• Alexandrina Pendachanska: That's me

    Conductor: Luciano Di Martino · Soloist: Alexandrina Pendachanska [soprano] · Cast: Opera Orchestra Plovdiv

    A multimedia concert with world famous Bulgarian soprano Alexandrina Pendachanska.
    · Opera Open 2018
  • Giselle

    by Adolf Adam · Conductor: Konstantin Dobroikov · Cast: Ballet and Orchestra of Opera Plovdiv

    One of the most famous ballet works will be presented with the original choreography of Marius Petipa.
    · Opera Open 2018
  • Othello

    Conductor: Dian Chobanov · Soloists: Kamen Chanev, Tanya Ivanova, Alberto Gazale, Elena Chavdarova - Isa, Mark Fowler, Alexander Baranov, Alexander Nosikov, Evgeni Arabadjiev, August Metodiev · Cast: Choir, Ballet and Opera ...

  • Swan Lake

    Music: Tchaikovsky · Conductor: Bissera Chadlovska (Macedonia) · Soloists: Maria Allas, Karim Abdulin · Cast: Orchestra and Ballet of the Opera and Ballet of the Macedonian Opera

  • Carmen

    by Bizet · Conductor: George Novak (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London) · Cast: Soloists, choir, ballet and orchestra of Opera Plovdiv

  • Singing in the rain

    Musical by scenario by Betty Comden and Adolph Green · Songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed · Director: Boris Pankin · Conductor: Stratsimir Pavlov · Choreography: Boryana Sechanova and Mariana Krancheva · ...

    The greatest musical of all time - this is the unanimous assessment of professionals and audiences. From 2017, the stage adaptation of the musical, again produced by Broadway legends Betty Comdon and Adolf Green - the filmmakers and Oscar winners, also appeared.
    · Opera Open 2018
  • The Troubadour Il trovatore

    By Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Luciano di Martino · Director: Ursula Horner (Austria) · Soloists: Joanna Parissi, Ivan Momirov, Krum Galabov, Deyan Vachkov, Elena Chavdarova-Isa · Cast: Choir, Ballet and Opera Orchestra ...

  • Viva L'Operetta

    Conductor: Konstantin Dobroikov · Cast: Betina Schweiger, Michel Havlcek, Carlo Peller, Silvi Sandy