Dance performance
Concept and choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov
Performance: Gergana Ilieva, Vasil Zelyamov
Music and sound design: Ivan Shopov
Photographer: Yana Lozeva
Graphic design: Teodora Simova
FLAPSƎ – a wordplay created of flaps, a bird’s wings position when preparing to fly, and lapse.

The title of the new performance of one of the most active contemporary Bulgarian choreographers Jivko Jelyazkov – FLAPSƎ, is a combination of “flaps”, the stroke of bird’s wings in flight, and “lapse” – an air current.
It describes a state where reminiscence “carries away” body and consciousness. The performers are like objects, on equal terms with various artefacts from the past on their bodies. They move in a world in-between sleep and reality, memory and present, atmosphere and action. The dance language is typical for Jivko Jelyazkov, both physically intense and theatrical. In 2018 Jivko Jelyazkov ranked among the top 20 choreographers in the selection of Aerowaves, the European platform for contemporary dance, for the performance F63.9.



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