• Grandpa's Mitten

    by Elin Pelin ·Director: Marieta Angelova · Composer: Petar Tsankov · Stage designer: Gergana Stamatova · Dolls: Angelina Yanakieva · Cast: Dimitar Nikolov - Shablata and Emilia Kopcheva / Daniel Rusev and ...

    Who does not remember the story of that forgetful grandfather who lost his mitte on his way to Zlatitsa?

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
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  • Little Prince

    by Antoine de Saint Exupery · Director: Ruslan Kudashov · Scenography and puppets: Alevtina Torik and Andrei Zaporozhski · Music: Vladimir Bichkovski · C: Rumen Karamanov, Zhivko Dzhuranov, Tatiana Etimova, Natalia ...

    A performance for adults with their children.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • Safe Tale

    Writers and directors: Eva Kyosovska and Veselin Boydeva · Scenography and puppets: Virginia Petkova · Music: Vladimir Kovachev · C: Mihaela Andonova, Dimitar Nikolov, Rumen Karamanov, Zhivko Dzhuranov / Maria Dimitrova

    It is time to meet two friends with whom to discover the importance of knowledge and what to do when trouble comes.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • The Boy and the Wind

    by a Bulgarian folk tale · Director: Vasil Apostolov · Scenography: Silva Buchvarova · Music: Nelly Lazarova · C: Vanya Sivinova, Rumen Karamanov, Sonia Boteva, Margarita Apostolova

    The well known plot is presented in the tradition style of the folklore fairytales.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • The Player and The Cars

    by Peter Kirkelov based on Gianni Rodari's tale · Libretto: Dragomir Yosifov · Conductor: Dragomir Yosifov · Choreographer Director: Lilia Burdinskaya · 3D Set Design: Petko Tanchev · Artist: Ventsislav Dikov ...

  • What a crocodile!

    by Pancho Panchev · Director: Maria Banova · Music: Dimo Stoyanov

    Magic fairy tale recreated from sand, light, music and acting inspiration.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv