• Fur Caps Tale

    by Pancho Panchev · Director: Stefan Poliakov · Cast: Nikola Parashkevov, Denitsa Dencheva, Antoaneta Krastnikova, Stoian Pamukov, Nevena Tsaneva

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  • A lovely Sunday for picnic A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur

    by Tennessee Williams · Translation: Zdravko Mitkov · Director: Nikolay Mladenov · Costumes: Janeta Ivanova · Cast: Albena Mihova, Desislava Bakardjieva, Yana Bobeva, Petya Boycheva

    On a quiet weekend, four eccentric, fun and brave women fry chicken, plan a picnic near Creve Coeur Park and ... try to cope with loneliness and lost dreams.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Albena

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Krasimir Spasov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costume design: Maria Dimanova · Cast: Gergana Dandanova, Asen Kobilarov, Veselin Anchev, Luizabel Nikolova, Ivan Radoev, Aleksander Doynov, ...

    Almost a century after the drama Albena was written its heroine is among the most compelling female characters in Bulgarian drama classics.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • An Ideal Husband An Ideal Husband

    by Oscar Wilde · Directed by: Тiery Arcuor · Cast: Stoian Aleksiev, Vladimir Karamazov, Iulian Vergov, Ivan Iurukov, Biliana Petrinska, Milena Atanasova, Teodora Duhovnikova, Elena Atanasova, Marta Kondova, Mariia Kavardjikova, Stoian ...

    Oscar Wilde writes with irony and delicate sense of humor and with some classic scepticism. That also refers to his play An Ideal Husband where the scepticism is in reference to the ideal.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Apart

    Director: Ilko Ganev · Visual environment: Vladislav Iliev · C: Antyni Penev, Borisa Sarafova, Dimityr Krumov, Nadya Keranova, Petya Boncheva, Sevar Ivanov · Photographer: Svetoslav Karadzhov

    The title Apart is derived from the theatrical device called “à part” in French (“aside” in English) in which the character speaks directly to the audience. The documentary performance Apart is a sensual exploration of actor’s nature. Six young Bulgarian actors impersonate and tell stories by some of the most beloved Bulgarian theatre and cinema artists

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Chuck & Puck

    Director: Hristina Arsenova · Cast: Nedelina Roselinova, Jenia Georgieva, Delian Kostov, Georgi Minkov

    Educational performance about teeth hygiene. Chuck and Puck are both bad malefactors for whom breaking of healthy teeth is fun. A story in which we learn how to be banished forever these unwanted guests in children's mouths.

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]  
  • Darkness

    by Anton Strashimirov · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Stage design and costumes: Martina Variyska · Cast: Tihomir Blagoev, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Antoaneta Krastnikova, Asen Lozanov, Valeri Elichov, Georgi Staikov, Zlatko Angelov, ...

  • Debelianov and the angels

    by Alexander Sekulov · Director: Diana Dobreva · Stage designer: Mira Kalanova · Music: Petya Dimanova · C: Nencho Kostov, Dobrin Dosev, Simeon Aleksiev, Alexey Kozhuharov, Ivaylo Hristov, Krasimir Vassilev, Dimitar ...

    The spectacle is based on memories and documents from The blind gardener by Valeri Stefanov.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Geratsite

    by Elin Pelin · Director: Desislava Shpatova · Set design: Nikoleta Aleksieva · Cast: Nikol Karabinova, Rashko Mladenov, Zlatko Angelov, Iva Tifonova, Ivan Grigorov, Nevena Tsaneva, Nikola Parashkevov, Tihomir Blagoev

  • Ghosts

    by Henrik Ibsen · Director: Boyka Velkova · Stage designer Martina Varieska · Cast: Boika Velkova, Zlatko Angelov, Iva Papazova, Nikola Parashkevov, Nikolay Stoimenov

    If everybody's life is ultimately a jail, why do we then sail in the wild sea of ​​life ?! What holds us? What discourages us? Why, even though shipwreckers always hope for windy roads? What is the point of our unequal struggle with the elements of being?

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Help! I can not swim

    Directed by: Valentin Tanev · Cast: Maria Sapundjieva, Valentin Tanev, Georgi Kadurin, Mariana Milanova

  • How tasty

    by Zdrava Kamenova · Director: Mariya Banova · Music: Dimo Stoyanov P.I.F. · Cast: Nedelina Roselinova, Greta Krysteva, Aleks Anmahyan

  • Insanity The crazy time

    by Sam Bobrick · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Koyna Ruseva, Nikol Karabinova, Nikola Parashkevov, Stefan Ivanov

    This is a play about men trying to understand women, and how they never will. Miles Gladstone, a man in his mid-fifties, has left his wife of thirty years and married a young woman half his age.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Irreparable

    by Stefan Fogel · Translation: prof. Vladko Murdarov · Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Cast: Albena Pavlova, Emil Markov, Tanya Jorgova, Avgustin Demerdjiev

  • King Thrushbeard

    by brothers Grimm · Director: Iroslav Petkov · Cast: Alexandra Ilieva, Ivailo Enev

    A tale of a proud and arrogant princess who will discover that beauty is not only in the person's exterior.

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]  
  • Max The Squirrel

    Director: Iroslav Petkov · Stage design: Stefka Kiyvlieva · Cast: Aleksandra Ilieva, ivailo Enev

  • Mother in law

    by Anton Strashimirov · Director: Boyko Bogdanov · Set design: Tsveta Bogdanova · Cast: Aglika Boyadzhieva, Valery Elichov, Dimitrina Teneva, Zlatko Angelov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Iva Trifonova, Ivan Grigorov, Nevena ...

  • My Wife's Name Is Boris

    Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Cast: Liubo Neykov, Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, Stefan Ryadkov, Petyo Petkov, Diana Lyubenova, Ernestina Shinova and Janina Doncheva

    No one will want to find himself in a situation where his mistress suddenly tells him that she will meet with his wife to tell her all about their two-year affair.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • On the yard

    Author, screenwriter and director: Maria Banova · Music: Dimo ​​Stoyanov P.I.F. · Cast: Alexandra Grancharova, Nedelina Roselinova · Photos: Alexander Stoyanov

  • She, he and two-three more

    by Zsolt Pozsgai · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Anja Pencheva, Kiril Efremov, Alexander Kadiev, Nencho Ilchev, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Tihomir Blagoev

    Six theatrical miniatures. Six men. Six first meetings. Six deaths. Six explosions of laughter and absurdity ... and an incredibly desperate woman.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Straight from the elevator

    by Gerard Lozie · Director: Ivan Radoev · Cast: Stefania Koleva, Elen Koleva, Marinella Angelova, Evgeni Budinov, Kiril Efremov, Pavel Ivanov and Teodor Papazov

    Love, flirtation, doubt, mistrust, jealousy, stupidity, madness and laughter gathered in one apartment on one floor, straight from the elevator ... A breathless race between doors, balconies and walls.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • The God of Carnage

    by Yasmina Reza · Translation: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova · Director: Anton Ugrinov · Scenography and costumes: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Kalin Nikolov · C: Aleksandra Vasileva, Vladimir Karamazov, Radena ...

    Two boys have had a fight and one of them is left with two broken teeth. This accident becomes the occasion for their parents to meet with the intention to decently and reasonably discuss the situation and its consequences for their sons. But the thin surface of their polite conversation soon starts to crack up and it gets more and more difficult to find out who is to be blamed for the aggression.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • The last yankee

    by Arthur Miller · Director: Nikolai Lambrev - Mihailovski · Set design: Chaika Petrusheva · Cast: Tihomir Blagoev, Nevena Tsaneva, Nikolay Stoimenov, Aglika Boyadjieva, Temenuga Todorova

  • The Lover

    by Harold Pinter · Director: Deyan Donkov · Stage design and costumes: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elby · C: Deyan Donkov, Radina Kardzhilova · Photographer: Stefan Nenkov Shterev

  • Three weddings and one resurrection

    by Carlo Goldoni · Director: Ivaylo Nenov · Composer: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona · Live music: Sergie Avas · Cast: Sofia Bobcheva, Yulian Petrov, Yassena Gospodinova, Ivaylo Spassimirov, Kadri Habil, Djyana Mihaylova, ...