• The Thief of Peaches

    by Emilian Stanev · Director: Svetla Todorova · Set and costume design: Teodora Lazarova and Penka Ivanova · Music: Georgi Genov · Choreography: Romina Slavova · C: Milenka Sotirova, Todor Todorov, Ilcho Dimitrov, ...

    War ... Misery, hunger, disease, hatred, corruption, death. Human life - cheaper than a handful of grapes or peaches.

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • A Christmas Tree

    Director:Darin Petkov · Set design: Diana Uzunova · Music: Gergana Vasileva

  • Cash on Delivery

    by Michael Coonеy · Director: Andrey Avramov · Costumes: Teodora Lazarova · Music: Lubomir Denev · C: Christophor Nedkov, Stefan Borisov, Georgi Raichev, Svetla Todorova, Stefan Delev, Tsvetomir Cherkezov, Galia ...

    Cash on Delivery was written in 1996 and concerns the English system for social assistance.

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Christmas present

    based on Russian folk stories · Director: Ivaylo Markov · Set design: Stefka Kiuvlieva · Music: Guergana Vasileva · Cast: Tatiana Andreeva, Tania Gueorguieva, Stanislav Mateev, Iancho Ivanov

  • Puss in Boots

    Stage version and direction: Ivet Lazarova - Torossian · Set and Costume Designer: Iva Gikova · Music: Gergana Hristova · C: Vessela Petrova, Elena Azalova, Tsvetomir Cherkezov, Dimitar Mitev, Ivan Kaloshev, Georgi Raichev

    "If you want something very much, choose the right moment and act!" - said the cat, jumped in boots and launched into a funny and daring adventures! ...

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • The Bear Choked

    by Ran Bosilek · Director: Darin Petkov

    The Bear will experience many trials because of her greed and will learn a lot of lessons.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • The Cabinet Minister's Wife

    by Branislav Nušić · Director: Joseph Surchadzhiev · Set and Costume Designer: Martina Variyska · Music: Vladislav Keranov · C: Galia Alexandrova, Svetla Todorova, Todor Todorov, Ivan Kaloshev, Christophor Nedkov, ...

    Rise and fall in four acts. A woman born to rule, which aims to power as flea - to pedigree dog ... What will happen?

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • Very tasty

    Staging: Alexander Churchich and Olga Churchich · Cast: Ivan Matev, Gergana Vasileva, Stoyan Angelov

    If you are little child and you hate the most eating or if you are a father of a poor eater child - this is your story! One funny story full with music, laugh and attractive dialogues.

    State puppet theatre – Stara Zagora  
  • We, The Bulgarians. A Lesson for Foreigners.

    By Alexander Urumov ono play by Nikolay Urumov

    A lecture by prof. Missirkov about Bulgarian psychology, past, present and future.

    Geo Millev Drama Theatre – Stara Zagora