• Boryana

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Krasimir Rankov · Cast: Patricia Pandeva, Krasimir Dokov, Krystju Krastev, Nikolay Stanchev, Krasimir Vasilev, Paraskeva Djukelova, Elena Kabasakalova, Stefan Popov, Todor Genov, Marin Mladenov

  • Dangerous relationships

    by Pierre Soderrolo de Laclo and Heiner Müller · Stage adaptation and directing: Konstantin Elenkov · Cast: Mila Robert, Maria Bakalova, Christian Negalov, Alexander Sekulov - junior, Konstantin Elenkov, Yavor Karagitliev

  • Easter Wine

    Directed by Nikola Stoyanov · Scenograrhy: Theodor Kirjakov · Music: Stefan Valdobrev · Cast: Hristo Padev, Troyan Gogov

  • My Fair Lady

    Music: Frederic Low, A. Lerner · Director: Nina Naydenova · Conductor: Konstantin Dobroikov · Choreographer: Boryana Sechanova · Concertmaster: Miko Dimitrov · Soloists: Atanas Srebrev, Evgeni Arabadzhiev, ...

  • Thumbelina

    Director: Biserka Kolevska · Puppets: Svila Velichkova · Cast: Tsvetelina Nikolova, Angelina Ruseva, Nikol Sultanova, Zlatko Vasilev, Tihomir Trifonov

  • Two for the Seesaw

    by William Gibson · Directed by: Bina Haralampieva · Cast: Elena Atanasova and Gerasim Georgiev - Gero

  • 4000 miles

    by Emmy Hertzog · Play: Vladimir Lyuckanov · C: Meglena Karalmbova, Nikolaj Zhelev, Katerina Stoyanova, Elena Petrova

  • A Farewell Dinner

    by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière · Director: Zdravko Mitkov · Set Design: Petyr Mitev · C: Mihail Bilalov, Ana Vylchanova/Diana Dobreva, Nikolay Urumov

  • A memory of flying

    Director: Boyan Kracholov · Cast: Katalin Staryshinska, Dimitar Krumov, Ivan Nikolov, Veselin Petrov

  • A Newspaperman?

    by Ivan Vazov · Directed by Galab Bochukov · Cast: Elena Kaneva, Vasil Draganov, Borislav Hristov, Alexander Christozov, Velina Yasenova, Peter Mastagarkov, Radoslav Arnaudov

  • Anna in the tropics

    By Nilo Cruz · Director: Petar Karapetkov · Cast: Stefan Popov, Dobrin Dossev, Troyan Gogov, Ivaylo Hristov, Anelia Tasheva, Elena Kabasakalova, Radina Dummanian, Venelin Metodiev

  • Arson and robbery

    Theatrical play on stories and plays by Nikolay Haytov · Director: Yurii Dachev · Set and costumes design: Radina Bliznakova · C: Atanas Naydenov, Emilia Ovanesyan, Iskra Yosifova, Dimityr Dimitrov, Delyan Iliev, Govana ...

  • Chamkoria

    by Milen Ruskov · Director: Yavor Gyrdev · Zahary Baharov solospectacle

    Milen Ruskov, Yavor Gurdev and Zahari Baharov shared skills in a mono-spectacle after the two-volume novel Chamkoria, which tells about the events surrounding the attack in the church of St. King (today St. Nedelja).

    City cultural house  
  • Dangerous for life

    by Pierre Chesnot · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Asen Lozanov, Stefan Ivanov, Asen Blatechki, Milena Markova, Nevena Bozukova

    Regie Deforge is a famous millionaire who gets in big trouble because of the danger of being kidnapped and robbed. He hires Serge Migal, who have to teach him and his family the rules of life under siege.

    City cultural house  
  • Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

    by John Patrick Shanley · Directed by: Ovanes Torosian · Cast: Catalin Stareishinska, Georgi Gotsin · Music: I.M.A.

    John Patrick Shanley's script Danny and the Deep Blue Sea meets us with two damaged people as they dance through an emotional evening, desperate to make sense of something in their lives.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Debelianov and the angels

    by Alexander Sekulov · Director: Diana Dobreva

  • Do not look for trouble

    by Alexander Mihailov · Director: Vanya Ivanova · Scenographer: Maya Petrova · Music: Nikolai Ivanov · C: Alexander Karamanov, Rumen Karamanov

    Do not look for trouble is a story about insects.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • Escape

    based on song duo Avenue · Conductor producer: Levon Manukyan · Conductor: Ludmil Gorchev · Directed by Alexander Mutafchiyski · Scene: George Zlatanov · Costumes: Tsvetanka Petkova Stoynova · Choreography: ...

  • Eurydice in the Underworld

    by Sarah Ruhl · Director: Stayko Murdzhev · Set and costume design: Marina Raychinova · C: Luiza Grigorova-Makariev, Petko Venelinov, Stefan Popov, Damian Tanev, Mariana Yotova, Radina Dumanyan, Boryana Bratoeva, Todor Darlyanov

    The performance is an achingly beautiful tale for the loss that makes you believe more strongly.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Ginjol and the policeman

    Director: Teodora Popova-Lazarova · Stage design: Diana Uzunova-Todorova · Music: Gergana Vassileva

  • God Rock

  • January

    by Yordan Radichkov · Director: Ovanes Torosian

    The play was written in 1974 by the great Bulgarian writer Yordan Radichkov. It has been translated into English and included in Contemporary Bulgarian Plays, published by Tantalus Books. It has been staged many times in all Bulgarian theaters and has been played on over 15 European stages.
    · Scene, Palette, Word
    Hristo Botev Community Centre 1905  
  • Michal Miskohed

    by Sava Dobroplodni · Directed by Nevena Miteva

    The silly and naive Mihal wants to marry Radka. His ''faithful'' servant Vicho convinces Mihal that he is ''handsome'' and worthy of taking the girl and the wedding is arranged. At the same time Radka is unaware of the intentions of Mihal and she yearns to get together with Slavcho.

    City cultural house  
  • Miscarriage of justice

    by John Mortimer · Director: Valentin Ganev · C: Plamen Peev, Theodore Elmazov

  • Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing

    By WIlliam Shakespeare · translated by Valeri Petrov · Director: Krassimir Spasov · Set design and costumes: Radina Bliznakova · Choreography: Tatiana Sokolova · Music: Stefan Valdobrev · Cast : Ivan ...

    Much Ado About Nothing is one of the most successful and performed productions of the Bulgarian Army Theatre for the last 20 years. The premiere took place in 2007 under the direction of Krasimir Spasov, winner of the IKAR Award for lifetime achievement. So far the production has been seen by more than 250 000 viewers and several generations of actors have taken parts in it.

    City cultural house  
  • Orchestra without a name

    Director: Boris Radev · C: Filip Avramov, Stanimir Gymov, Rumen Ugrinski, Nedelyana Hristova, Katerina Evro, Georgi Mamalev, Diliyana Popova, Maria Ilieva

  • Our big french wedding

    by Jean-Jacques Bricaire and Maurice Lasaygues · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev, Svetlana Bonin, Boiko Krystanov, Evgeni Budinov, Evelin Kostova, Hristo Bonin

    А member of the parliament tries to raise his rating with a thoughtful, somewhat absurd move, organizing on the same day his son's wedding and his own. Everything would have been great if it was not the unexpected appearance of a mysterious colonel from the US Army.

    City cultural house  
  • Room 1313

    by Ray Cooney · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Ruslan Mainov, Anelia Lutsinova, Aglika Boyadjieva, Asen Lozanov, Dimitar Martinov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Nikolai Stoimenov, Stoyan Pamukov, Toni Minasian

  • Russian marmalade. PostChekhov

    By Lyudmila Ulitska · Director: Vladimir Gurfinkel · Scenographer: Irina Yaroutis · Cast: Stefan Popov, Margita Gosheva, Anelia Tasheva, Dobrin Dossev, Venelin Metodiev, Elena Kabasakalova, Milena Georgieva, Radina Dummanian, ...

  • Sisters Palaveevi

    Based on Alek Popov’s novel of the same name · Dramatization: Alek Popov and Delyana Maneva · Director: Elena Panayotova · Set design: Petar Mitev · Costume design: Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova · Music by Asen ...

    In the end of the World War II and in its immediate wake the partisan movement is at its height. The Palaveevi sisters are students from a well-to-do Sofia family. The twins are 17, blonde, slender and athletic. They despise their parents for being stuck in middle-class routine or at least the twins think so.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Strip

    by the play What the butler saw of Joe Orton · Translation: Harry Anichkin · Director: Krasimir Rankov · Scenography and costumes: Dimitar Vodenitcharov · C: Ivaylo Hristov, Radina Dumanyan, Ivana Papazova, Troyan Gogov, ...

    Sudden check at the clinic of Dr. Prentice causes events whose speed and destructiveness will make the audience laugh to tears.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Summit Възвишение

    Written for theatre by: Aleksandar Sekulov and Ivan Dobchev · Directed by: Ivan Dobchev · Music: Asen Avramov · Set design: Ivaylo Nikolov · Costumes: Iva Guigova · Cast: Boyko Krastanov, Krasimir Vasilev, Asen ...

    The novel Summit has been labeled “Bulgarian novel for the past 25 years”, “a pocket encyclopedia of Bulgarian Revival,” and so on. The pseudo archaic language devised by the author himself carries us back to the times of 19th-century Bulgarian Revival.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • The Boy in the Last Row

    By Juan Mayorga · Directed by: Chris Sharkov · Stage designer: Ralitsa Toneva · Music: Assen Avramov · Cast: Stefan Valdobrev, Boryana Bratoeva, Dimitar Nikolov, Dimitar Banchev, Simeon Alexiev, Krasimira Kuzmanova

  • The Clean House

    by Sarah Ruhl · Director: Ivan Urumov · Costumes: Maria Dimanova · C: Ivana Papazova, Elena Atanasova, Radina Dumanian, Troian Gogov, Yoana Bukovska

    The Clean House is a comic drama that mixes fantasy and reality as it tells the story of five desparate characters.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • The Dragon

    by Evgeni Schwarz · Director: Bisserka Kolevska · Stage design: Svila Velichkova · Music: Nelko Kolarov · Cast: Anna-Valeriya Gostanian, Boris Georgiev, Vangel Apostolov, Georgi Yanev, Delyan Kyosev, Lyubomir Zhelev, ...

  • The Lazy Little Bee

    by Metodi Bezhanski · Directed by Eva Kiosovska, Veselin Boidev · Cast: Iva Velikova-Antonova, Rumen Karamanov

  • The love traits of tarantulas

    by Woody Allen · Director: Boyko Iliev · Stage design and costumes: Nina Pashova · C: Paraskeva Djukelova, Georgi Kermenski, Maya Bejanska, Todor Tanchev, Iliana Lazarova / Nikol Karabinova

  • The Queen of Spades

    by Pushkin · Director: Veselka Kuncheva · Scene: Marietta Golomehova · Cast: Polina Hristova, Eva Danailova, Nataliya Vasileva, Mihaela Andonova, Maria Dimitrova, Plamen Dimov, Velizar Evtimov, Zhivko Dzhuranov, Alexander ...

    Queen of Spades is a performance for the salvation and the curse, the tearing passion and the false humility.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • The Spirit of Love

    by Neil Simon · Director: Andrei Kaludov · C: Hristo Garbov, Albena Pavlova, Radina Dumanian, Todor Darlianov

    What is the cost of personal success? Can it bring happiness if it has caused pain to your family? How love is born? At a glance or a general pain? The desire to do something good for the other or just physical attraction? Picture after picture the author leads us to his philosophical idea that there is one great love in everyone's life.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • The Wizard of Oz

    by Liman Franc Baum · Director: Biserka Kolevska · Set and costume design: Zlatka Vacheva · Music: Vasilen Vylchev · Choreography: Daniela Sagich · C: Albena Mihova, Elena Zamyarkova, Zaharinka Terzieva, Simeon ...

  • There Is No Electricity for the Electric Chair

    by Alexander Sekulov · Director: Liliya Abadjieva · Scenography and costumes: Vasil Abadjiev · C: Kalin Vrachanski and Krasimir Dokov

    There is no electricity for the electric chair places in a catastrophic situation two men - executioner and condemned. They do not know what is happening behind the walls of the chamber for the execution.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Turbulences

    by Kamen Donev · Director: Stayko Murdzhev · Music: Peter Dundakov · Cast: Bojan Arsov, Elena Atanasova Elena Kabasakalova Mariana Jotova, Mila Lyutskanova, Sotir Melevi, Stiliyan Stoyanov, Todor Darlyanov Tony Katabashev

  • Wedding

    by Gogol · Director: Nikolai Urumov · Cast: Nikolai Urumov, Kamelia Hatib, Genadii Nikolov

  • Wolves

    by Peter Delchev · Directed by: Diana Dobreva · Script: Alexander Sekulov · Scene: Petar Mitev · Music: Petya Dimanova · C: Gerasim Georgiev - Gero, Dobrin Dossev, Ivaylo Hristov, Venelin Metodiev, Krasimir ...

  • Woman's logic

    by Anatloi Crim · Director: Vladimir Petkov · Set design and costumes: Petyr Mitev · Lyudmila Daskalova, Georgi Kermenski, Kristina Topalova, Diana Doseva, Todor Tanchev

  • Work time

    Author's performance by Kamen Donev · Cast: Anton Radichev, Albena Koleva, Кrasimir Vassilev, Radina Dummanian, Ivaylo Hristov, Stoyan Sardanov, Latinka Petrova, Krassimir Dokov, Krastyu Krastev, Todor Durlinov, Simeon Alexiev, ...

  • Оn Folk Art

    Written, directed and performed by Kamen Donev · Music accompaniment specialists: Dani Milev (guitars, vocals); Teodosii Spasov (wooden flute, trumpet); Ivo Papazov-Ibriama (clarinet); Stoian Iankulov (percussions) and the special appearance ...

    The Views of One Teacher on Folk Art is a really funny spectacle as you can imagine if you have seen even once the TV show Ulicata (The Street) where you can find the character of Kamen Donev’s teacher. The spectacle is a mixture of improvisation and text, music and dances and some rigmarole.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre