• Belkanto: The Legacy of Luciano Pavarotti

    The most beautiful voices of Italy arrive here in order to give star festive spirit on Christmas Eve with a series of concerts.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • Carmen

    by Georges Bizet · Conductor: Ivaylo Krinchev · Director: George Dinev · C: Gergana Rusekova / Michaela Berova, Boris Taskov, Dessislava Stefanova, Russi Nikov, Yanica Nesheva, Michaela Berova / Gergana Rusekova ...

    Carmen is recognized musical phenomenon. It is well known that Bizet wrote the music by the novel of Prosper Mérimée without ever went to Spain.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • Do Re Mi in Diapers

    Every parent know that children are true researchers. The concert Do Re Mi in Diapers will bring small discoverers, from 0 to 3 years, in the magical world of classical music.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • The Barber of Seville

    by Gioachino Rossini · Conductor: Andrea Tarantino · Director: Ignatio Okipinti · C: Nikolay Motsov, Ivan Kabamitov, Plamen Kumpikov, Dessislava Stefanova, Evgeni Arabadziev, Nelly Necheva · Orchestra and Choir of the ...

    The Libretto of The Barber of Seville is very famous: the struggle between Figaro and Bartolo for Rosalia.. They are dexterous and smart enemies. The conflict between them fascinates the spectator.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • The Little Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots

    by Cesar Cui · Conductor: Maria Bikova · Director: Christopher Holman · Choreograph: Maria Stoilova · Scenographer: Corinna Zidane · Royal: Tsvetelina Panaiotova · C: Petya Petrova, students from the class ...

    More than 100 years ago Cesar Cui wrote his children's operas. By known worldwide tales, translated into Russian, and a new magical musical language, Cui conquered most innocent audience and quietly takes it into the magical world of fairy-tale opera music.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • The Marriage of Figaro

    by Mozart · Conductor: Andrea Pavlich · C: Margit Bar, soloists, choir, orchestra and ballet of State Opera Burgas

    In the center of everything is Figaro, servant of lustful Count, who has the difficult task to save his future wife from the obscene hints of the master.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • Timelessness

    Choreography: Stanislav Genadiev, Violeta Vitanova · Assistant concept: Stanislava Simeonova · Original music: Roboknob · Producer: Creative Box · C: Ballet of State Opera Stara Zagora · Photographer: Rad Dimitrov

    "The idea for rebellion against imperfection - creativity is born from chaos. Timelessness is what is before the rebellion - perfection."

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • Troubadour

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Krasimir Kashev · Director: George Dinev · C: Ionut Pascu, Joana Zhelezcheva, Daniel Damyanov, Gergana Rusekova, Alexander Marulev, Emilia Djurova, Kostadin Yakshev, Sasho Stoykov, Mario Staykov

    Troubadour was performed for the first time on January 19, 1853 at the Apollo Theatre in Rome.

    State Opera Stara Zagora