• The Nutcracker

    Ballet by Tchaikovsky · Director and choreographer: Konstantin Uralsky (Russia) · Stage design and costumes: Salvatore Rousso (Italy) · With: Soloists and Cocktail Bureau of the State Opera Stara Zagora

  • Ghetto

    Ballet by klezmer music and music by Goran Bregovic · Choreography: Mario Piazza (Italy) · Stage design: Todor Demerov · Costumes: Maria Hristova · Cast: Ofelia Hristova [mezzo soprano], Rumen Kakamakov [violin]; Ballet ...

  • Sisi - soul of the Empress

    Director: Ognian Draganov · Conductor: Andria Pavlic · Stage Design and Costumes: Gendoni · Choreographer Joanna Vlaguli · Cast: Emilia Ivanova, Emilia Djurova, Valeri Tourmanov, Aleksandar Baranov, Teodor Petkov, ...

  • The face of the lion

    chamber opera by Elena Langer · Libretto: Glyn Maxwell · Director: Morten K. Roessen (Denmark) · Conductor: Yuri Ilinov · Stage design and costumes: Asya Stoimenova · Choreography: Carlos Santos · Cast: ...

    The music, acting, singing and choreography are all elements which are creating the atmosphere of the Alzheimer’s patient, and the people around him, his wife, the caregiver, her daughter and, of course, the doctor.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • The Italian Girl in Algiers

    opera by Joaquino Rossini · Director: Ursula Horner · Conductor: Ivailo Krinchev · Soloists: Petya Petrova, Rodrigo Trosino, Valeri Tourmanov, Teodor Petkov, Ivaylo Djurov, Plamen Koumpikov, Desi Stefanova, Emilia Djurova, Edwin ...

  • The teacher marries

    by Philip Pavlov · Director: Nikolay Aprilov · Conductor: Krassimir Kushev