• Christmas miracle

    Production and directing: Yancho Ivanov · Set design: Zhivko Kanev · With: Elitsa Stoyanova, Kaloyan Georgiev

    Christmas miracles happen, if you believe in them "... And even if you don't believe, they still happen. Because Christmas is always magical.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
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  • He Who Does Not Work Neither Shall He Eat

    Staging and directing: Iroslav Petkov · Stage design and puppets: Iva Gikova, Ivaylo Nikolov · Music: Iroslav Petkov · C: Bilyana Raynova, Tanya Georgieva, Kaloyan Georgiev

    Who hasn't heard this story? The title - proverb! The message - wise saw! On the stage - folklore magic! The puppets - wonderfull! The actors - masters!

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    by Grimm Brothers · Director: Ivan Raykov · Scenography: Svila Velichkova · Music: Methody Ivanov · C: Tatyana Andreeva, Gergana Vasileva, Stoyan Angelov, Ivan Matev

    With a lot of music and original producer's and scenographer'r decisions, mixed with perfect actor's acting, the performance re-create the classical story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but this time showed from the eyes of the Mirror.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • The Bear Choked

    by Ran Bosilek · Director: Darin Petkov

    The Bear will experience many trials because of her greed and will learn a lot of lessons.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • The Frog King Жабокът цар

    by Grimm Brothers · Directed by Darin Petkov  · Scenе: Diana Uzunova · Muzic by Gergana Vasileva · Cast: Delyan Kyosev, Elitsa Stoyanova, Stoyan Angelov, Tatyana Andreeva