Of love and other demons

Of love and other demons

Theatre play
Dramaturgy and Directing: Prof. Margarita Mladenova
Assistant: Albena Georgieva ·  Stage design and costumes: Ivaylo Nikolov and Iva Gikova ·  Music environment: Asen Avramov
Movement: Miroslava Gogovska
Cast: Adelina Zhelyazkova, Byurhan Kerim, Georgi Bogdanov, Georgi Sirkatov, Denislav Yanev, Deyan Angelov, Deyan Zhekov, Dimitar Biserov, Dimitar Iliev, Eli Koleva, Keti Raykova, Konstantin Elenkov, Kristina Kulish, Mihail Stoyanov, Nadezhda Koleva, Plamen Petkov, Rosen Gitsov, Rumen Draganov, Samuela-Ivana Tserovska, Stiliyan Zhelyazkov
The performance is a joint action of the students for the audience focusing on several situations of life inspired by texts written by Gabriel García Márquez and represented through the eyes of magic realism.

Actors face Márquez’s man: extreme and contradictory in his love, and this makes him interesting and difficult to impersonate. The evening presents the the first attempt of the third year students in Prof. Margarita Mladenova’s acting class to deliver a full performance.



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