• The Emperor's New Clothes

    by Hans Christian Andersen · Director: Ivo Ignatov - Kenny · Dramaturgy: Dobrin Dobrev - Dodo and Venera Fingarova · Scene: Vanya Stefanova

    When in a kingdom all the people are afraid to say the truth will anyone call: "The King is naked!"

    Hand Theatre  
  • The Ugly Duckling

    by Hans Christian Andersen · Director: Vesselin Boydev · Scene and puppets: Virdzhiniya Petkova · Composer: Neli Lazarova · C: Iva Velikov-Antonova, Dimitar Nikolov-Shablata, Panayot Dobrev-Ponko

    Yard, all the domestic birds live here, created to be eaten - a spiritually mutated, crippled and cultivated society.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv