• Grandpa's Mitten

    by Elin Pelin · Cast: Emilia Petkova, Evgenia Vasileva, Diana Stojkova, Gergana Gospodinova, Krasimir Dobrev

    Who does not remember the story of that forgetful grandfather who lost his mitte on his way to Zlatitsa?

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • Hot

    by Josiane Balasko · Translation: Svetlana Pancheva · Stage design: Assen Blatechki · Stage design and costumes: Martina Variyska · Special make-up: Sofia Rakova · Cast: Assen Blatechki, Milena Markova, Kalin ...

    Strongly typified and contrasting characters are irresistibly attractive. They are stuck in the confined space of a Paris apartment that becomes a battlefield of endless love misconceptions and misunderstandings. They are like children: They cry, laugh, scream, pretend and lie with seeming ease.

    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • It runs in the family

    by Ray Cooney · Director: Kostadin Bandutov · Costumes: Petar Mitev · Cast: Svilen Stoyanov, Valeri Valchev, Milena Kaneva, Dimitar Martinov, Veselina Mihalkova, Valentin Mitev, Biliyana Stoeva, Polina Nedkova, Stanislav Kondov, ...

    Тhe story rests on the efforts of the high-flying Doctor David Mortimore, about to deliver a prestigious speech on which may rest a knighthood, to deal with something that has just now come back to haunt him: something eighteen years old and apparently delinquent.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Magic lake

    stage adaptation of Stoyan Radev Ge. K. after the translation of the comedy Chaika from Chekhov from Nemil-Nedrag (nickname of Hristo Gerchev) · Cast: Vesselina Mihalkova, Ivaylo Ivanov, Tsvetina Petrova, Nencho Kostov, Polina Nedkova, ...

  • Martha's choice

    by Jordi Galseran · Translation: Neva Micheva · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Set design and costumes: Petar Mitev · Cast: Simeon Lyutakov, Yana Marinova, Nikolay Kenarov, Valentin Mitev, Rozalia Abgaryan

    A retired minister faces ordinary people at first glance but they are actually a high-level cheaters. A virtuoso play about love and choice by Jordi Galseran, masterfully directed by Georgi Mihalkov for the first time in Bulgaria.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • My Wife's Name Is Boris

    Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · C: Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, Stefan Ryadkov, Petyo Petkov, Diana Lyubenova, Ernestina Shinova and Janina Doncheva

    No one will want to find himself in a situation where his mistress suddenly tells him that she will meet with his wife to tell her all about their two-year affair.

    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Our big french wedding

    by Jean-Jacques Bricaire and Maurice Lasaygues · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev, Svetlana Bonin, Boiko Krystanov, Evgeni Budinov, Evelin Kostova, Hristo Bonin

    А member of the parliament tries to raise his rating with a thoughtful, somewhat absurd move, organizing on the same day his son's wedding and his own. Everything would have been great if it was not the unexpected appearance of a mysterious colonel from the US Army.

    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Retro

    by Aleksandar Galin · Director: Plamen Markov · Costumes: Mira Kalanova · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Mihail Mutafov, Teodora Mihailova, Neli Valkanova, Uliana Cherneva, Milena Kaneva, Valentin Mitev, Petia Yankova

    A subtle situational comedy by renowned Russian playwright Alexander Galin which is primarily based on a social theme where he typically uses a spectrum of characters to bring out various aspects of loneliness and old age melancholy.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Sex for dummies

    by Michele Riml · Scene: Nevena Beleva · Plastic: Anna Pampulova · Artist: Yavor Kalachev · Directed by: Dimitar Bakalov · Cast: Albena Koleva, Dimitar Bakalov

    After twenty-five years of marriage, the emergence of love handles and receding hairlines, Alice and Henry have hit a physical plateau. With a Sex for Dummies guidebook in hand Alice convinces Henry into a weekend of alone time in the hopes of seducing him and unearthing her inner vixen.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Sganarel. Two farces

    by Moliere · Director: Plamen Markov · Costumes: Daniela Nikolchova · Music: Petia Dimanova · Cast: Adrian Filipov, Veselina Mihalkova, Valeri Valchev, Ekaterina Georgieva, Ina Dobreva, Nikolai Bojkov, Nikolai Kenarov, ...

  • The comedians

    Cast: Lyubo Neykov, Hristo Garbov, Krystyo Lafazanov, Ruslan Myinov, Albena Pavlova, Nencho Ilchev, Petyo Petkov

  • The dragon

    by Evgeni Schwartz · Translation: Lilia Ilieva · Directed by: Yavor Gardev · Stage design and costumes: Svila Velichkova · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Mihail Mutafov, Mihail Bialov, Ovanes Torosyan, Stoyan ...

    The play The dragon reveals how when you have political aims, you usually reach the means of your political enemies, who previously you accused for using the same means. And then, without wanting to look like them, while your aims was the opposite - to become their alternative.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The Golden Fish

    by A. S. Pushkin · Directed by: Valeri Levchenko · Scenography: Costa Orthodoxov · Music by: Mihail Gruzikov · Cast: Hristo Kolev, Emiliya Petkova, Krasimir Dobrev, Tanya Jekova, Stoyanka Velyanova

    The tale is about a fisherman who manages to catch a "Golden Fish" which promises to fulfill any wish of his in exchange for its freedom.

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • The Jokes of God

    Solospectacle of Dimitar Bakalov

    Jokes that God makes or The Caveman advanced is a continuation of  Dimitar Bakalov's first solo spectacle In defense of the caveman.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The One-Eyed King

    by Marc Crehuet · Translated by: Neva Micheva · Director: Petar Denchev · Set Design: Teodora Lazarova · Choreography: Sofia Georgieva · Composer: Hristo Namliev · Cast: Simeon Lyutakov, Milena Kaneva, ...

    A family dinner at the policeman David’s place. His wife Lidia has invited her childhood friend Sandra and her husband. He had lost one eye at a protest rally and the perpetrator turns out to be none other than the host…

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The Stag King

    a tragicomic theatrical tale in three acts by Carlo Gozzi · Director: Anastasia Sybeva · Making masks and visual environment: Elena Nacaridu, Avgustina-Kalina Petkova, Ada Paunova · Plastic: Kalina Georgieva · Musical ...

  • To be or not to be Romeo and Juliet

    by William Shakespeare · Director: Mariy Rosin · Set design: Antoniya Popova · Cast: Vyara Nacheva, Tanya Yorgova, Denitsa Darinova, Hristiana Peneva, Ivaylo Gandev, Dimitar Markov, Ivaylo Dragiev, Aleksandar Evgeniev

    Romeo, Juliet, enmity, love, death. Everyone knows the story. What does the theater offer to you? Shakespeare remains Shakespeare, his story is the same, costumes are Renaissance, but Romeo and Juliet are you. Are you scared? Do not worry!

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Ugly, dirty & bad

    after the comedy Ugly, dirty & bad (1976, Director: Ettore Scola) · Adaptation: Teddy Moskov, Simon Schwarz · Director: Teddy Moskov · Stage design: Nikolay Nikolov · Costumes: Svila Velichkova · Cast: Maya ...

  • Vrazhaletz

    by St. L. Kostov · Director: Georgi Stoilov · Cast: Lubomir Neikov, Petyo Petkov, Desi Bakardzieva, Albena Pavlova

    In this reading of Vrazhaletz won't find hints of moralizing. This is a vivid narrative of the play St. Kostov for greedy but pleasant peasants deceived by sophisticated crook.

    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Who raises the stars in the morning?

    by Zdrava Kamenova and Dimo Stoyanov · Director: Mariya Banova · Cast: Dimo Stoyanov, P.I.F., voice: Kitodar Todorov

    Who raises the stars in the morning? is an unconventional theatrical production with the participation of Dimo ​​Stoyanov from P.I.F. and the voice of Khododar Todorov.

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • Wonderful Cooks

    A performance written by the actors · Set and Costume Design: Adriana Dobreva · Sound design: Blue Birds · Cast: Vera Stoykova, Diana Tsolevska, Galin Ginev, Stoyan Stoyanov

    Four wonderful cooks introduce the audience into the preparation of magical food by play. With lots of imagination, music, dance and laughter they unleash their passion in an extraordinary kitchen where food and products become alive in the hands of the crazy and funny cooks.

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre