One step before the fall

One step before the fall

Dance performance
Duration: 50'
Concept, Directed by: Petr Boháč
Choreography: Markéta Vacovská
Dance: Markéta Vacovská
Music, Vocals: Lenka Dusilová
The Spitfire Company was inspired by Muhammad Ali for their award-winning performance One step before the fall.

In this contrasting solo dance, we see art punching heavyweight jabs to awaken the fighter in each one of us. The public is drawn into a dramatic interpretation of triumph and fall. Powerful dance by Markéta Vacovská and hypnotic sound by Lenka Dusilová give viewers a hint to their own identify.

Ali’s story, from champion boxer to Parkinson’s sufferer, is in fact the story of everyone’s fighting fate. When the body and the mind are challenged to resist at any cost. As in life, the stage is turned into a boxing ring where unbending destiny meets our refusal to surrender. Until the very end.


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