The Little Muck

The Little Muck

Original title: Der kleine Muck

For children
by Wilhelm Hauff
Dramatization: Vesselin Boydev, Slavcho Malenov
Director: Slavcho Malenov
Scenography: Silva Buchvarova
Music: Malen Malenov
Cast: Dian Russev, Alexandra Grancharova, Georgy Minkov, Valentin Gyasbeyly
Little Muck is a cute little boy who has lost his parents and therefore seek what he lacked in life - love and beauty.

The secret of flying slippers and the power of magic stick that found in the closet of his evil mistress gave him new opportunities - to escape from it and try his luck in the world. And indeed succeed - he gets in the royal palace. There he enjoyed the favor of the king and princess Amarza, who he entertains with his songs and dances. The royal adviser, however hates him, because Muck prevents his great ambitions. Unfairly accused, the Little Muck was banished from the kingdom. Lost everything, he understands that neither money nor any magical powers can't make people happy. Tale that tells us that only one who has a golden soul is truly rich.


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