• Arthur The Police Officer and His Horse Harry

    by Donald Bisset · Director: Iroslav Petkov, Simona Nanova · Cast: Ivailo Enev

    In a small city there were a police office where worked Arthur the policeman, his horse Harry and the police inspector Reginald. In the same city also lived a thief named Joe. Arthur and Harry caught him many times and locked him up but he always managed to escape.

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]  
  • Puppies

    Director: Hristina Arsenova · Music: Margarita Petranova · Cast: Aleksandra Grancharova, Dian Rusev, Rumiana Kraleva

    Naive, fun, colorful and very cheerful story for the kids. A story about how in the games of our kids some things happen and help them to drow up and learn some important truths about life.

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]  
  • Rainbow

    Director: Mariya Banova · Music: Dimo Stoyanov · Cast: Asya Stoimenova, Jenya Georgieva

  • Spring is coming

    Director: Mila Velikova · Scene: Emeliana Toteva · Music: Petar Radevski · Cast: Asya Simeonova, Rumyana Kraleva, Krasimir Haralambov

  • Troublemakers

     by Al. Yosifov · Conducted by: Jordan Dafov · Directed by: Darina Glavanakova · Cast: Nevena Mihailova, Magdalena Georgieva, Darina Zapryanova, Lina Peeva, Plamena Mihailova, Diman Panchev, Petar Tiholov, Nikolay Georgiev, ...