene. You want to close her in a gold box. Just for you.
  • Poet's Rebellion

    22 January 2009

    by Alexander Velichkov, photos Ilian Rujin

  • A Place for Viara

    15 January 2009

    text Diana Tomova, photos Ilian Ruzin

    When going shopping we often pass by the nice small boutique Paradise Garage, trying a beautiful and original dress with the trade mark VЯRA. We asked and found out that beihnd that mark is the same woman Viara Borislavova that is connected to different fashion events, especially these of Neli Miteva in the showroom of 22 Ivan Assen Str. Now is the time to meet Viara eyes-to-eyes – we found her at her workshop and talked about her new collection, about the streets of Paris and the big wondering when standing infront of the wardrobe.
  • Spirit a la Cappone

    8 January 2009

    You can enjoy a new theatrical premiere in the beginning of the New Year. This time Plovdiv actors will play at a unusual scene - the cultural center Trakart. It is not accidental. The director keep a lot of things in secret. He is Leonard Cappone, many years director of Plovdiv Puppet Theater, who people know from his original productions for children and not only.
  • A Penetrating Dive

    8 January 2009

    Galina Keremedchieva

    Christin Sharkov is an immodestly young man, but he is self-confidence enough to make his professional debut with a spectacular provocation, deeply diving into moral problems. He is going to graduate as a theatrical director in National Academy for Theatrical and Film Arts. Being a student, he has been working in some university projects and being an assistant of Yavor Gardevs last works. For 3 months he is rehearsing with the company of Varna Drama Theatre the play Macbeth by Heiner Muler and is thinking of concepts good and evil, without teaching us.
  • Scenes from a Theatre Life

    24 December 2008

    text Irina Marinova

    We know Desislava Shpatova as one of the most attractive, sensible and innovative young Bulgarian theatre directors. We liked very much 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch and Flying by Olga Muhina. That theatre season Desislava surprised us with her next theatrical attempt – her own dramatization by Bergman Scenes from a Family Life or the Art of Sweeping the Dirt under the Carpet, played in the Drama theatre of Pazardzik.
  • Meeting Anastasia

    20 November 2008

    text Irina Marinova, photos Ilian Ruzin

    Anastasia Ingilizova is from those actresses who make us go to the theatre hall for every spectacle. Because in only one glance she can show more of her character in the play than with 5 monologues. The other reason is that it is exciting to watch her even when she plays a secondary character and also because she is interesting both in comic and dramatic roles. We have wanted to meet her for a long time now and here is the perfect occasion – Instincts, the first premiere in Theatre 199 for the season, where Anastasia plays not only one but whole three roles.
  • Our proud

    20 November 2008

    Petya Zlatanova

  • It's given me to keep the child in myself

    30 October 2008

    Petya Zlatanova

    Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the hit of the seasons - Charley's aunt! The premiere of the new spectacle of State opera Stara Zagora is on 5th November. The leading role in the new cultural fact is entrusted to the usual suspect, the irreplaceable national darling - Ruslan Muynov!
  • That's how we work in Europe!

    23 October 2008

  • Stara Zagora Drama Theatre is charged with youth

    15 October 2008

  • Добрият стил трябва да се отглежда

    9 October 2008

  • We have to not forget that we are Bulgarians above all

    2 October 2008

    Petya Zlatanova

    Do you like to go to the opera? Do you think that this is really old-fashioned? At least operetta, musical or ballet… ? I think myself, that the next orders will excite your curiosity just to see what the new season of State Opera Stara Zagora will offer. The principal Vesselin Stoykov is creative young professionalist, who wishes to attract more of the young audience in the halls of the opera.
  • Rhapsody in Black

    25 September 2008

    text Irina Marinova, photos Ilian Rujin

    Iavor Gardev already rules the of theater world so he decided to try and conquer the cinema. His first step – Zift – is so splendid we are looking at him with awe. After months of talk about the success of the movie at a number of festivals this week Zift finally hits the screens here. In the meantime, Iavor is working on his next two cinema projects and his new play had its premiere in Varna.
  • The declining head cannot be fallen by sword!

    16 September 2008

    Petya Zlatanova

  • On the Poetic Side

    11 September 2008

    text Alexander Velickov, photos Iliian Rujin

    Rumen Barosov is well spoken and seemingly calm but he can't hide his enthusiasm – the Sofia: Poetics festival, organized by himself and colleague Yasen Atanasov is close at hand. And it is a thing to be excited about indeed – eight years after the first Bulgarian festival combining urban poetry and modern music comes its second incarnation. And it shapes up to be quite good – 32 poets, 15 bands and DJs, 3 dance miniatures and one whole evening of art improvisation, on 21 September, under the stars and right next to the water lillies lake.
  • I like to feel the audience

    3 September 2008