• Clever Petar

    Director: Veselin Boydev · Scenography and puppets: Christina Nedeva · C: Ivo Ignatov, Dobrin Dobrev, Maria Dimitrova and Ivaylo Ivanov

    Funny new reading of the history of the great master of entertaining tricks - Clever Petar.

    Hand Theatre  
  • Safe Tale

    Writers and directors: Eva Kyosovska and Veselin Boydeva · Scenography and puppets: Virginia Petkova · Music: Vladimir Kovachev · C: Mihaela Andonova, Dimitar Nikolov, Rumen Karamanov, Zhivko Dzhuranov / Maria Dimitrova

    It is time to meet two friends with whom to discover the importance of knowledge and what to do when trouble comes.

    Radio Plovdiv  
  • The Country Without Blades

    by Gianni Rodari · Director: Ivo Ignatov-Kenny · C: Maria Dimitrova and Mariana Angelova

    To escape the rules troublemaker Giovannini began to travel. Adventures маке him learn many interesting things, most important of which are to be good and obedient.

    Hand Theatre  
  • The Long Journey of the Little Crocodile

    by Elena Arsova and Valentin Pavlov · Director: Veselin Boydev · Cast: Emilia Kopcheva, Natalya Vasileva, Dimitar Nikolov, Alexander Karamanov

    The little crocodile Lil is ready to start a long journey – he wants to run away from the strict rules in the world of the adult crocodiles and to find a place where he can play all the time. And that is how Lil pumps among people, wow and how ...

    Radio Plovdiv  
  • The Pirates of Penzance

    Conductor: Simeon Simeonov · Stage designer: Ivan Tokadzhiev · Artist: Ana-Maria Tokadjieva · Choreographer: Anna Pamulova · Soloists: Evgeniy Arabadjiev, Nikolay Bachev, Vladimir Nikov, Vladimir Vassilev, Bogomil ...