• The Thief of Peaches

    by Emilian Stanev · Director: Svetla Todorova · Set and costume design: Teodora Lazarova and Penka Ivanova · Music: Georgi Genov · Choreography: Romina Slavova · C: Milenka Sotirova, Todor Todorov, Ilcho Dimitrov, ...

    War ... Misery, hunger, disease, hatred, corruption, death. Human life - cheaper than a handful of grapes or peaches.

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Airport

    by Ten of Shivichich · Director: Vladimir Lyutskanov · C: Angelina Slavova, Vejen Velchovski, Gergana Hristova, Vesselina Konakchiyska, Iskra Donova, Koyna Ruseva, Kristina Yaneva and others

    Our life is a hive - we buzz, hurry, divergences - just like on any of the international airports.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • Cash on Delivery

    by Michael Coonеy · Director: Andrey Avramov · Costumes: Teodora Lazarova · Music: Lubomir Denev · C: Christophor Nedkov, Stefan Borisov, Georgi Raichev, Svetla Todorova, Stefan Delev, Tsvetomir Cherkezov, Galia ...

    Cash on Delivery was written in 1996 and concerns the English system for social assistance.

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Fear

    Text: Veselka Kuncheva and Ina Bozhidarova · Director: Veselka Kuncheva · Scene and puppets: Marietta Golomehova · Music: Hristo Namliev · Choreography: Yavor Kunchev · Light design: Tomáš Moravec and ...

    This is a performance about fears in us. About how we can, but we can not deal with them.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Laugh In The Hall Noises Off

    by Michael Frayn · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Kalin Vrachanski, Iana Marinova, Milena Markova, Nevena Bozukova, Aleksei Kojuharov, Stefan Shterev, Dobriela Popova, Vasil Banov

    One of the most dynamic performances played on the Bulgarian scene and everything in it happens so quickly that it never leaves the minds of the audience without commitment.

    State Opera Stara Zagora  
  • No offence... please

    based on texts by Tchudomir · Director: Ivalin Dimitrov · Set design: Zlatan Dryanov · Music: Guorgui Guenov · Cast: Dimitar Mitev, Stoyan Anguelov, Dimitar Karamalakov, Ivelin Keranov, Stefan Borisov, Ilcho Dimitrov, ...

  • Puss in Boots

    Stage version and direction: Ivet Lazarova - Torossian · Set and Costume Designer: Iva Gikova · Music: Gergana Hristova · C: Vessela Petrova, Elena Azalova, Tsvetomir Cherkezov, Dimitar Mitev, Ivan Kaloshev, Georgi Raichev

    "If you want something very much, choose the right moment and act!" - said the cat, jumped in boots and launched into a funny and daring adventures! ...

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Sunny With Thunders

    by Ken Ludvig · Director: Andrej Avramov · C: Hristofor Nedkov, Elena Azalova, Stefan Borisov, Galia Aleksandrova, Ilcho Dimitrov, Svetla Todorova, Viktoria Angelova, Stefan Delev

  • The Cabinet Minister's Wife

    by Branislav Nušić · Director: Joseph Surchadzhiev · Set and Costume Designer: Martina Variyska · Music: Vladislav Keranov · C: Galia Alexandrova, Svetla Todorova, Todor Todorov, Ivan Kaloshev, Christophor Nedkov, ...

    Rise and fall in four acts. A woman born to rule, which aims to power as flea - to pedigree dog ... What will happen?

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • The Grieved Family

    by Branislav Nushich · Director: Josif Sarchadjiev · Cast: Tsviatko Stoilov, Lenko Gurkov, Petar Stoichev, Ivailo Spasimirov, Aleksandar Tsvetkov, Slava Georgieva, Katia Iocheva, Nina Suvandjieva, Lili Sucheva, Silvia Chobanova

  • The Hen with the golden eggs

  • The Kazalarska queen

  • The wizard of Oz

    by L.F.Baum · Director: Bonyo Lungov · Dramatization and lyrics: Maya Encheva and Konstantin Karakostov · Composer: Mihail Shishkov · Dolls, costumes and set design: Dilyana Parvanova · Choreography: Konstantin ...

    Performance on the classic tale, in which are used all the means of expression of contemporary theater - drama and puppet theater, dance, multimedia.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • The Wolf and the Seven Goatling

    by D. Dimitrov · Director: Maya Encheva and Konstantin Karakostov · C: Biljana Raynova, Yancho Ivanov, Tatiana Andreeva, Stanislav Matev, Denitsa Yanakieva, Elitsa Stoyanova, Kaloyan Georgiev, Kiril Antonov, Latina Berovska, Luben ...

    The most favorite thing for the children is to see their familiar characters from the classic tales. That's what happens in the spectacle of puppet theater Stara Zagora The Wolf and the Seven Goatling.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Who’s Cleverer?

    by Vesela Stoykova · Director: Darin Petkov · Scenography: Cveta Koeva · Composer: Ivan Dragolov · C: Elitsa Stoyanova, Stanislav Matev

    The world is much more funnier and different when a the clever Mitra joins the clever Peter. An entertaining story, full with swordplay, about the adventures of the clever Peter from the Bulgarian folklore.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Zaarska Conspiracy 1873

    by Elena Dimitrova · Director: Ivalin Dimitrov · C: Joro Raychev, Velin Velichkov, Ilcho Dimitrov, Stefan Borisov, Todor Todorov

    December 27th 1872. The Apostle of Freedom - Vasil Levski is captured. Five men want to release him. Five men. And a song ... The song of the Apostle.

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora