Pretty Fish

Pretty Fish

Theatre play
by Louis Jenkins, Mark Rylanes
Translation: Zlatna Kostova
Director: Ivaylo Hristov
Playwright: Svetlana Pancheva
Scenography: Mira Kalanova
Costumes: Marina Yaneva
Music: Kiril Donchev
Cast: Elena Telbis, Marin Yanev , Stoyan Alexiev
"It's a compact, unpretentious play. But Jenkins' poetry - that laconic voice, provocative thoughts and unexpected insights - is hanging in the air at the end of the show," Variety said when Nice Fish premiered at Off. Broadway in 2016.

Her story steps on verses in the prose of the great contemporary poet Louis Jenkins and moves on a frozen lake in Minnesota, where two old friends fish and reflect on the world, man and the meaning of life. They almost enter a trance state when they are seated by the passionate fisher Wayne and his granddaughter Flo, and shortly thereafter an inspector from the Environmental Protection Office visits them. These seemingly modest events manage to capture the melancholy, philosophy and generous amount of everyday humor with which Ivaylo Hristov traditionally works skillfully as a director.



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