Dance performance
Duration: 70'
Director: Shiro Takatani
Performers: Misako Yabuuchi, Yuko Hirai, Olivier Balzarini, Alfred Birnbaum
Music: Simon Fisher Turner, Takuya Minami, Marihiko Hara
Director  Shiro Takatani employs the laws of physics and contemporary optics to challenge spectators to find meaning in the flood of images that inundate us daily, visual data through which we create the world we see around us.

The Japanese performance Chroma is a play of light and shadow, visual effects and large graphics that chase and overwhelm the players on stage.

Takatani found inspiration in Simon Fisher Turner’s music and the book Chroma: A Book of Colour (1994), the last work of the English artist-filmmaker Derek Jarman. As in the book, a meditation on vision and its loss — Jarman suffered from AIDS-related blindness — the performance intersperses poetry, anecdotes and quotes from thinkers Aristotle, Leonardo, Newton, Goethe and Wittgenstein.


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