• The Three Snow-men

    by Milan Pavlik · Director: Vera Stoykova · Stage design: Adriana Dobreva · Music: Georgi Minkov · Cast: Greta Krysteva, Jenya Georgieva, Nedelina Roselinova, Georgi Minkov

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  • Bad boys

    by Ray Cooney · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Costumes: Martina Variyska · Cast: Tihomir Blagoev, Asen Lozanov, Valeri Elichov, Georgi Staykov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Iva Papazova, Ivan Grigorov, Nevena Tsaneva, Toni Minasyan

    A house buried with smuggled cigarettes, suspicious packets, a corpse and two refugees, a policeman ... All in the hands of three bad boys.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Exceptional dunces

    Based on the film by Mario Monnicli Unknown perpetrators · Stage design: Teddy Moskov, Simone Schwarz · Stage design and costumes: Violeta Radkova · Music: Plamen Mirchev-Mirona · C: Maya Novoselska - guest, Robert ...

    The theatrical crime comedy Exceptional Dunces is inspired by the famous Italian film “I soliti ignoti” directed by Mario Monicelli and nominated for an Academy Award in 1958. A feckless athlete, a failed lawyer, an untalented Sicilian mafioso – these are just some of the group of clumsy robbers who attempt to break in a pawnshop.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Fools

    by Neal Simon · Director: Stanimir Karageozov · Costumes: Boryana Stambolieva, Petar Hubeikov, Stanimir Karageozov · Choreography: Zlatina Ameleva · Cast: Nikolina Petrova, Mihail Ruskov, Stefan Marinov, Ralitsa ...

  • Forgotten from Heaven

    by Ekaterina Tomova · Stage: Stanimir Karagyozov · Choreography: Zlatina Ameleva · Music: Kayno Yesno Slonce · Cast: Boryana Stamboliyeva, Tonka Georgieva

    The solo spectacle Forgotten from Heaven by Ekaterina Tomova's documentary stories peeкs into the deepest corners of the soul of the old Bulgarians, looks through the eyes of people forgotten long ago from the modern world and reveals an amazing perspective on life, which, however, is most natural to our long-lost forefathers. A spectacle that cannot be told, it must be experienced ...

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]  
  • Ghosts

    by Henrik Ibsen · Director: Boyka Velkova · Stage designer Martina Varieska · Cast: Boika Velkova, Zlatko Angelov, Iva Papazova, Nikola Parashkevov, Nikolay Stoimenov

    If everybody's life is ultimately a jail, why do we then sail in the wild sea of ​​life ?! What holds us? What discourages us? Why, even though shipwreckers always hope for windy roads? What is the point of our unequal struggle with the elements of being?

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Hotel between this and the other world

    by Erik Emmanuel Schmitt · Director: Stanimir Karagyozov · Choreography: Zlatina Ameleva · With: Zarko Karaganchev, Galina Ruseva, Milena Ilieva, Nikolina Petrova, Petar Hubekov, Ralitsa Stanisheva, Stanka Tzvetkova and ...

  • Insanity The crazy time

    by Sam Bobrick · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Koyna Ruseva, Nikol Karabinova, Nikola Parashkevov, Stefan Ivanov

    This is a play about men trying to understand women, and how they never will. Miles Gladstone, a man in his mid-fifties, has left his wife of thirty years and married a young woman half his age.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Letter to Santa Claus

    Director and scenographer: Marya Banova · Music: Dimo from PIF · Cast: Rumyana Kraleva, Greta Krusteva, Gueorgy Minkov

  • Marius 50

    solo spectacle of Marius Kurkinski

    The spectacle includes all 11 solo performances in Marius Kurkinski career until now - from Don Giovanni, Song of Songs and The Lady with the Puppy through Ti-ri-ram, Concussion and Black Chicken.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Mother in law

    by Anton Strashimirov · Director: Boyko Bogdanov · Set design: Tsveta Bogdanova · Cast: Aglika Boyadzhieva, Valery Elichov, Dimitrina Teneva, Zlatko Angelov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Iva Trifonova, Ivan Grigorov, Nevena ...

  • Surprise

    by Nadezhda Ptushkina · Director: Orlin Dyakov · Stage design and costumes: Nikolay Ninov · Translation: Nadia Popova · Cast: Maria Sapundjieva, Philip Avramov, Tatyana Tsvetkova, Yassena Gospodinova

  • The beauties of adultery

    by Valentin Krasnogorov · Director: Hristofor Nedkov · Stage design: Maria Dimanova · Cast: Milena Sotirova, Kolyo Staykov, Elena Azalova, Ilina Ilieva, Ivan Kaloshev

    What is a human?!... a perfect being, spirit and body in one whole ... Fulfilled with emotions, feelings, hopes, ambitions, dreams, fantasies ... Dust and universe, intelligence and folly.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • The last yankee

    by Arthur Miller · Director: Nikolai Lambrev - Mihailovski · Set design: Chaika Petrusheva · Cast: Tihomir Blagoev, Nevena Tsaneva, Nikolay Stoimenov, Aglika Boyadjieva, Temenuga Todorova

  • The Queen of Turnovo

    by Emilian Stanev · Director: Boyko Iliev · Set design: Teodor Daskalov · Costumes: Janeta Ivanova · Cast: Elena Petrova, Veselin Plachkov, Mariela Topalova, Tanya Karbova, Veselin Borisov, Nikolai Syarov, Tsveta ...