Skin/ Try/ Between

Skin/ Try/ Between

Dance performance
In Japanese MATOU literary means to put on, to clothe. Like the snakes and the cicadas which molt their skins, this word also sais that humans also renew their skins in evidence that they are alive. MATOU is a solo dance in which Japanese performer Ruri Mito exhibits her own unique system of movement and masterful choreography.

Korean choreographer Byung-jin Lee will TRY to get right to the point with this 20-minute long performance. He attempts to overcome the distance between artists and spectators. The choreographer explores everyday life to find deviations, absurdities, shallowness… And eventually to strike a chord: Do we ever understand ourselves rally?

Love affairs may start in flames and burn like fire. Yet sooner or later, the relationship falls into routine. Feelings fade away. A gap of loneliness widens between partners. The unexpected alienation of your beloved one is a personal drama. And a common issue for millions of people around the world, too. Can we do something when it happens to us?
Dance miniature by South Korean company Momeuro Movement Lab gives an answer. The piece calls the will to win back your lover. On stage, performers and choreographers Kyum Ahn and GaYoung Lee represent an ordinary couple in a casual setting, in order for their message to come out all the brighter. Fight for your love.


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