• The Sounds of Elby

    10 December 2015

    text Vera Gotzeva

    Dry statistics would say that Emilian Gatzov-Elby is a composer who often works on theater and dance spectacles (so far more than 50), has won an Ikar award for the Psychosis 4.48 music and constantly hovers around the continent to make music for various performances on stage.
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  • Anatol

    24 September 2015

    Days before the premiere of his new play, we ask director Anton Ugrinov how many copies of Anatol he knows and do we become wiser in the field of love.
  • The Things of Life: Elena Telbis

    16 July 2015

    text and photos Sevda Semer

    Once she saw Marius Kurkinski and she said to herself that she wanted to thrill someone in this way.
  • Mrs. Radeva And Mr. Koenig

    16 April 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    At 32, Vasilena Radeva is a name at the theatre, which is near three other ones: Ikar, Askeer and Stoyan Kambarev. We respect her for these prizes but it is not the statuettes that are so important as much as her talent to move the audience and to send messages so easily, no matter if she sets a classical play or a documentary theatre. It is interesting what is on her mind several days before the premiere of her new play at Theatre 199? There are no answers without questions, so we are looking for them  at The Great Moment of Mr. Koenig.
  • The things of life: Victor Chuchkov

    26 March 2015

    He's half of Chuchkov Brothers - a production company, founded with his brother Borislav. But today we're not talking business - we met with Victor to discuss the things he loves and life in our city.
  • The House Of Diana Dobreva

    19 February 2015

    text and photos Vera Gotzeva

    Let's start from the beginning. Lora has written The House Of Bernarda Alba in 1936, when Spain is smothered by fascism and religious fanatism. This combination creates monsters in his play and it is a high standard for every director. A director like Diana Dobreva. Her play by Lorka is emotional whirligig named The House of Anger. After the curtain fell, we talked with Diana about the road and emotions that lead her from the text to the stage.
  • Girlfriends of Mine

    18 December 2014

    photo Ivan Moskov

    Tedi Moskov never stops working and we do not stop looking his plays. After As You Want Me at the National Theatre, the director remains on an Italian wave - Girlfriends of Mine is his second premiere for this season but this time - at Little City Theatre Off The Channel. We know that he does not like to speak about his plays til the last day of the rehearsals but one afternoon we called him.
  • The Right To Talk

    20 November 2014

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    In additioin to his talent, he also has a strong character. He is a rebel but he doesn't yell and instead of fussing, he acts. He always has a plan B. It seems that Ovanes Torosyan has found the right formula.
  • A Privy Hero

    30 October 2014

    text by Danislava Delcheva, photos by Chavdar Charlie Jirov

  • Keep Calm and ACT

    9 October 2014

  • The Beginning of the Game

    10 September 2014

  • S(w)ing it back!

    2 September 2014

    text Tanya Trendafilova, photho Vladimir Tonashevich

    Bold curls, pearls, bright lipstick and flirty dresses in all colors of the rainbow! Sounds like a prop from an old movie, but actually it is recognizable traditional dress code of the funniest in our community - that of swing fans. You've probably seen these men and women at retro parties or other special events, wondering how they always manage to look so casual but always chic. The answer is in the music, and it is the language of the soul, according to Yavor and Sonya - two of the most popular swing dancers in the country, which are also part of the team Lindyhop.bg, one of the few specialist dance schools in Bulgaria. Here's what else they shared one devoid of formality, but curious afternoon conversation.
  • Ballet that educates

    19 June 2014

  • ... And Elin for All

    5 June 2014

  • The limits of the anarchy

    28 May 2014

  • Lack and benefits

    14 May 2014

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photho Vladimir Tonashevich

  • Playing

    8 April 2014

  • Spirit Ground

    25 March 2014

  • Bike Ride

    18 February 2014

  • Being Vlado Penev

    29 January 2014