• Pinocchio

    by Al. Iosifov · Conductor: Mladen Stanev · Director: Denis Ivanov · C: N. Necheva, T. Petkov, N. Dimitrova, Iv. Kolev, Pr. Pencheva, P. Yankulov, Evg. Surmievich, M. Koleva, Iv. Iovchev, S. Stoykov, students

    In a magical night Blue Fairy gives life to the beloved puppet of master Gepetto - Pinocchio. The small wooden man is eager to explore the world and embarks on an unforgettable adventure that will teach him what it means to be a real boy.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • Rhapsody / The Two Pigeons Rhapsody / The Two Pigeons

    UK, 2016, 205'
    Rhapsody Choreography by Frederick Ashton · Music by Sergey Rachmaninoff The Two Pigeons Choreography by Frederick Ashton · Music by André Messager

    Rhapsody closely follows the movement of Rachmaninoff’s score – by turns playful, romantic, elegiac and elegant. It was created in 1980 and is one of Frederick Ashton’s final works – a virtuoso conclusion to his series of ...

    Arena Park Mall  
  • The Marriage of Figaro

    by Mozart · Conductor: Dimitar Kossev guest · C: Elena Baramova, Emilia Djurova, Valery Turmanov, Teodor Petkov, Dessislava Stefanova, Yanica Nesheva, Kalina Zhekova guest, Nelly Necheva, Gergana Rusekova, Michaela ...

    The project Opera in suitcase makes The Marriage of Figaro much more accessible to a wide range of viewers.

    State Opera Stara Zagora