Dance performance
Duration: 40'
Concept and choreography: Věra Ondrašíková
Live music: Philippe Michec
By: Yaro Ondruš, Miloslav Mejzlík/Josef Kotěšovský
Two dancers play one and the same character, at different times of his life. In youth and in old age, they move in different ways, express themselves differently.

They have become unlike each other, as the march of time inevitably changes the individual. If we could journey back in time, would we change anything? Avoid the mistakes? And what would happen then?

The Czech audiovisual show GUIDE is an illumined panorama of life, where before and now merge, in order to summon the other “I”. Choreographer Vera Ondrašíkova will debut in Plovdiv for the 10th anniversary of One Dance Week festival; with this award-winning dance spectacle.


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