The Missunderstood Civilization

The Missunderstood Civilization

Theatre play
by Dobri Voinikov
Director: Stoyan Radev
Costumes: Daniela Nikolchova
Cast: Nikolai Bojkov, Gergana Arnaudova, Tsvetina Petrova, Nikolai Kenarov, Ina Dobreva, Veselina Mihalkova, Uliana Cherneva, Svilen Stoyanov, Valeri Valchev , Petya Yankova, Teodor Papazov, Konstantin Sokolov, Daniela Viktorova
The heroes in The Missunderstood civilization are  charming with their hope and naivety, even if you will, with their blindness. Yes, blindness. There are some dense fog before their eyes. And it is strange that both then and now, we are not trying to dispel this fog and see again.

We are not going to show to the audience ugly and agressive people, who desire to get to the european civilization at all costs. Instead of this, the audience will see decent, bright, happy, beautiful, soulful and naive, misguided people who are trying to find their way through the fog. Just like their heirs today.



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