• 4000 miles

    by Emmy Hertzog · Play: Vladimir Lyuckanov · C: Meglena Karalmbova, Nikolaj Zhelev, Katerina Stoyanova, Elena Petrova

  • A Day Off Почивен ден

    A spectacle by Kamen Donev · Cast: Vancha Doycheva, Kiril Kavadarkov, Maria Kavardzhikova, Anton Radichev, Sava Hashamov, Karla Rahal, students from NATFA

    Kamen Donev describes his latest play with the phrase “heavy comedy”. “The play is about a family, whose weekend days get out of control and they almost kill each other.” We all know the scenario: the weekend is completely ...

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • A feeling of love

    Director: Boyka Velkova · Music: Teodosiy Spasov · Choreography: Tatyana Sokolova · Visual Environment: Yana Dvoretska · C: Boyka Velkova, Ivaylo Zahariev

    The performance is a love explanation for Europe's music, dance, poetry and theater. Includes selected love poems from the greatest European writers, poets and thinkers, symbolic of their nation and age.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • A Small Play for a Child's Room

    by Iana Borisova · Directed by: Galin Stoev · Cast: Snejina Petrova, Radena Valkanova, Stefan Valdobrev, Vejen Velchovski, Stilian Stoianov · Photos: Simon Varsano

    A Small Play for a Child’s Room is this year’s winner of the competition for play for a small auditorium with a modern theme. The main characters in that play are four old friends – Lora, Philip, Dodo and Jana who know each other ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • After The Rehearsal

    by Ingmar Bergman · Translation: Vasa Gancheva · Director: Valentin Ganev · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costume design: Maria Dimanova · Music: Slav Bistrev · C: Veselin Rankov,Stefka Yanorova, Gergana ...

    This year the world marks the 100th anniversary of his birth. The all-actor team of the performance After the Rehearsal pays homage to him with the play considered to be his “confession of love for the stage.”

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Albena

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Krasimir Spasov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costume design: Maria Dimanova · Cast: Gergana Dandanova, Asen Kobilarov, Veselin Anchev, Luizabel Nikolova, Ivan Radoev, Aleksander Doynov, ...

    Almost a century after the drama Albena was written its heroine is among the most compelling female characters in Bulgarian drama classics.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • All on the table

    by Charles Bukowski · Director: Ana Bateva · Music: Stefan Zdraveski · Solo spectacle of Vasil Duev

  • Amadeus

    By Peter Shaffer · Director: Boiko Iliev · Scenography: Vlado Shishkov · Music: W.A.Mozart · Cast: Georgi Kadurin, Ivan Yurukov, Marius Donkin, Mariana Milanova

  • An Evening Act Вечерен акт

    Based on short stories by Anton Pavlovich Chehov · A spectacle by Sani Saninski · Scene and costumes: Vecheslav Parapanov · Cast: Maria Sapundzhieva, Dimitar Rachkov, Sani Saninski

    "“Time passes by and slowly piles up layers of colors. The portrait overflows with colors. Isn’t it time for an Evening Act, in which we will take off our masks and remain “naked”? Isn’t it time for a ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Appetite for Cherries

    by Agnieszka Osiecka · Director: Anna Bateva · Scene: Martina Variyska · Composer: Stefan Zdraveski · Lyrics: Zlatina Teneva · C: Simona Halacheva, Yulian Rachkov

    What happens when frantic desire and dream of life in the "big city" become hectic and gusty dream?

    Sofia Theatre  
  • As big as a small apple

    by Petar Anastasov · Director: Boris Dyulgerov · Cast: Hristofor Nedkov, Vesela Petrova

  • As You Desire Me

    based on the play Come tu mi vuoi by Luigi Pirandello · Director: Teddy Moskov · Cast: Snezhina Petrova, Stoyan Aleksiev, Iliana Kodzhabasheva, Nikola Dodov, Marin Yanev, Zhoreta Nikolova, Tsvetan Aleksiev, Vyara Tabakova, Lyuben ...

    This is the first staging in Bulgaria of the play “Come tu mi vuoi” by the Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandello, written between the First and the Second World Wars. In it the Italian author creates quite attractive female character, the Unknown Woman.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Balkan Syndrome

  • Because Mamma Likes It That Way

    by Jolt Pojgai · Director: Liliya Abadzhieva · Set and costumes design: Vasil Avadzhiev · Translation: Nelly Dimova · C: Donka Avramova-Bocheva, Lilyana Shomova, Mariana Zhikich, Anatoli Lazarov, Boyan Mladenov, Georgi ...

    Hungarian comedian Jolt Pojgai is in the hands of Lilia Abadjieva to point out how the frequent change of images takes us away from the one that is real.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Bel Amie Bel Ami

  • BG Vintage

    Concert-spectacle with Veleka Tsankova, Ganiela Ganeva, Itso Lyubenov (vocals), Momchil Kossev (vocal and guitar), Vladislav Michev (trombone), Ivan Jordanov (saxophone), Isak Benbasat (piano), Svetlin Staykov (bass) Victor Viktorov (drums) and ...

  • Black Comedy

    by Peter Shaffer · Director: Ivan Urumov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costumes: Maria Dimanova · Music: Dobrin Vekilov-Doni · Plastics: Kamen Ivanov · C: Veselin Anchev, Luisabel Nikolova, Anastasia ...

  • Bucket and blade

    Author and director: Elza Laleva · Music: Kristiyan Boyadzhiev · Set design and puppets: Stefka Kyuvlieva · C: Galina Savova, Tanya Etimova, Tsvetoslava Simeonova

  • Bulgaria - blessed land

    concert-spectacle · Director: Boris Radev

  • Caligula

    by Albert Camus · Director: Diana Dobreva · Stage version and adaptation: Alexander Sekulov · Set and costume design: Nina Pashova · Composer: Petya Dimanova · Playwright: Mirela Ivanova · C: Alexandra ...

  • Chamkoria

    by Milen Ruskov · Director: Yavor Gyrdev ·Set design: Svetoslav Kokalov · Zahary Baharov solospectacle

    Milen Ruskov, Yavor Gurdev and Zahari Baharov shared skills in a mono-spectacle after the two-volume novel Chamkoria, which tells about the events surrounding the attack in the church of St. King (today St. Nedelja).

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Charley's Aunt

    by O.Feltsman · Director: Ivan Panev · Conductor: Ognian Mitonov · C: Alexandar Mutafchiyski, Denko Prodanov, Marcho Apostolov, Zornitca Damyanova, Boryana Yordanova, Nikolai Borisov, Hristo Sarafov, Julia Marinova, Catherina ...

    Men dressed in women's costumes and performing female roles transform difficult and intractable situations in fun and entertainment. With every single change, the hero is entering deeper into woman's nature, flirting and that enhances the comedy effect.

    National Music Theatre  
  • Civilisation Not Understood

  • Class

    by Charles Evered · Director: Vladimir Penev · Set design: Mira Kalanova · C: Julian Vergov, Mila Lyutskanova

  • Coupling Simulator

    by Joseph Screamshow · Directed by Plamen Panev · Scene: Elica Georgieva · Cast: Ioana Bukovska, Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Georgi Spasov

    Coupling Simulator by Joseph Screamshow is a modern and very funny interactive play. A 30 year-old lady is very carefully looking for a husband. The first man that she approved is a rounded man pretending of being a rapper, while in fact he is a ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Demons

    by F.М. Dostoevsky · Adaptation and staging: Ivan Dobchev · Composer: Asen Avramov · Set and costume design: Boris Dalchev and Mihaela Dobreva · Cast: Boris Krastev, Stanislav Kertikov, Yordan Rasin, Mak Marinov, ...

  • Dialogues with Mother

    by Geordie Galseran · Director: Ventsislav Kulev · Cast: Meglena Karambolova and Georgi Kurkelanov

  • Dinner with Friends

    Director: Ivaylo Hristov · Set design: Marina Yaneva · C: Asen Blatechki, Maria Sapundzhieva, Nencho Ilchev, Kristina Yaneva

  • Dividing couples into homes

    Director: prof. Zdravko Mitkov · Set and costume design: Petyr Mitev · Translation: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova · C: Iska Donova, Mihail Bilalov, Nikolay Lukanov

    The Youth Theater launches the season with this modern French comedy (with a nomination for the Moliere Award), whose title copies Erik's job description (Mikhail Bialov).

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Don Juan Don Giovanni

    by Molliere · Directed by Aleksandar Morfov · Scene: Aleksandar Morfov, Aleksandar Orlov · Costumes: Marina Raichinova · Choreographer: MIla Iskrenova · Cast: Deian Donkov, Zahari Baharov, Ana Papadopulu,Teodara ...

    The spectacle of probably the best Bulgarian director Alexander Morfov turned into a total hit on the stage of Vera Komisarjevska Theatre in Saint Petersburg. There Don Juan was awarded Golden Sofit and Golden Mask for best production of the year. ...

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Everything is possible

    by Josian Balasco · Director: Emil Markov · C: Albena Mihova, Albena Pavlova, Aleksander Doynov, Veselin Plachkov, Ivan Radoev, Nencho Ilchev

  • Family Council

    by Cristina Clemente · Director: Atanas Atanasov · C: Georgi Spasov, Anastasia Ingilizova, Nikola Stoyanov, Hristina Dzhurova, Vasil Duev

    Christina Clementte's play, directed by Atanas Atanassov, enters the home of a democratic family where even a president is elected while one of his members starts a revolution.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • For Free

  • Gilgamesh

    Script and directing: Elena Panayotova · Music: Asen Avramov · Costumes: Yuliana Voykova-Nayman · Choreography: Rosen Mihaylov · Assistant to director: Krassimira Dukovska · Cast: Antoaneta Petrova, Asya ...

  • Good People

    By David Lindsey-Abaire · Translation: Paraskeva Djukelova · Director: Nikolay Polyakov · Scenography: Ogniana Serafimova · Costumes: Mira Petrova · Cast: Paraskeva Djukelova, Zafir Radjab, Joreta Nikolova, Vyara ...

    Is good a matter of conscious choice and are we able to rediscover it at a critical moment? This is a question from the play Good People by David Lindsey-Abaire, mostly known for his Rabbit Hole that brought him a Pulitzer.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Hallo, hallo

  • Hashove

    after the novel Nemili-nedragi by Ivan Vazov · Directed by Alexander Morfov · Scene and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Valeri Yordanov, Rusi Chanev, Valentin Ganev, Reni Vrangova, Valentin Tanev, Zahari Baharov, Plamen ...

    For 10 years now “Hashove” has always been played to full houses, which makes it one of the most successful performances for the past decade. It premiered on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the National Theatre and in 2005 was included in the official selection of the International Theatre Festival Varma Summer.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Hospital at the end of the world

    based on Regional hospital by Hristo Boychev · Director: Dino Mustafich · Play and costumes: Petya Stoykova · Composer: Asen Avramov · C: Filip Avramov, Ivan Petrushinov, Aleksander Doynov, Penko Gospodinov, Stoyan ...

  • I pay Monsieur Amilcar

    by Yves Jamiaque · Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Costumes: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Anya Pencheva, Mihail Petrov, Jordanka Kuzmanova, Georgi Mamalev, Martha Kondova, Hristo Terziev

  • Idiot

    by F.M. Dostoevsky · Adaptation and production: Margarita Mladenova · Composer: Asen Avramov · Set and costume design: Boris Dalchev and Mihaela Dobreva · Cast: Albena Georgieva, Byurhan Kerim, Georgi A. Bogdanov, Rumen ...

  • In Between

    by Ray Cooney · Director: Vasil Vasilev · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev, Viara Nacheva, Nikolina Iancheva, Avgustin Demerdjiev, Dimitar Markov

  • Ivanov

    by A. P. Chekhov · Director: Stefan Mavrodiev · Play and costumes: Petya Stoykova · Composer: Tsenko Minkin · C: Malin Krystev, Ivaylo Hristov, Stanka Kalcheva, Gergana Hristova, Nikolay Lukanov, Krasimir Nedev, Petyr ...

    Ivanov is Chekhov’s first full-length drama in which one can recognize his characteristic topics and approaches to be further developed in his signature plays that make him one of the greatest playwrights of all time.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Karlson

  • Knight of the Holy Spirit

    by Boyan Papazov · Director: Margarita Mladenova · Cast: Ivan Barnev, Valentin Ganev, Valentin Tanev, Ana Papadopulu, Stanislav Ganchev, Petko Venelinov, Vasil Duev, Teodor Elmazov

  • Learning to Fly

    by Yordan Radichkov · Director: Stoyan Radev · C: Georgi Mamalev, Maria Kavardzhikova, Nikolay Urumov, Valentin Tanev, Marin Yanev, Darin Angelov, Valeri Yordanov, Deyan Angelov, Zafir Radzhab, Hristo Petkov, Yosif Shamli, Pavlin ...

  • Let's Make Noise

    by Emil Atanasov · Director: Ivan Urumov · Costumes: Nina Pashova · Music: Dobrin Vekilov-Doni · Cast: Vasil Mihailov, Ivan Nalbantov, Aleksandra Sarchadjieva, Stefka Ianorova, Borislav Stoilov, Georgi Kadurin, Milen ...

  • Lieutenant Benz

    Director: Boiko Iliev cenography: Reneta Stamenova · Cast: Ivaylo Zahariev, Lyubomir Kovachev, Yoana Bukovska-Davidova

    Osadeni dushi and Tiutiun are novels that directly come to our mind when we are talking about Dimitar Dimov. But sometimes we forget that his first novel is Lieutenant Benz - it was written some time before them but it never goes out of their shade.

    New Theatre  
  • Life Is Beautiful

  • Lift the Curtain

    by Peter Kuiltar · Director: Nadia Assenova · Set and costumes: Mirella Terziyska · C: Stefka Yanorova, Antoaneta Dobreva - Netti, Plamena Getova, Luizabel Nikolova, Sabina Cohen

    Usually people think they know what they want, or at least - what they don't want.
    Sometimes, however, they get a chance to rethink their positions.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Love in the madhouse Покер

    by Emil Bonev · Director: Emil Markov · Cast: Albena Pavlova, Nencho Ilchev

    A man runs away from the mental hospital. His life hurts. He lies to be believed. He carries a black bag that keeps many secrets. Yannis: “I entered the nuthouse not because I was crazy but because I knew I could learn everything about you in ...

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Madame Kifla

    Author: Miroslava Zahova · Music: Vladimir Stoyanov · C: Simona Spaskova, Denitsa Darinova, Aleksandra Mancheva, Petya Peeva · Photos by: S. Zefirov

  • Malingerer

    by Jean-Baptiste Moliere · C: Georgi Mamalev, Eva Tepavicharova, Albena Koleva, Mihail Petrov, Sofia Bobcheva

  • Manhatton, 2nd Avenue

    by Neil Simon · Director: Boyko Iliev · Cast: Georgi Kadurin, Emanuela Shkodreva

    Manhatton, 2nd Avenue is one of the most popular plays by the American playwright Neil Simon, who was awarded 3 Tony Awards and has 3 Oscar nominations.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Masters

    by Racho Stoyanov · Director: Petrinel Gotchev · C: Gergana Zmiycharova, Ivan Jurukov, Zafir Rajab, Stoyan Pepelanov, Victoria Koleva, Marin Yanev, Vasil Draganov, Dejan Angelov, Emil I. Markov

  • Men under thumb

    by Miro Gavran · Director: Vladlen Alexandrov · Cast: Albena Koleva, Toncho Tokmakchive, Kiril Efremov

    What would happen if a convicted (though not guilty) criminal is acquitted and returns to his wife who has divorced him? And because he has nowhere else to go, he wants to live in her apartment (which is also partly his) together with her new lover?

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Menagerie Made of Glass

    by Tennessee Williams · Directors: Jordan Slavejkov and Dimitar Kasabov · C: Dimitar Nikolov, Kamen Pacherazki, Albena Georgieva, Katalin Stareishinska and Petar Dochev · Photos: Miroslav Veselinov

    When life has stopped and nothing new comes, it's time to look back.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Mercury

    Monospectacle of Dimitar Jivkov · Director: Dimitar Stefanov

  • Miscarriage of justice

    by John Mortimer · Director: Valentin Ganev · C: Plamen Peev, Theodore Elmazov

  • Missis Natural Disaster

    By Aldo Nikolai · Director and music: Nikolai Atanassov · Cast: Stoianka Mutafova, Iren Krivoshieva, Nikolai Atanassov

    In an Italian city, at Italian house are living mother, daughter and their devoted friend. The most fatal, sexiest, the most feminine lady - this is in her dreams of the youth  the heroine of Stoyanka Mutafova.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Moon Over Buffalo

    By Ken Ludwig · Director: Rositza Obreshkova · Scenography and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Mihail Petrov, Ania Pencheva, Sofia Bobcheva, Violeta Gindeva, Anna Petrova, Vasil Draganov, Vladislava Nikolova, Pavel Ivanov, ...

    Moon Over Buffalo relies heavily on situation comedy for its humor, as well as some sexual innuendo and a little slapstick.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing

    By WIlliam Shakespeare · translated by Valeri Petrov · Director: Krassimir Spasov · Set design and costumes: Radina Bliznakova · Choreography: Tatiana Sokolova · Music: Stefan Valdobrev · Cast : Ivan ...

    Much Ado About Nothing is one of the most successful and performed productions of the Bulgarian Army Theatre for the last 20 years. The premiere took place in 2007 under the direction of Krasimir Spasov, winner of the IKAR Award for lifetime achievement. So far the production has been seen by more than 250 000 viewers and several generations of actors have taken parts in it.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • My Wife's Name Is Boris

    Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · C: Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, Stefan Ryadkov, Petyo Petkov, Diana Lyubenova, Ernestina Shinova and Janina Doncheva

    No one will want to find himself in a situation where his mistress suddenly tells him that she will meet with his wife to tell her all about their two-year affair.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Nice to meet you, Iva!

    by Iva Todorova · Set design: Elitsa Georgieva, Momchil Aleksiev · Costume design: Elitsa Georgieva · C: Iva Todorova

    When you are home alone you can engage in some pleasant pursuits. Dance in front of the mirror, stare at the sky through the window. You can indulge in a nice memory, daydream or ponder over various topics… Like Iva who asks: how many personalities live in a person? Do we do what we love? Do we love what we do? And also: what is the connection between the population of vultures and the everyday life of an advertising director? And between a love monologue and a burnt bulb?

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Nose

    by Gogol · Director: Veselka Kuncheva · Set and costume disgn: Marieta Golomehova · Music: Hristo Namliev · C: Georgi Spasov, Polina Hristova · Photos: Ivan Donchev

  • On The Edge

    By Alexander Morfov · Director: Alexander Morfov · Scenography: Nikola Toromanov · Costums: Tita Dimova · Music: Asen Avramov · Choreography: Ana Pampulova · Cast: Deyan Donkov, Reni Vrangova, Valeri ...

  • One Night with You

    After the play What the Night is for by Michael Weller · Stage version: Krasimir Spasov · Set Design and Costumes: Krasimir Vulkanov · Cast: Stefka Yanorova, Georgi Kadurin

    A peculiar love story between ordinary man and woman, Adam and Lindy. A story that tells of the impossible getting together and the impossible love.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Open Marriage

  • Our big french wedding

    by Jean-Jacques Bricaire and Maurice Lasaygues · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev, Svetlana Bonin, Boiko Krystanov, Evgeni Budinov, Evelin Kostova, Hristo Bonin

    А member of the parliament tries to raise his rating with a thoughtful, somewhat absurd move, organizing on the same day his son's wedding and his own. Everything would have been great if it was not the unexpected appearance of a mysterious colonel from the US Army.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Perfect Pink

    Idea: Iva Sveshtarova · Dramaturgical consultant: Elena Boto (Germany/Portugal) · Music: Emiliyan Gatsov-Elbi · Set design: Ralitsa Toneva · C: Violeta Vitanova, Iva Sveshtarova

  • Pleasantlyscary Приятнострашно

    by Yana Borisova · Directed by: Galin Stoev · Cast: Radena Valkanova, Stefan Valdobrev, Vejen Velchovski, Snejina Petrova, Vladimir Penev

    Pleasantscary is a public talk about intimacy and its manifestation in a world which excludes touches.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Poor France

    by Jean Co · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Fahradin Fahradinov, Aleksandar Dojnov, Aleksandar Kadiev, Anelia Lucinova

    The comedy tells the story about the relationship between father and son, the sexual orientation, the thigs of life and all of that makes us different.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Power and Resistance

    Theatre play Schauspiel Company, Hannover co-produced by Deutsches Theater, Berlin Based on the novel by Ilia Troyanov Direction and scenography: Dušan David Pařízek Cast: Samule Finzi, Sarah Franke, Henning Hartmann, Markus John

  • Quartet for Two

  • Rabbit hole

    Dir.: Ivaylo Hristov · Cast: Kristina Yaneva, Elena Telbis, Valery Yordanov, Meglena Karalambova, Asen Mutafchiev · Photo credits: Simon Varsano

    Rabbit Hole is the big hit of the contemporary American theater.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Red

  • Robbery

  • Romulus the Great

    by Friedrich Dürrenmatt · Director: Bina Haralampieva · Set Design: Chavdar Gyuzelev · Music: Asen Avramov · C: Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Vasilena Atanasova, Vesela Babinova, Petyr Kalchev, Boyko Krystanov, Vladimir ...

  • Room 1313

    by Ray Cooney · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Ruslan Mainov, Anelia Lutsinova, Aglika Boyadjieva, Asen Lozanov, Dimitar Martinov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Nikolai Stoimenov, Stoyan Pamukov, Toni Minasian

  • Sadness swallower

    by Dafina Georgieva · Play: Katya Petrova · C: Maya Novoselska

  • Same Time Next Year

    by Bernard Slade · Dirctor: Georgi Mihalkov · Cast: Liliya Maravilya, Hristo Shopov

    Two total srangers meet in a shabby Mexican restaurant at the end of the world. Both are happily married and have kids. They meet and to the utmost suprise of both of them they end up in bed together. Almost a banal start of the story...

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Sarabanda

    by Ingmar Bergman · Тranslated by Vasa Gancheva · Director: Ivan Urumov · Set design: Maria Dimanova · Music by Hristo Namliev · Cast: Valentin Ganev, Stefka Yanorova, Malin Krastev, Elena Telbis

    Saraband is an ancient Spanish dance in the typical slow time that has been used by composers of different times. The saraband is the underlying motive for the last story in the work of Ingmar Bergman, who was recognized as a “classic” playwright, screenwriter, film and stage director in his lifetime. It was initially written for a television film that appeared in 2004 as a part of the series Scenes from a Marriage.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Seven days of the life of Simon Lambros

    by Carol Frechette · Director: Stiliyan Petrov · C: Tigran Torosyan, Yoana Bukovska-Davidova, Dimityr Zhivkov

  • shamebox

    Idea and play: Iva Sveshtarova, Vili Prager · Music: Emiliyan Gatsov-Elbi · Photographer: Boryana Pandova

  • Short Choreographies

  • Shurley Valentine

  • Shveik

    Authir: Yuriy Danchev · Dir.: Bina Haralampieva · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Valentin Tanev · Photo credits: Simon Varsano

    The team Bina Haralampieva, Yuriy Danchev and screenographer Petya Stoykova have made a name for themselves and we know that they will offer something meaningful to the audience.Their recent premiere performance is Shveyk based on the novel by Yaroslav Haschek.
    · Theatre in front of the theatre
    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Sinbad and the Treasure of the Seven Kingdoms

    Dramaturgy: Hristo Stanchev · Director: Hristo Botev · Cast: Donka Avramova-Bocheva, Boyan Mladenov, Anataly Lazarov, Georgi Zlatarev, Yana Kuzova, Svezhen Mladenov, Mariana Zhikich, Filipa Baldeva

  • Some People Prefer...

    Director: Ventsislav Asenov · Music: Kiril Donchev · Scenographer: Petya Stoykova · Costumes: Velina Kokalova · Choreography: Valeri Kondratsev · C: Nia Krasteva, Svetoslav Dobrev, Petar Dochev, Koyna Ruseva, ...

    The action takes place during the Great Depression in the United States. Joe and Jerry are unemployed musicians. They've witness a murder and try to disappear from town to save their lives. The only job opportunity they have is to play in a girl ...

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Suede Jacket

    by Stanislav Stratiev · Directed by Boiko Bogdanov · Scenography: prof. Svetoslav Kokalov · Costumes: Petia Stoikova · Music: Danko Yordanov · Callisthenics: Alexander Iliev · Cast: Teodor Elmazov, Georgi ...

  • Swedish Defence El mètode Grönholm

    by Jordi Galceran Ferrer · Directed by: Bina Haralampieva · Cast: Hristo Mutafchiev, Atanas Atanasov, Penko Gospodinov, Vasilena Atanasova

    The most famous play of Jordi Galceran – Swedish Defence (with original name El mètode Grönholm / The Grönholm Method) can be seen at the Zad Kanala Small City Theatre. The main theme – the extreme and distorted ...

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • Tartuffe

    by Jean Baptiste Moliere · Play: Krasimir Spasov · Scenography and costumes: Nina Pashova · Music: Andrey Drenikov · C: Veselin Rankov, Meglena Karalambova, Gergana Dandanova, Tigran Torosyan, Desislava Kasabova, Deyan ...

    The fake morality, Tartuff's seeming holiness, courtesy, and selflessness are a mask behind which lies the perfidy. The packaging, which flashes with impeccable appearance and refinement, is attractive.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • The Apartment

    Director: Boyko Iliev · Set and costumes design: Petya Stoykova · C: Katalin Stareyshinska, Vladimir Zombori, Daniel Tsochev, Tanya Pashankova, Ivan Petrushinov, Emil Kotev

  • The Bore

    by Francis Veber · Director. Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Marian Bachev Alexander Kadiev, Nikolai Syarov, Tihomir Blagoev, Dimitrina Gineva, Veselin Borisov, Filip Yanev

    In a hotel room the killer Ralf Milano prepares a murder of a key witness in a trial. In the next room Francois is about to commit suicide because his wife has left him.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The Cabinet Minister's Wife

    by Branislav Nushich · Director: Nedialko Delchev · Scene: Petar Mitev · Music: Kaloyan Dimitrov · Cast: Lilia Maravilia, Daria Simeonova, Asen Mutafchiev, Ulian Rachkov, Nikolai Varbanov, Simona Halacheva, Boris ...

    In The Cabinet Minister’s Wife the classic master of comedy Branislav Nušić skillfully jokes with a painfully familiar phenomenon. Both a biting political satire and an ingenious anecdote, the play shows how in a single morning the simple wife of a newly fledged politician turns into a power-hungry woman.
    · Theatre in front of the theatre
    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Cat in Boots Le Chat Bottu

    Based on the fairytail by Charles Perrault · Directed by Nina Stoicheva ·

  • The Collector

    Director: Katya Petrova · Cast: Maya Bezhanska

  • The Confession of Don Juan

    by Anatoliy Krim · Stage and musical picture: Ivaylo Hristov · Stage design: Vladimir Shishkov · Costume design: Nina Pashova · C: Vasil Mihailov, Tigran Torosian, Leonid Yovchev, Gergana Dandanova

  • The Crazy Family

    by Ray Cooney · Director: Valentin Tanev · Cast: Maria Sapundjieva, Valentin Tanev, Eva Tepavicharova, Marius Donkin, Kiril Kavadarkov, Anna Simova, Iavor Kostov

  • The Double Bass Der Kontrabas

    By Patrick Süskind · Director: Plamen Markov · Monospectacle of Valentin Ganev

    The one-man show “The Double Bass” is one of unusually long life. It was staged in 2000 and over the years the performance of Valentin Ganev, one of the leading actors of the National Theatre, has won him a number of theatre awards in Bulgaria and has travelled to more than 15 festivals in Europe and USA.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Goat or Who is Silvya?

    by Edward Albee · Directed by Yavor Gurdev · Scenography and clothes: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Boyka Velkova, Mihail Bilalov, Yulian Vergov, Ivo Arukov

  • The Guilty

    by Dimityr Dimov · Director: Yurii Dachev · Set and costume design: Radina Bliznakova · Music: Asen Avramov · C: Stoyan Pepelanov, Iliana Kodzhabasheva/Eva Danailova, Hristo Cheshmedzhiev, Victoria Koleva, Pavel Ivanov, ...

  • The House of Anger

    By F.G.Lorka · Director and scenography: Diana Dobreva · Music: Petya Dimanova · Cast: Georgi Zlatarev, Jana Rasheva, Ivet Radulova, Donka Avramova-Bocheva, Yana Kuzova, Nikolina Yancheva, Lilyana Shomova, Alesia Yosifova.

    Eight women stuck in a house and forced to be in mourning.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • The Importance of Being Earnest The Importance of Being Earnest

    by Oscar Wilde · Director: Krassimir Spassov · C: Tigran Torosian, Veselin Rankov Georgi Karkelanov, Plamena Getova, Anastasia Ingilizova, Antoaneta Dobreva - Nettie, Mimoza Basova, Alexandar Doynov, Vladislav Violinov

    How a noble English family can obtain a ''non-earnest" son-in-law finding him when he was a baby in a travelling bag on Victoria railway Station. An elegant whim of fortune, misunderstandings and absurd obstacles come across the way of two ...

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • The Importance of Being Serious (Without Excuse)

    by Tom Thomas · Director: Boyko Iliev · Translation: Tatyana Ivanova · Set and costume design: Nina Pashova · Music: Sashko Mladenov · C: Anton Radichev, Dobrinka Stankova, Kiril Kavadarkov, Milena Atanasova, ...

  • The Little Foxes

    by Lillian Hellman · Director: Bina Haralampieva · Play: Mirela Ivanova · Set and costumes design: Svila Velichkova · Music: Asen Avramov · C: Ana Papadopulu, Darin Angelov, Ivan Yurukov, Marin Rangelov, Radina ...

  • The Man from Earth

    by Jerome Bixby's film with the same name · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Costumes: Petar Mitev · Composer: Ivan Dragolov · Cast: Hristo Shorov, Georgi Zlatarev, Ivet Radulova, Mariana Jikich, Robert Yanakiev, Daniel ...

    The Man from Earth is an American drama science fiction film written by Jerome Bixby. The Man from Earth is a story of a dream. A dream in which memories of 14 000 years fall on us.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • The Marvelous Land of Oz

    by Lyman Frank Baum · Director: Elitsa Petkova · Set design and puppets: Ivaylo Nikolov, Iva Gikova · Music: Plamen Petkov · C: Vanya Kamyanska, marieta Petrova, Tsvetelin Pavlov, Stefan Dimitrov, Stoyan Doychev, ...

  • The Old Woman from Kalkouta The Old Woman from Kalkouta

    by Hanoh Levin · Directed by: Yavor Gardev · Cast: Zahari Baharov, Snejina Petrova, Malin Krestev, Lilia Geleva

    It is certain that black humor and honesty are not for everyone. Only when these two are combined on a theatre stage by a talented and intelligent team we can have something worth seeing.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • The Operation

    by Ivo Siromahov · Director: Boris Pankin · Stage design: Ivan Tokadjiev · Costumes: Petar Mitev · Music: Evgeni Gospodinov · Cast: Marian Bachev, Orlin Goranov, toni Minasyan, Janet Ivanova, Dobrina Getsova

  • The People From Oz

    by Yana Borissova directed by Galin Stoev · set design Julian Tabakov · music ...

    It seems that a famous female writer who had not published for 10 years has started to write again. Who is she to describe in her new book and who will publish it? This is the motif around which a couple of old and new love stories take place. Yana ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • The Ride Down Mt. Morgan

    by Arthur Miller · Director: Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovski · Translation: Lyubov Kostova · Set and costume design: Chayka Petrusheva · Music: Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovski · Multimedia: Ivan Moskov · C: Valentin ...

  • The Secret Dinner of Dyacon Levski

    Author: Stefan Tsanev · Director: Asen Shopov · Scene: Asen Shopov · C: Veselin Kalanovski, Milen Milanov, Georgi Novakov, Stojko Peev, Alexandar Doynov, Antoaneta Dobreva - Netti, Georgi Karkelanov, Tigran Torosian, Radosveta ...

    The action takes place in a single night, the night before the hanging. Night of drama any questions, suspicions and anguish, accusations and confessions.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • The Story of Yesterday

    Idea: Galina Borisova · C: Aleksandra Spasova, Vili Prager, Iva Sveshtarova, Miroslava Zahova, Nathon Cooler, Stefan A. Shterev

  • The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs

    Written and directed by Venelin Kiosev · Scene: Maya Petrova · Music by Haigashot Agasian · Cast: Nella Hadjieva, elena Rusalieva, Mira Kalinkova, Todor Dimitrov, Anelia Nicheva

    Meet new friends who are a bit naive, but very good-hearted. Suitable for children above 3.

    Central Puppet Theatre – Gurko Hall  
  • The Winter of Our Discontent

    based on the novel by John Steinbeck · Dramaturgical version: Yurii Dachev · Director: Bina Haralampieva · Set design: Svila Velichkova · C: Ilka Zafirova, Svetlana Yancheva, Vasilena Atanasova, Katalin Stareyshinska, ...

  • Theatre, My Love!

    By Valeri Petrov · Director: Kasiel Noah Asher · Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi · Set design: Krasimira Serafimova · Costums: Tochka, Kasiel  Noah Asher · Cast: Kasiel Noah Asher, Krasimira Kuzmanova, Lilia ...

    Theatre 199 celebrates his 50 anniversary by this play. And that is not an accidentaly thrown dice of destiny.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Three Tall Women

    by Edward Albee · Director: Stefan Spasov · Music: Teodosiy Spasov · Set design: Nina Pashova · C: Maria Stefanova, Victoria Koleva, Radina Borshosh, Vasilena Vincenco

  • Time Has Stopped

    by Donald Margulise · Director: Ivaylo Hristov · Cast: Kristina Yaneva, Penko Gospodinov, Plamen Sirakov, Daniela Stamova

    Time Has Stopped delves into the lives of those, who decide to put themselves in risk on a daily basis contrary to those who prefer living in their comfort zones.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Tiramissu

    by Joanna Owsianko · Translated by Mariana Minkovska · Directed by Nikolay Poljakov · Set design and costumes Ognyana Serafimova · Assistant constumes Iskra Petkova · Video Evgenia Sarbeva · Cast Lilija ...

    They are young and beautiful, they are working at an advertising agency and making good money. They are making it out just fine amid the temptations and traps of the big city, they know how to dress and where to go. They are an object of admiration ...

    Sofia Theatre  
  • Too much infidelities

    by Arthur Newfield · Director: Emil Markov · Cast: Hristo Garbov, Albena Mihova, Evgeni Budinov, Veselin Plachkov, Stela Gancheva

    Two neighboring families get into many comic situations, because of love and several extramarital affairs. Everybody lies and nobody admits the lie. Lovers jump from one balcony to the other on the11th floor.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Two

    by Tanya Shahova · Director: Yirii Dachev · Cast: Mariya Kavardzhikova, Boyka Velkova

    A play about the great Bulgarian poetesses - Elisaveta Bagryana and Dora Gabe.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Two men and a half

    Nikolay Atanasov-Shushi's author's performance with the special participation of Georgi Nizamov-Nizama

  • Uncle Vanyo

    by A. P. Chekhov · Director: Grigor Antonov · C: Svezhen Mladenov, Zhana Rasheva, Robert Yanakiev, Vittoria Nikolova, Georgi Zlatarev, Ivet Radulova, Gergana Kofradzhieva, Yordan Rasin, Boyan Mladenov

    120 years after the writing of Uncle Vanyo the big question of human existence "What to do with our life?" has not yet received an answer to many of us.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Vrazhaletz

    by St. L. Kostov · Director: Georgi Stoilov · C: Dimitar Rachkov, Lubomir Neikov, Petyo Petkov, Desi Bakardzieva, Albena Pavlova

    In this reading of Vrazhaletz won't find hints of moralizing. This is a vivid narrative of the play St. Kostov for greedy but pleasant peasants deceived by sophisticated crook.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • We, you and I

    Musical and poetic show of Sashka Bratanova after the poems of Mirjana Basheva and music of Stefan Dimitrov

  • Who Here Has Donkey's Ears?

    Directed by Kiriakos Argiropulos · Cast: Maia Bejanska, Silvia Petrova, Vencislava Asenova, Rumen Ugrinski, Stanimir Gamov / Ivan Hristov

  • William Shakespeare – Complete Works Shakespeare

    by Jess Adam Daniel · Directed by: Suni Suninski · Cast: Atanas Atanasov, Petar Kalchev, Georgi Spasov

    It is worth seeing the spectacle of Theatre 199 – William Shakespeare – Complete Works for several reasons. This spectacle has a nice group of actors and is made by Suni Suninski who we have been following for a long time and are now ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Yan Bibiyan and the devil Fiut

    Dir.: Hristo Botev · Cast: Dimitar Zahariev, Yana Kuzova, Robert Yanakiev, Anatoly Lazarov, Ivet Radulova, Hristo Botev

    In everyone lurks a little devil that wants very often to take over. It depends only on us whether we'll let him.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Zhana

    Director: Yavor Gardev · Cast: Svetlana Yancheva, Vladimir Penev, Elena Telbis, Martin Dimitrov, Bilyana Petrinska, Sofia Bobcheva, Zafir Radzhab, Gergana Kofardzhieva, Yosif Shamly, Blagovest Blagoev